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Product Specs

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transparent led display Specifications:

P3.96mm-7.81mm Sideview Transparent LED Display
P6.9mm-7.81mm Sideview Transparent LED Display
P10.4mm-10.4mm Sideview Transparent LED Display
P16.6mm-16.6mm Sideview Transparent LED Display
P2.5mm-7.81mm Frontview Transparent LED Display
P3.96mm-7.81mm Frontview Transparent LED Display
P7.81mm-7.81mm Frontview Transparent LED Display
P10.4mm-10.4mm Frontview Transparent LED Display

Outdoor Fixed LED Display Specifications:

P4mm Outdoor Fixed LED Display P5mm Outdoor Fixed LED Display
P6mm Outdoor Fixed LED Display
P8mm Outdoor Fixed LED Display
P10mm Outdoor Fixed LED Display
P10mm DIP Outdoor Fixed LED Display
P16mm Outdoor Fixed LED Display
P16mm DIP Outdoor Fixed LED Display

Indoor Fixed LED Display Specifications:

P2mm Indoor Fixed LED Display P2.5mm Indoor Fixed LED Display
P3mm Indoor Fixed LED Display
P4mm Indoor Fixed LED Display
P5mm Indoor Fixed LED Display
P6mm Indoor Fixed LED Display
P7.62mm Indoor Fixed LED Display
P10mm Indoor Fixed LED Display

LED Control Card Specifications:

Linsn LED provide the download service for linsn led sender box,such as linsn ts802d led sending card and linsn ds802 single/double color led sending card, led receiving card of linsn rv908m,linsn rv901t.

Linsn TS921 LED Sending Card
Linsn TS962 LED Sending Box
Linsn TS852D LED Sender Box Linsn TS802D LED Sending Card
Linsn TS901D LED Sending Card
Linsn TS952 LED Sending Box
Linsn RV908M32 LED Receiving Card Linsn RV908H32 LED Receiving Card
Linsn RV901T/H LED Receiving Card
Linsn RV902 LED Receiving Card
Linsn RV907H LED Receiving Card
Linsn RV907M LED Receiving Card
Linsn Mini901 LED Receiving Card
Linsn Mini902 LED Receiving Card
Linsn Mini903 LED Receiving Card
Linsn EX902D Multi Function Card
Linsn EX906D Multi Function Box
Linsn EB901 Signal Distributor
Linsn CN901 Signal Splitter
Linsn 4 Sending Card Outer Box
Linsn SC801/MC801 Fiber Converter Linsn DS802D LED Sending Card
Linsn TP201 LED Control Card Linsn TP205 LED Control Card
Linsn TP251 LED Control Card
Linsn SOM202 LED Control Card