9 MOST Remarkable Times Square 3D Billboard (2024): Examples, Solutions and Costs!

The Times Square 3D billoboard, with extremely high exposure rates and audience coverage, which attracts 174 million visitors every year, can always be the most typical and famous OOH advertising example over the world  and boost significant benefits to both owners and advertisers.

Today, we will discuss the most remarkable 3D billboards in Time Square, how they achieve such stunning effects and Times Square 3d billboard costs!

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1. Is there a 3D billboard in Times Square?

Yes, there are many 3D billboards in Time Square! Times Square, also known as “Crossroads of the World,” is a street block located in Manhattan, New York City, United States. Its central point is at the intersection of West 42nd Street and Broadway. There are many large advertising LED billboards on this commercial square.

3D Billboard Times Square Location

For example:

Nasdaq 3D Screen;

Super large screen on the One Times Square building;

Large 3D screen at Broadway, between 44th and 45th Streets;

The Midtown Financial (MiFi);

The Trio Outdoor LED Display, which consists of three screens playing in synchronization.

All these screens are witnessed by countless tourists and sightseers and create large economic value and more advertising possibilities!

2. 9 MOST Remarkable Times Square 3D Billboards!

2.1 House of the Dragon 3D Billboard in Times Square

Introducing the spectacular Times Square 3D Billboard, showcasing the highly anticipated series “House of the Dragon” by HBO! Get ready to be transported to the mesmerizing world of Westeros once again. This thrilling prequel to “Game of Thrones” takes us back in time, revealing the epic history of House Targaryen. 

With stunning visuals, intense drama, and captivating characters, “House of the Dragon” promises to be a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike!

2.2 Splash 3D Screen

This large 3D LED display shows audiences super vivid animation with splash to impress every person passing by. The gigantic screen shows every details of the videos, and 3D effect can be achieved almost from every angle.

From breathtaking natural landscapes to thrilling action sequences, the Splash 3D Screen delivers an unforgettable viewing experience.

2.3 Balenciaga x Fortnite 3D Billboard

Experience the immersive 3D Billboard collaboration between Balenciaga and Fortnite in the heart of Times Square, New York City. Get ready to be transported into a world where high fashion meets gaming. 

This towering K9 sensation was seen donning a stylish hoodie, pants, and sunglasses, courtesy of the renowned fashion house Balenciaga. The fusion of gaming and high fashion created a visually stunning spectacle that captured the attention of passersby. Witness the unforgettable moment when Doggo, dressed in Balenciaga’s trendy attire, conquered the heart of New York City’s iconic Times Square.

2.4 RayBan Billboard in Times Square By FotoFetch

This billboard installed on the street corner attracts huge human traffic and generates large amount of sponsorship revenues. This can be one of the best 3D ads in time square and 3D advertising typical examples.

2.5 BMW XM 3D Ads Screen, New York

To launch the high-powered hybrid-electric BMW XM series, BMW chose to create the world’s first automotive animation on a 14,000 square foot 3D billboard above the EDITION Hotel at the corner of 47th Street and Seventh Avenue in Times Square. 

This impressive 3D animation showcased the BMW XM slowly driving out of a garage, as if it were driving over the heads of passersby. This unique approach generated strong attention and interest in the BMW XM among the public.

2.6 Times Square 3D Billboard Tiger

The tiger on this large screen is vivid and dynamic, capturing people’s attention. It leaps forward and jumps right in front of the audience, as if breaking through the screen, affirming the saying: “break the rules!”

2.7 Coca Cola 3D Billboard Times Square

Be a part of history as you witness Coca Cola’s first-ever digital story through this immersive advertising campaign. Located in Times Square, New York, this captivating 3D digital billboard engages the audience with a multi-screen anamorphic approach, leaving a lasting impression.

In the previous period, Coca Cola officially launched the world’s first 3D robotic billboard in Times Square. This billboard has dimensions of 68 feet by 42 feet and is made up of 1,760 individual moving LED screens, distinguishing it from traditional billboards or giant digital displays.

