3D LED Display, Create Internet-famous LED Display Wall!

After the rise of 3D technology in 2013, it caused a stir in the LED display industry. In 2020, Wave 3D LED display in South Korea and naked eye 3D spaceship giant LED wall in Chengdu, China became popular, LED display with naked eye 3D technology returned to the public eye and brought people visual shock with amazing display effect. 

When more and more application cases are produced, the naked eye 3D display has become the focus of urban network celebrities, showing the prosperity of the city.

1. How Does A 3D LED Display Works?

3D refers to three-dimensional space. Compared with the ordinary two-dimensional picture, 3D is more three-dimensional and realistic, giving the audience a sense of immersion.

The three-dimensional sense comes from the human visual system. The basic principle of 3D display is to use glasses or other devices to separate the content area for the viewer’s left eye and right eye, so that the two glasses get the images of the left eye and right eye respectively, and finally produce a three-dimensional feeling in the brain.

The current 3D technology can be divided into glasses type and naked eye type. Glasses-based 3D technology can be divided into chromatic aberration type, shutter type and polarization type (also called color division, time division and light division). 

3D technologies can be divided into three types: lens arrays, barrier fences and directional light sources. The principle and imaging effect of each technique are somewhat different.

2. Glasses Type - Masking 3D Technology

The 3D display control scheme of LED full-color display is generally shutter-type 3D technology. Shutter type 3D mainly achieves 3D effect by increasing the refresh rate of the screen. By splitting the image into two frame by frame, forming the corresponding left and right eyes. 

These two sets of pictures of, displayed in a continuous interlaced manner, the signal transmitter will control the left and right lens switches of the shuttered 3D glasses synchronously so that the left and right eyes can see the corresponding pictures at the right time. 

Shutter 3D technology can keep the original resolution of the picture, support HD resolution display pictures, and can perfectly present the true full HD 3D display effect of LED full color display.

3d led display

Solution for Glasses type 3D led display

1. LED full-color display, resolution can be customized, 1080P is the best

2. PC with discrete graphics card

3. One 3D video processor (Colorlight,Linsn,Novastar)

4. Several receiving cards

5. Special 3D glasses

6. HD 3D video

3. Naked Eye 3D LED Display

Naked eye 3D display is currently the most popular outdoor LED display option. Through the lenticular or slit to form multiple viewpoints to ensure that the viewer has visual differences between the left and right eye when viewing any external device, thus forming a naked eye 3D display effect. 

The essence is a naked-eye 3D effect formed by a 2D LED display and specially produced 2D video content.

The 3D wave screen in the SM Building in Korea uses the shadows of the background as a static 3D reference line to give the feeling of moving waves breaking through the screen. 

That is, the display folds the screen 90° and uses video material that conforms to the principle of perspective, with the left screen showing the left view of the image and the right screen showing the main view of the image. 

When people stand in front of the corner to watch, they will see the object at the same time. The side and front of the camera shows a realistic three-dimensional effect.

4. Hot Product for Naked Eye 3D LED Screen

3d outdoor advertising led display screen
CategoryMain points
3D Naked-eye led display1)90° right angle curved installation, LED display installation blends with the installation building,to achieve 3D display surface; Curved part for custom size, to achieve good curved display effect;
2) LEDs have high color, high brightness, and can display properly in direct sunlight conditions;The color of the led display is perfectly integrated with the ambient light;
3) Drive ICs support high grayscale, 3840Hz refresh rate, HDR high dynamic contrast, low power consumption and energy saving.
ControllerSupport high-resolution synchronous controller; Professional decoder supports material mapping and correction functions for shaped display carriers, and supports underlying optimization of high bit stream decoding.
Playback programCustomized 3D playback of video programs.the selected main view needs to be based on the perspective relationship of the display modeling to do three-dimensional construction, resolution point-to-point customization to ensure the best display effect, we recommend the use of HAP format.

On the road to audiovisual technology innovation, UNIT LED provides stylish and diverse 3D display application solutions.

1) OF800 VR Series Outdoor LED Display

outdoor 3d led display

Compatible with P4.16/P5.0/P6.25/P8.33/P10mm;

Module size is 50×300mm, module is fixed by rotating handle;

Support front and rear maintenance, easy and convenient operation;

Module waterproof design, front and rear waterproof grade IP65;

Module is adjustable, small seam, good curved display effect;

Brightness is 6000-6500cd/m², the picture is clearly visible under direct sunlight.

2)EV960 VR series outdoor led display

outdoor 3d led display screen

Compatible with P6.67/P8/P10 pitch.

Module size is 96×960mm 

Support front and rear maintenance, easy and convenient operation

Module waterproof design, front and rear waterproof grade IP68

Brightness is 6000-10000 cd/m², the picture is clearly visible under direct sunlight.


In general, 3D LED display will be the mainstream of creative screens in the future. Meanwhile, the technical support of 3D video source is also very important. 

In terms of hardware, we will ensure the product quality and display effect of the customer. so as to achieve the best 3D display effect ,the customer also needs to fully communicate with the production team of the video source when designing the screen display, , especially for naked 3D screen, a good video source would influence most important part of the visual effect. 

For more information about the 3D LED display, please feel free to contact our sales manager or technician, we will make best solution for you as your request.