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Linsn LED has Develop own LED Driving IC LXY28161 which has the features: Download Manual and ESD RELIABILITY TEST REPORT

» Wise Pulse-Width Modulation embedded
» 16-bit color depth W-PWM control
» Refresh rate up to 4800Hz
» Over temperature protection
» Staggered output delay (reduce EMI)
» Supply voltage: 3.3V~5V
» Constant output current range: 5~60mA
» Output current accuracy: between channels:+3%, and between ICs: +6 %
» Backward compatible with main trend 16-channel constant current IC in package

LXY28161, the 16-channel constant current LED Driver, is designed for Linsn LED video applications using internal Wise Pulse Width Modulation (W-PWM) control with selectable 16-bit color depth. LXY28161 saves the 60 Hz images input data in the 8K RAM, then converts into each pixel gray scale of output channel, all output channels can be built with 65536 gray scales and 4800 Hz refresh rate.
LXY28161 has 16 constant-current output channels. Constant output current is invariant to load voltage change. The output current can be preset through an external resistor. LXY28161 supports static and any scan mode (within 16) led displays. The gray scales and refresh rate is user adjustable. The maximum output constant current is 60mA. The accuracy of output constant current between channels is +3%, and between ICs is +6%.