How to Buy LED Display Screen? (2023 Guidance for New Importer)

As it might be the first time for some customers to import LED display from China, hope this article is helpful for you to avoid any “Surprise”. If you want to know how to buy LED display, then just read until the end of the article to get valuable advice! 

For some experienced purchasers, just skip this article or welcome your valuable advice & supplement.

Step 1: Check summary cost & possibility

LED display full system

* LED Screen hardware & software

Two points to be mentioned for customers to make inquiry with LED display suppliers:

1. Better to send a picture or a design draft of the installation position, to show how it is to be controlled & installed. So that the supplier can offer a matched solution of the control system (how to choose from Synchronous and Asynchronous Control System?) , and matched models to fit front/back installation & front/back maintenance.

2. When comparing quotations from different suppliers, ensure we’re comparing apples to apples. Check if the LED, power supply, driving IC, aviation plug, etc are the same.

*Structure to install the screen

1. Get the CAD drawing of the cabinet from the supplier

2. Show the drawing to the local structure supplier to check the frame part cost

3. Check with the installer for installation cost

* Certificate required

1. Get the certificate requested for Customs from suppliers: such as CE for EU countries, and Saber certificate for Saudi Arabia.

2. Local certificate: Some projects, especially wall-mounted LED screen requires building certificate, which would cost time & money.

* Electricity needed

Check power consumption for the full screen & if can fit. 

There’s some customer feedback as it’s an old building & impossible with high power consumption, finally, he made it with an energy-saving LED display & size adjusted to smaller one.

* Shipping cost

1. Get the pickup address, estimated shipping data & better dimensions of the package to check the shipping cost.

2. If by sea, destination cost is better to be mentioned, as it’s to be paid when goods arrive at the destination port, and some customers won’t notice this part. Such as unloading, THC, PSC, Handling fee, port congestion surcharge, etc, get the charge standard from the forwarder together with the shipping rate.

Pay attention to the trend of the rate going up or down, and leave some space when quoting to the end user

* Tax & Duty

Check with the local broker for the tax & duty to be paid for the LED display. 

For example, there’s zero tax with 15% VAT (Which can be refunded) in some countries such as the EU, while there’s ≥20% duty for other countries such as Jordan, Brazil, USA, etc.

* Timeline

Maybe you have signed a contract with your customer (The end user), and the screen is needed to be installed at a certain time, the timeline has to be taken into consideration in advance. 

For example: For LED module & accessories order, production time would be around 7 working days; For LED screen order, we can rush it within 30 working days. 

Plus shipping, operation of Customs clearance & domestic transportation, if time is too urgent, it’s better to purchase stock locally.

Step 2: Pay the deposit & place order

After the previous investment, and compare cost & budget, and negotiating with some suppliers, you’d select a trusted manufacturer to place the order.

1. Payment terms

For most factories, 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before delivery is accepted. 

Though there are some of our customers who pay 100% payment before production for trust, the advantage is to save bank cost & no need to wait for the balance after goods ready.

While for the first time cooperation it’s suggested to leave some balance to be paid when you see the screen all tested well. 

2. Arrange production

After the deposit is well received & all details are confirmed, the manufacturer will arrange production, usually, it takes 7-30 working days for production, so the stock would be quicker.

Step 3: Production monitor

1. Some customers would pay a visit to the factory, while during COVID-19, you may have a third party in China do an inspection during production or just after the goods are ready.

2. Mostly it’s in the supplier’s own inspection system, and they will offer an aging test (Usually 72 hours before shipping) video.

Step 4: Pay the balance & arrange shipment

1. After all is tested well, get the balance paid.

2. Book space near goods ready date, usually factory can assist with the shipment arrangement.

2.1. If by express: Connect express agent with supplier for pickup, or just offer collect account to the supplier.

2.2. If by air: As air cost usually update once or twice per week, if space is NOT tight, just book space on Monday of the week that screen ready. Book 1 week or longer in advance if space is overbooked.

2.3. If by sea: Sea rate is usually valid for half month or 1 month.

Step 5: Build structure

This part can be done just after the order is placed if the project is urgent so that you can install the screen once get it without waiting for the structure to be built.

Step 6: Customs clearance & delivery from port to warehouse

1 . If by express, it’s DDP (door-to-door service), you only need to wait for your screens at your warehouse.

2. If by air, it’s delivered to the airport, and you need to contact the local broker for Customs clearance & pickup from the airport.

3. If by sea, it’s delivered to the seaport, the destination forwarder will contact you to pay the destination cost, and you will need to contact the local broker for Customs clearance & delivery from the destination port to your warehouse.

Step 7: Test & installation

1. Check if the cargo is in good condition once received. If anything damaged, pls contact the supplier at once. 

2. Test it in your workshop if time allowed. 

2.1. Aging test starts with low brightness to avoid burnout, especially for long-term transportation such as by sea. Sometimes it would cost 2 months or longer, and there might be moisture problems during transportation.

Power-On Hours for Different Gray Levels

Aging test

2.2. Make a connection file according to the diagram, for example, we usually have the full-screen order configured before shipping, and save the RCG file.

3. Install the LED display on site.

There’s always something unexpected happening, and nobody hopes so. 

That’s why it’s better to plan ahead. Meanwhile, it’s very important to get a reliable on-call supplier other than a supplier with an attractive price.


Thanks to this post about how to buy LED display screen, you do not have to spend hours searching for buying LED display anymore. You have everything you need to get started all in one place.

As you saw in this guide, knowing important details can get you a reasonable price, and when you make the investment decisons you will be wiser.

Now you get everything you need to get started with buying LED display panel.

Before you start the purchasement, welcome leave us a message about your investment. And if you want to get high-quality LED display at a good price, then it will be a good choice to contact us!

Check this video to review how to buy LED display!