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How to Calculate LED Screen Size? Insanely Actionable Guide!

This article will discuss how to calculate indoor/outdoor advertising LED display sizes in a detailed and straightforward method. For people who want to purchase outdoor LED screens, it is essential for them to have some basic understanding of LED display sizes.  Just follow me to do some easy practices, and you will be an expert in calculating LED display size!

We all know there are different pixel pitch available for LED display screen. For each common pixel pitch, there is generally corresponding LED display module size for it.

Take P10 as an example. P10 means the pixel pitch is 10mm (pixel pitch stands for the distances between the cores of two neighboring LED lamp beads).

Typically, the module length of P10 LED module has 32 dots, and width has 16 dots.

It is easy to get the LED display module size:

The length is: 32 dots * 1cm = 32cm = 320mm

The height is: 16 dots * 1.0cm = 16cm = 160mm

Common Outdoor LED Module size

There are some popular outdoor LED screen sizes:

Full color P6 outdoor LED display: 192mm * 192mm

Full color P8 outdoor LED display (small): 256mm * 120mm

Full color P8 outdoor LED display (big): 320mm * 160mm

Full color P10 outdoor LED display: 320mm * 160mm

Full color P12 outdoor LED display: 192mm * 192mm

They are easy to calculate and remember, just knowing the basic formulas is enough.

Please be informed that different outdoor LED display manufactures may have different LED module specifications.

ev960 energy-saving led display

Linsn EV960 Energy-Saving LED Display with Cabinet Size 960*960mm

How to Calculate Size of Advertising LED Display?

Now let’s get start with some specific examples:

Let’s assume our customers need a LED screen display with length of 5m and width of 2m. The pixel pitch is P10, and the LED module size is 32cm * 16cm. How many LED display module we will need?

Number of LED display modules for length:

500cm / 32cm = 15.625pcs

Number of LED display modules for width:

200cm / 16cm = 12.5pcs

The total number of LED display modules:

15.625pcs * 12.5pcs = 195.31pcs ≈ 196pcs

So the actual outdoor LED screen size is:

(16 * 0.32m) * (13 * 0.16m) = 5.12m * 2.08m = 10.6496㎡

When Considering the Frame

In some cases, there will be frame that covering the sides of LED display. 

For example, if we use the frame with width of 3.5cm, then the length and width should be:

Length: 5.12m + 0.035m * 2 = 5.19m

Width: 2.08m + 0.035m * 2 = 2.15m

Therefore, the actual size of the whole LED screen is:

5.19m * 2.15m = 11.16㎡

Other Case

However, if we only know the room of the installation size, proportion of LED display, and pixel pitch. How can we calculate how many LED display modules we need?

Now, clear your mind, let’s do an other typical practice with me.

For instance, take LED display screen with size of 10.56㎡ as an example, the pixel pitch is P10, and the screen is 16:9.

First, set the length of LED screen is 16x, and width is 9x.

Then, 16X * 9X = 10.56㎡

144X² = 10.56㎡

12X = 3.25

X = 0.27

Therefore, the LED screen length is 

16 * 0.27m = 4.32m

The width is:

9 * 0.27m = 2.43m

So the total area is:

2.47m * 4.3m = 10.4976㎡

Now, we can calculate the exact number of LED display module with module size 320mm * 160mm:

For the length of the LED display:

4.32m / 0.32m = 13.5 pcs ≈ 13pcs or 14pcs 

For the width of the outdoor LED display:

2.43m / 0.16m = 15.1875 pcs ≈ 15pcs or 16pcs

So the total number of LED display module is:

13pcs * 15pcs = 195pcs


14 pcs * 16 pcs = 224pcs

P2.5 640 480mm Outdoor LED Display to UK

Linsn P2.5 640*480mm Outdoor LED Display to UK Customer

Thus, the actual size of the LED display is:

Type 1: 

14 * 0.32m = 4.48m

16 * 0.16m = 2.56m

2.56m * 4.48m = 11.4688㎡

Type 2:

13 * 0.32m = 4.16m

15 * 0.16m = 2.4m

4.16m * 2.4m = 9.984㎡

Other Factors Effecting LED Screen Size

We all know that the pixel pitch is related to the viewing distance.

For example, if the minium disance between viewers and the screens is 20 feet, then the appropriate pixel pitch may be around 4mm.

Here we have a image below describing the relationship:

LED display Pixel-Pitch

If you want to display turn HD content, then the LED display size should be decided with pixel pitch.

For example, the screen pixel is 3mm, then the length of screen should be 18.9ft. (1920 * 3mm = 5760mm, and then convert it into feet) 

To Sum Up

After listing the specific example, it may be easier for you to understand the relationship between the pixel pitch and LED display module size, and the whole screen size and the number of LED display module.

Now we will list the formulas for you to calculate the size and number of outdoor LED display module you need under any situation:

1.The relationship between pixel pitch and LED module size:

Cabinet Length / Width = Length Pixel Counts * Pitch

For instance, we have LED display module with pixel pitch 6mm, and both length and width will lay out 16 dots.

So the cabinet length and width will be: 16 dots * 6mm = 192mm

Therefore, the LED display module size is: 192mm * 192mm

2.The relationship between screen size and the number of module needed:

(1)The Number of Modules = Total Area / LED Module Length / LED Module Height

For example, there is a 10㎡ P10 outdoor LED board, the number of LED modules should be:

10㎡ / 0.32m / 0.16m = 195.3125pcs ≈ 196pcs

(2)More accurate calculation method is:

The total number of LED modules = Length(the number of modules) × Height(the number of modules)

For example, there is P10 outdoor LED screen, and the module number for length is:

5m / 0.32m = 15.625pcs ≈ 16pcs

2m / 0.16m = 12.5pcs ≈ 13pcs

The total number of LED modules is:

16pcs * 13pcs = 208pcs

The article discusses how to calculate the number of LED display modules needed, and how to calculate the actual advertising LED screen sizes. The formulas are not difficult to understand, just be a little bit scrupulous and you will get the right answer!

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