13 of the Most Stunning 3D Advertising Examples (2023)

Today I am going to show 13 of the most stunning 3D advertising examples in 2023 that can bring you wonderful visual enjoyment!

Every business wants to grab more attention from potential customers, while may be aware of it is difficult to stand out from the booming advertisements that competitors launch, and even achieved little so the patience wore thin.

In this post I will show you how these 13 impressed 3D billboards boost human traffic, and bring huge profits to the advertisers in an innovative way.

What Is 3D Billboard?

3D Billboards are a new out-of-home platform that creates an unforgettable visual experience. It combines billboard advertising and 3D technology. 

The result of these digital billboards is a creative and immersive experience, and more engaging than the traditional advertising we are used to.

1. 3D Netflix Billboard

The 20m tall zombie tiger in the 3D digital billboard locates in Piccadilly Circus, London. It is created to celebrate the release of director Zack Snyder’s new blockbuster Army of the Dead.

In the past, a real tiger may be treated inhuman ways during the filming, and it is condemned by some animal protection institute.

However, using the 3D visual effect to create the tiger can protect animals’ rights better, and also bring viewers incomparable viewing experiences than previous 2D advertising. 

The tiger was inspired by animals in Big Cat Rescue, which appeared in the Netfilx series Tiger King, and finally, the gigantic outdoor 3D billboard helps to achieve the goals of animal-friendly advertising, and rocketing profits!

2. Coca Cola 3D Billboard Times Square

Recognized as both the world’s first and world’s largest 3D billboard by Guinness World Records, the sign has created a new benchmark for the creative application of technology in Times Square.

The world’s first and also largest 3D dynamic billboard was inspiried by 3D design and elements of mixed reality. The height reaches six stories tall, and the digital billboard features over 1700 independent, computerized LED display modules to bring dynamic movement.

3. Red XIII 3D Advertising Examples

Incredible 3D video screen of Res XIII in Omotesando, Tokyo in Japan! The realistic animation can delight fans of this series, and propoganda the videos much better!

Although it’s not related to any FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE DLC or sequels, it is still can entertain people by the attractive videos!

4. Nike 3D LED Display in Shinjuku Tokyo

It is a 3D advertisement totally for commercial objective, however, it is still so entertaining and impressive!

The Nike Air Max series is showed perfectly on this outdoor video advertising screen just outside the station, appealing much more attention than people think!

You can totally believe this screen have improved Nike’s brand awareness, and potential sale volumn.

5. Cat 3D LED Billboard in Tokyo

That is really a super cute cat on the screen, and people from all around the world would be all like to see, which is no doubt.

The cat jump just seems to happen in the real world, and creators spent so many time and energy to adjust the angle and details to make it seems real.

What a magic achieved by the combination of high-quality LED billboard and 3D contents!

6. Fortnite x Balenciaga 3D OOH Advertising

The attention-grabbing 3D OOH advertising is achieved by Unreal Engine and real-time ray tracing technology.

It features a Balenciaga-wearing Fortnite favorite Doggo towering over the sidewalks. The advanced 3D OOH advertising technology makes the doggo look like he really is in the real life!

7. Giant Tokyo 3D Dog Super Cute

The super cute 3D dog named Hachi appeared on the gigantic 3D advertising billboad in Japen. If you love dog, then you must look at how cute it is!

The screen itself is high-definition, with high contrast ratio to show this furry animal.

8. Vivo X80 3D Adveritising Billboard in Shenzhen, China

For the launch of the Vivo X80 in Shenzhen, this advertising billboard is created with gorgeous 3D content.

The phone inside the parametric space goes through many transformations to appear to the world renewed.

Not like other billboards that often hang on the wall, this is more like standing on the floor with the dedicated corner design. Poeple can feel the amazing effect closely.

9. Public Media Art 3D Wave Wall Panels

The breathtaking visual content on Digital Out of Home offers the world a new experience!

‘WAVE’ with anamorphic illusion has been successfully revealed on a magnificent DOOH of COEX K-POP SQUARE, the largest & high-definition outdoor advertising screen in S.Korea at 80.1m (w) x 20.1M (h).

10. Wuhan Donde Tianyu - Lion 3D Naked Eye Billboard

A prairie lion leaps to the naked-eye 3D screen in Taikoo Li. Sun and moon rise and fall in the territory. Wuhan Donde Real Estate releases its life-loving nature. Along-with FLINT WALK feel the unique lion king style of outdoor advertising!

11. Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Outdoor 3D Video Ad: A Tiger

Samsung launched a 3D video ad to celebrate its Galaxy series. The large LED wall grabbed people’s attention immediately. With the jump of the tiger, the slogan symbolizing confinement is broken, meaning the resolution of making progress and breaking the stale rules.

12. Public Media Art “ART PERFORMANCE"

Located in Korea, this gigantic 3D LED wall communicates such a concept: people with diverse values can harmonize.

This LED wall shows us a world where we can make ideal communication even with different cultures and diverge personalities.

13. 3D LED Screen Content by d'strict

“The Infinity Wall”, located in Nexen’s R&D Center in Seoul is a 30-metre-wide and 7-metre-tall display which, through the use of clever and creative content has been transformed to appear three-dimensional. What an engaging way to activate a lobby.


That is how the 13 of the most stunning 3D advertising examples around the world! 

The best part is, viewers can get gorgeous visual experiences, but also be educated of brand images and promotion activities at the same time.

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