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ma250 series double-sided led display

MA250 Double-sided LED Display

N169S Series

More Indoor LED Display Series


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What Can Airport Display Board Bring to You?

(1) Provide real-time information: LED displays provide up-to-date and dynamic information on flight schedules, gate assignments, delays, cancellations, and other essential travel updates. All passengers can get instant and important information rightly.

(2)  Wayfinding and directional signage: LED displays help guide passengers through the airport with clear directional signage, indicating check-in counters, security checkpoints, baggage claim areas, boarding gates, and other key locations. 

(3) Advertising and sponsorship opportunties: LED displays enable airports to generate additional revenue by displaying targeted advertisements from airlines, retailers, and other brands.  Additionally, airports can promote their own services, such as VIP lounges, duty-free shops, and car rental facilities.

(4) Support and RegulationLED screen can provide multilingual language support to audiences in every places can be noticed, and also show regulations.

(5) Emergency Messaging: LED displays serve as an effective platform for emergency notifications and important public announcements. In case of emergencies or critical situations, such displays can display evacuation instructions, safety protocols, and other vital information


Airport Display Screen Types

flight information display

Flight Information Display

Flight information display refers to FIDs, and almost can be seen in every airport as it is necessary.

There are many information types can be showed on such display:

  • Departures such as flight information and registration information;
  • Scheduled time of arrivalm, estimated time of arrival and other arrival information;
  • Display Flight Gate information;
  • Display Airline special services information;
  • Display Free text information;
  • More
wayfinding displays

Wayfinding Display

It is normally for people to get confused in large airports and wayfinding displays can navigate people to right places effectively.

These indoor LED screens have mordern design and can grab people’s attention quickly, with their high-definition display performances, information can be understood quickly and listed in order.

Also, they can be used to show more types of information such as advertisements and airport regulations.

Placing these displays in airports can help save passengers lots of time and reduce their confusions!


Airport Hall LED Display Screens

The application of LED display screens in airport lobbies and waiting areas can enhance the overall airport ambiance and provide a continuous source of revenue. 

These displays not only showcase crucial airport notifications but also present content provided by advertisers in an eye-catching manner.

It can be said that LED display screens are an indispensable part of a modern airport. Almost every aspect benefits passengers from the content provided on the screens, and at the same time, airports can generate additional revenue from them.

LED Display for Queue Management

If you want to board on time, the installation of queue management display screens at the boarding gates is essential. 

You can check the flight schedules and estimated arrival times. Such displays with clear and undamaged LED lamp beads are particularly important to avoid any misunderstandings among passengers.

This type of display screen can be considered essential for all airports. And a significant quantity of them is required, considering that they need to be placed at every boarding gate.


Why Choose Airport LED Display from Linsn LED

Linsn LED is a globally recognized provider of high-quality and budget-friendly LED display solutions, dedicated to offering professional services to customers all around the world.

1. Our products are certified with CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS, and IECEE, ensuring optimal quality and performance.

2. We have successfully expanded our markets overseas, in countries such as Europe, America, South Korea, and Thailand.

3. Over the years, we have been trusted in more than 10,000 projects, which has contributed to our well-earned reputation.

4. Our factory spans over 12,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production machinery, and boasts strict quality control procedures to ensure top-tier LED displays.

5. We are committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of superior LED display solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve our global customers with excellence.

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n169s airport display

Airport LED display can be seen almost everywhere in a modern airport – waiting hall, airport terminal, boarding gate, baggage claim area, bus stop, VIP room, duty-free shop, and more. 

Without a doubt, it is an essential part of the airport, playing a crucial role in conveying information, generating revenue, and enhancing efficiency.

Today, we will discuss some important information to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of their uses, specifications, and products.

Table of Contents

1. What Are the Screens in the Airport?

There are many types of screens in airports for different requirements – guiding, advertising, informing, entertaining, and so on.

The most common type of airport LED screen is flight information display. This screen can display flight information to people to inform them airline information, arrival city or departure city, departure time or estimated time of arrival, departure gate, and almost everything the passengers will care about their flight.

For other kinds of screens in the airport, you can see every place in it. For example, in the airport hall, you can see large advertising LED displays for advertising products and services; at the entrance of the escalator, you can see the LED screen used to guide the route and LED screens for entertainment in the lounge.

airport flight information led display

Airport Flight Information LED Display

airport display board

LED Displays in Airport

2. Where Can You See Airport LED Display?

You can basically see this type of screen in various scenes at the airport.

For example: Departure Hall; Arrival Hall; Boarding Gate; Security Checkpoint; Baggage Claim Area; Waiting Lounge; Bus Stop; Taxi Stand; Parking Lot; Check-in Counter; Baggage Drop-off Area; Flight Information Display Screen (FIDS); Duty Free Shop; Cafes and Restaurants; VIP Lounge; and more…

3. 8 Types of Airport Display Board

(1) Flight information display

As we have mentioned before, flight info board in the airport plays a vital role in showing passengers the most important flight information to assist passengers boarding and not miss important information.

