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Quality Control

linsn led has the Strictly LED Display Quality Control From the Materials, Such as LED Chips,Driving IC,LED Module and LED Cabinet to LED Display Panel. To Achieve The Best Effects For LED Screen and LED Display Control System Solutions.


The LEDs we choose have the high reliability and contrast,wide view angle and good consistency which meet the need of high refresh rate,high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity.

led quality control

2.LED Module

To achieve the best visual performance of our indoor and outdoor led display,we use the best Driving IC,such as MBI5124,MY9868 with high refresh rate,high grey level with latest technology.

led module quality control

3.LED Cabinet

LED Display Cabinet with best design for easy connnection and easy assembling, aslo the Monitoring Function to check the working status of LED Display Parts. Customer Logo is avaliable for Your Brand Building.

led cabinet quality control

4.LED Display Control System

LINSN LED Config The Best Effect of led display screen Before Packing and Shipment, Make sure the led display panel will show the best color uniformity and high refresh rate.

led display quality control

6.LED Display Packing and Transportion

Carefully Packing and Transportation For your LED Display, Protect each LED Display Parts Making Sure that you can get a GOOD Working LED Display Panel with no little problems.