Armor Series LED Display Module

16:9 LED Module for Steel and Flexible LED Display

armor series golden ratio led module

16:9 Golden Ratio LED Display Module

With parameters of 300×168.75×10mm, this LED module has golden-ratio design.
Super light and thin design is also suitable for 2K/4K/8K LED display to achieve high-definition visual performance!


Available for Flexible LED Module with High Flexibility

Armor series flexible LED module has high flexibility with available angle≥135°. Moreover, the magnet trim can ensure the flatness of modules, ensuring high visual performance!

armor series flexible led module linsn
high flatness of armor series flexible led module

Strong Protection Ability, High Safety

Armor series has high fireproof and dustproof ability. The back cover can prevent wind and dust erosion. What is more, the flame retardant material improves the protection ability further.

Excellent visual performance, contrast ratio 6000:1

The gray matt lamp bead allows better comfort to viewers’ eyes. And the high contrast ratio that up to 6000:1 enables details of images and videos can be shown perfectly!

Both Steel & Flexible Applications Supported

Armor series supports both steel and flexible applications as it has two types: flexible LED screen and steel LED display. No matter which one all has high surface flatness, outstanding visual effect and stable performance!

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Fine Pixel Pitch LED Module for 2K/4K/8K LED Display

P1.2/P1.5/P1.8/P2.3 fine pixel pitch LED module available, perfect for HD LED display, 2K LED display, 4K LED display and 8K LED display! The improved image quality can give all viewers enjoyable visual experience.

fine pixel pitch led module

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1:1 Ratio


Armor Series Steel and Flexible LED Module

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