Four Points Before Buy LED Video Display

Today, led video display has become a beautiful landscape in the city, but at the same time, the responsible staff should also do to prevent its occurrence of water leakage, leakage, explosion and other phenomena; in order to put an end to these undesirable phenomena, choose led screen must pay attention to the four points as following before buy LED video display.

LED video display

One, LED Video Screen Brand:

When we need to buy LED display, we must buy a quality assurance and after-sales service from led display manufacturers , such as our company specializes in electronic LED display industry for many years, high-quality product quality and good Of the services are the majority of users preferences.linsn led encountered many led display customers who bought the led display from unknown led display factory,can not get the right config files even the led display parts from them.Low Price means Low when you want to purchase led display,please learn more about their enterprise capability.
LED display screen

Second, LED Video Display Stability;

Full color LED display depends on the stability of wind, water, shock, mine and other factors. Many led display manufacturers on the market often overlooked these details, provided by the outdoor led display can not stand the wind and rain, opened soon, on the trouble. And linsn led video screen , all aspects of the details to get a comprehensive attention, and sales of products have been the user’s praise. you can get more information about quality control from here:

quality control LED display

Third, LED Video Display Reliable Quality;

One of the important qualities of the high quality led video screen is the consistency of the brightness and wavelength of each color element in each pixel unit. According to the principle of optical three primary colors, the real-time status of each pixel from the video signal source is composed of red, green and blue signals. After system processing, it is passed to the corresponding pixel unit on the led video display. Driving the corresponding color of the light-emitting diodes, to achieve the video source signal in the led video display on the map. And then through the interlaced scan to the progressive scan conversion, to ensure that the static screen and motion picture clarity, remove the motion picture of the hair phenomenon.

Four, LED Video Screen lifetime;

Full-color led video display life is the majority of users are most concerned about another performance indicators. Maintain the overall brightness uniformity of the screen and color consistency, is a measure of full color LED display the real life of the real standard. Most of the full-color led screen in the long before the brightness attenuation to half, its overall color consistency has become very poor. To recommend users in the purchase of full color LED display brand, it is best to actually look at the brand similar products after several years of visual effects, the durability of such products have a correct judgment.before you buy led video screen,you can ask the customer referrence from led display factory.if they sell led video screens to overseas,they must have the referrence cases or similar led display projects. it is very important to check the led video display quality before you place the order.
long life led video display
The above study if you do not know how to buy full color led video screen, then please call contact linsn led, our company is a professional LED video display industry for 10 years, know well how to choose the led display screen for you,and give the full led display parts and right config files to you,make sure the led display will work without any problems.