2.8 3D Billboard Times Square Lion

2.9 3D Spider-Man Billboard in Times Square

3. How Does the 3D Billboard Times Square Work?

The 3D effects of 3D billboard can be achieved without glasses, meaning people can see the vivid 3D videos with naked eyes. 

Simply put, a 3D billboard displays two images on an LED screen from two different perspectives, which are combined into one footage to create the illusion of space and depth in your brain. 

The basic principle typically used for 3D display, such as in 3D movies, is to separate the content provided to the viewer’s left and right eyes. This allows each eye to receive a different image for the left and right eye, resulting in the perception of a 3D image in the viewer’s brain.

To achieve a glasses-free 3D effect on a display screen, it is often done by using the distance, size, shadow effects, and perspective relationships of objects within a 2D video image to create a three-dimensional effect. It’s similar to how artists can create realistic 3D images on a flat surface using just a pencil, like what we see in sketches.

What is more, a high-quality LED screen is needed. There are some principles for you to refer to:

3.1 Requirements for LED Display

3.2 Other Necessary Elements


3.3 High-quality 3D Contents

Closely related to glasses-free 3D is the design and processing of video materials. Firstly, the material resolution needs to be customized point-to-point. 

After selecting the main perspective, three-dimensional software is used to create a three-dimensional structure based on the perspective relationship of the displayed objects. Three-dimensional software is employed to construct and simulate a three-dimensional perspective space. 

With the assistance of professional editing and rendering software, the three-dimensional effect is rendered onto the video material. 

Finally, professional multi-channel media control software and video servers are used for decoding and playback, optimizing the presentation of dynamic three-dimensional effects in space.

4. How Expensive Is A Billboard in Times Square?

It depends on many factors, for example, the media types, the length of your advertisements, and the location of the billboard. The costs of renting a billboard on Times Square for one day can range from $5000 to $50,000 or even more. 

Generally speaking, the costs for 1-3 days advertisements can be around $5000 to $25,000.

5. How to Create 3D Billboard in Times Square?

Here are several factors for you to refer to create a high-standard 3D billboard in Times Square!

(1) Appropriate locations

(2) Screen sizes

(3) Perfect design by professional team

(4) Vivid 3D contents to impress people with your brand images

(5) Lighting and other environmental factors

5.1 Appropriate locations

First, you should research areas with high pedestrian traffic to find a place that has high human traffic but also you can afford the costs.

Second, consider maximum visibility from different angles, and also, the reasonable viewing distance, which will decide the format of 3D contents you need to display on it.

5.2 Screen sizes

The screen size is not only related to the final costs you will spend on it – but also you need to choose a different sizes compared with these screens that around your targeted screen, which can make people put more attention on your screen!

5.3 Design by professional team

It is indespensable for you to find a professional design team as some crucial factors will be determined by them. For instance:

(1) How to impress people with your brand image;

(2) How to attract people to focus on your information but not your competitors’

(3) In-time delivery and production.

5.4 3D contents

There are four common styles of 3D content: modern, anime, mechanical, and cartoon.

The pricing is determined by various factors including resolution, 3D scene construction, special effects, and specific requirements, as these elements determine the level of production difficulty.

The content production consists of two stages: the preparatory period and the official production period.

In this article, we discuss how to produce 3D contents – the whole process:

How much does a 3D billboard cost?

5.5 Lighting and other environmental factors

Choosing the appropriate lighting scheme can enhance the effect of 3D billboards during the day or at night. Bright and high-contrast colors can attract more attention during the day, while soft tones may work better at night. 

What is more, you can consider to add some interactive factors to improve the entertaining elements such as interactive games and QR codes!

6. To sum up

Times Square 3D billboard is a very attractive platform for advertisers for its unique location and high exposure rate, allowing advertisers can show their brands and products to millions of potential customers. Moreover, these large screens can display targeting advertisements to improve the ROI and bring more effective advertising!

Want to information about 3D billboard and 3D LED display? Just contact us, our professional staff will reply you as soon as possible!

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