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  • Linsn LED Sending Card Box 4 PCs Support
Linsn LED Sending Card Box 4 PCs Support

Linsn LED Sending Card Box 4 PCs Support

  • Model:LINSN-SB-SC-4
  • LED Sending Box
  • CE,Rohs,FCC Approved
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Product Description: Linsn LED Sender Box Support 4 pcs LED Sending Card Installed
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linsn led Sender Box Support 4 pcs led sending card Installed

Power Supply Inside. Support 110V-240V Input.

Linsn led sender Box Features:

1. Standard 19 inch case design, can be installed in the cabinet directly.
2. Drawer design: 4 led sending card can be installed without openning the case.
3. Uniform power supply: convenient for sending card's installation and management and it also offers  backup in application.
4. Compatible with most sending cards like linsn ts802d and sd801d sending card available on the market; mainly used for mosaic of ultra-large LED display.

LED Sending Box Specifications:

Input Voltage

100-240VAC 50 / 60HZ

Overall Consumption






Product Size


Net Weight


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