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  • Linsn RV905/RV925 LED Receiver Small Size
Linsn RV905/RV925 LED Receiver Small Size

Linsn RV905/RV925 LED Receiver Small Size

  • Model:LINSN-RV905
  • LED Receiving Card
  • CE,Rohs,FCC Approved
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Product Description: Linsn RV905/RV925 LED Receiver Small Size For Rental LED Video Wall Working with TS802D LED Sending Card
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Linsn RV905/RV925 led receiver Small Size For Rental led video wall Working with TS802D led sending card

1.support a single module controlling the brightness and dot by dot correction function.
2.calibration data can be stored in the module, and can be read and saved back to the receive tab.
3.the integrated LCD display interface, just line the external liquid crystal display modules to display the custom features,
such as: company LOGO, temperature, humidity, voltage, use a single time, cumulative total time of ...
4.support 1-32 any scanning mode, and meet the needs of different dot spacing design of led screen.
5.the led receiving card supports 1024x256 pixels, the industry's largest loading ability.
6.The only led control card support level for any of the LED screen-scan only ash, better color detail
7.single card maximum output of 28 groups RGB data;
8.each port provides VCC feet, can be directly supplied from the unit;
9.support temperature detection;
10 support the cabinet door switch testing;
11.supports the two fan speed detection;
12.supports the humidity (humidity module needed,you can buy the EX901 Multi Function card);
13.smoke detection (need external sensor module);
14 support 3-way voltage detection (1 to receive card voltage, 2-way for external voltage)
15 support network cable error test;
16 LED Receiver in line with the EU RoHs standards;
17.linsn led Products in line with the EU CE-EMC standards;