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LEDStudio 12.58 Update Features for LINSN LED Card

LEDStudio 12.58 Update Features for linsn led Card

LEDStudio12.58 as of the latest version of the led studio ,We need to be aware of the updated content for your linsn led control system project.
The main update features is the integration of multiple functions, compared to the pervious LEDStudio version.

This version integrates multiple new functions together directly , integrates and updates are:

1.Color correction function
2.RCG parameter read-back(Important Function for the clients who do not know to config the RCG files)
3.Display monitor
4.Brightness, module, calibration data storage and read
5.Brightness correction function
6.Module intelligent data search
7.Edge brightness adjustment
8.The English version of the Studio sound
9.Chip supports updates and interface adjustments

For the detailed operation, please download the LEDstudio 12.58 to try!  >> Download LINSN LEDStudio12.58

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