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Linsn LED has Develop own LED Driving IC LXY6955 which has the features:

» Two-way MOSFET,5A
» Integrate with horizontal blanking circuit,eliminating the blanking of LED display
» Integrated with decoding chip 74HC138,free from external connection with 74HC138
» Integrated with the stop-scan protection function of 74HC123 ,free from external connection with 74H123
» Overtemperature protection,automatically switch off once the temperature exceeds 125℃
» High-speed switch on and off,the interval between consecutive on-and-off state is 30ns
» Low resistance resistor 50mΩ(I=5A)

LEX6953 is a scanning control switch specially developed for scan-mode Linsn LED display,composed of two-way 5A high-speed PMOSFET switch,the interval between on and off state is 30ns, each way with an independent horizontal-blanking circuit which enables elimination of LED display’s blanking.LXY6953 integrates the functions of decoding chip 74HC138 and the stop-scan protection and overtemperature protection of 74HC123