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P1.25mm 4K LED Display to America

Installation Country: America

Product: N169 Series

Pixel Pitch: P1.25mm / 4K

Cabinet Size: 600*337.5*60mm

Screen Size: 4.8m (W) * 2.7m (H)

Module Size: 200*168.75mm

Module Resolution: 480*270dots

Refresh rate: 1920/3840

Cabinet Material: Die-Casting Aluminum

LINSN LED-P1.25 4K video wall

N169 Series - Related Product

For the high-definition 4K LED display, we recommend our N169 series to this customer, which is perfect for 4K visual effect and has golden cabinet ratio of 16:9.

Now, just follow us to know more about it!

small pixel led displays n169

4K, 8K Display Performance Available

With its high contrast ratio of 4000:1 and refresh rate 3840Hz, this cabinet supports high-standard visual performance, seamless display, and high color uniformity. N169 cabinet is produced for 4K LED screens and 8K LED displays for its outstanding visual quality and fine pixel pitch including P1.25, P1.56, P1.875, P2.5.
4K LED screens

16:9 Cabinet Ratio for Perfect Size Screen

With cabinet size 600*337.5mm, this 4K LED cabinet meets the golden ratio of 16:9. The aesthetic design supports the cabinet to install as 16:9 4K LED screen for multiple applications, especially indoor fixed LED screens.
16:9 LED display

Easy Frontal Service

The frontal service is easy for users to install the maintain the cabinet. This is one of the features that many customers place importance on, and actually, it does save many time and energy for people especially for who owns the big screen.

The quick installation and maintenance allow it suitable for both rental LED display and fixed LED display.

User-friendly Management

Linsn N169 series supports smart management including correcting data storage, temperature detection, voltage detection, dot-to-dot correction, and so forth.

By N169 4K LED cabinet, you can achieve top-quality visual experiences with easy and smart management and control!

Easy Installation Process - Guidance

The installation process is quite simple, just follow the steps listed below you can finish this job.

(1) Install the structure: install 9pcs vertical truss, and have the flat beam at the bottom. Then connect the main cables.

(2) Connect cabinets with connectors, and then connect them with the truss: install the screen as to each screw hold function. Please notice you should install each LED cabinet tracking the number, and the installation sequence is from the bottom horizontal line.

(3) Connect cables: connect the signal cables and power cables. The sequence should be paid enough attention to.

Connect 4 vertical cabinets with 1 cable to the MCTRL4K, and you can enter the network cable on the right or at the top, but should NOT be disordered.

Before the connection is done, do not power on the LED screen.

(4) After the signal cable is connected, turn on the MCTRL4K and connected to the computer.

If the connection is completed according to our diagram, after power on, the receiving card indicator light will be on, and it should be displayed directly after the module is connected.

(5) Assemble the LED display modules carefully. Install the modules from the bottom horizontal line to up, and install the pin port carefully.

Please install the modules by their sequence, and wear gloves when doing this job.

(6) Configuration: the configuration for receiving card has already been completed before delivery. You can just send us your connection diagram, and we will send you the connection file.

(7) After lighting up and configuration, the installation is completed. Just use your LED display screen now to create more potentials!


LED TypeN/A SMD1010 SMD1010 SMD1515 SMD1515
Pixel Pitchmm1.251.56251.8752.5
Ingress ProtectionIPIP54
Viewing Distancemeter1.
Scan WayN/A1/301/321/301/30
Module Dimensionmm200*168.75
Module PixelPixel160×135128×106160×9080×68
Cabinet Dimensionmm600*337.5*60
Cabinet ResolutionPixel480*270384*216320*180240*135
Module MaintenanceN/AFront
Cabinet MaterialN/ADie-Casting Aluminum
Cabinet WeightKG5.4
Refresh rateHz1920/3840
Digital ProcessingBit14/16
Gray ScaleLevel16384
Color TemperatureDeg.K4,500-8,500 Adjustable
Brightness ControlN/A255
Contrast RatioN/A4000:1
Viewing Angle HDeg.140
Viewing Angle VDeg.140
AC SperationVAC90~264
Power Consumption(Max/Avg)W/m2800/250 ( Estimate )
Storage Tem.F/C-4 ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60C
Storage HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Operating Tem.F/C-4F ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60
Operating HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Lift time(50% brightness)Hour100,000
Control ModeN/AVideo Sync

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