You can see them in the departure lounge such as around airport terminals. Typically, they use FIDs to centrally manage and display information.

What is flight information display system?

An airport utilizes a flight information display system (FIDS) to provide real-time flight information to passengers. This airport display system operates mechanical or electronic display boards and monitors, effectively presenting details of arriving and departing flights.

(2) Advertising LED screen

You can see them in the waiting areas and airport stores. These screens can engage people with entertaining or interesting advertisements to generate sponsorship revenues for airports.

For a flight to Hawaii, for example, an advertisement in an airport store selling swimwear might inspire waiting travelers to buy sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts.

(3) LED signage used to guide a route

It’s not uncommon for passengers to find it challenging to navigate large airports. However, by displaying wayfinding maps on digital signage across the airport network, travelers can effectively save time and avoid unnecessary hassle. 

Moreover, these wayfinding displays can serve as advertising space, providing an additional opportunity for businesses to promote their products or services.


(4) Creative LED Screen for decoration

Want to impress these passengers with a unique decoration style? Then you must not miss various creative LED screens!

No matter curved LED screen you can install on the corner of the wall, or cylinder LED display placed in the center of the hall, or ball LED screen hanging on the ceiling, creative LED screens can add an extra splash of color and decoration to airports!

(5) Single or dual color LED display for queue management

Utilizing digital signage greatly simplifies the management of large queues at departure gates. 

As the boarding process commences, the display can seamlessly transition from showcasing advertisements to providing information on how passengers are being called for boarding. 

This switch effectively enhances communication and assists in maintaining an organized and efficient boarding experience.

(6) LED screen for baggage claim

This type of display screen would be placed next to the baggage claim carousel. Undoubtedly, it can enhance the efficiency of the entire process and reduce instances of mistaken identification. 

The design of such display screens should be eye-catching, simple, and focused, delivering information directly and effectively.


(7) Transparent LED display in airport

Airport transparent LED screen applies innovative LED display technology to display contents clearly while allowing passengers to see the scenery behind the glass window or wall.

This screen can be placed in various of places such as waiting areas, boarding gates and baggage claim area to improve the efficiency of information transmission.

For instance, in traditional baggage claim areas, passengers need to check display screens or listen to announcements to know where to pick up their luggage.

However, transparent LED screens can project the luggage pickup location directly onto the glass, enabling passengers to see their luggage pickup location without having to search or wait around. This greatly improves the efficiency of luggage pickup.

(8) LED monitor screen in the airport command and control center

A stable and reliable visual display screen system is necessary to centrally manage and uniformly command all businesses such as coordinating operations, service control, and flight information dissemination, fully supporting the airport in building a smart transportation hub, and helping management personnel.

4. 6 Benefits It Brings to You

(1) Stay Informed

Passengers can receive real-time updates on flight schedules, gate changes, delays, and cancellations.

Accurate and timely information reduces confusion and enhances the overall travel experience.

(2) Effortless Navigation

Strategically placed LED displays guide passengers through terminals, gates, and baggage claim areas.

(3) Advertising Opportunities

LED displays serve as effective advertising platforms for businesses within the airport. Brands can showcase advertisements, reaching a captive audience of travelers.

(4) Smooth Queue Management

LED displays assist in managing queues at security checkpoints and boarding gates. They provide queue status, estimated waiting times, and instructions, ensuring a seamless flow of passengers and minimizing congestion.

(5) Entertainment and Engagement

LED displays offer entertainment content such as news updates, weather forecasts, live sports events, and cultural displays. Passengers can stay engaged and pass the time during layovers or delays.

(6) Customization and Flexibility

LED displays can be easily customized to meet specific requirements.

They can display multilingual messages, airport branding, emergency announcements, and other important information, providing flexibility in content delivery.

5. Related Product Recommendations

1000×250mm LED Display - Double-sided LED Display

The LED Display Cabinet measures 1000mm/750mm/500mm×250mm and features an ultra-thin and lightweight design, with a thickness of 33mm and weighing only 5.8kg.

It provides high brightness and excellent color saturation. The display supports split-screen multi-module display, allowing for versatile content presentation.

Additionally, it offers front maintenance convenience.

With a 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts, you can enjoy peace of mind and reliable performance.

This cabinet is super suitable for installation in the airport because of its multiple installation methods, and lightweight, high-definition, and double-sided contents available!

linsn doubel sided led display
double side led screens customer case

6. Conclusions

Linsn LED provides customers worldwide with high-quality airport LED displays including airport flight information LED displays, advertising LED screens, LED signage, etc.

Moreover, our 7/24 hours after-sale services and technical support allow for worry-free customer experiences for all our customers. The 5% spare parts provide you with a more cost-effective and reassuring purchasing experience!

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