Linsn L1 Asynchronous Player can support up to 650 thousands pixels without computer

Linsn L2 Asynchronous LED Controller

Linsn L2 Synchronous Asynchronous Player, L2 is a sync/async player released by Linsn. It is with HDMI input and allows you to play program over WIFI, LAN or USB flash drive. It supports up to 650 thousand pixels and applies to advertising machine.

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Linsn MINI910 LED Receiver Card with faliure detection of FPC

LINSN MINI910 LED Receiving Card

Linsn MINI910 LED Receiving Card support up to 640*640 pixels with multi-monitoring functions. It can achieve high-quality display, and is compatible with fine pixel pitch LED displays perfectly.

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Linsn M9 LED Reiceving Card with 512*512 pixels and supports various decode mode

LINSN M9 LED Receiving Card

Linsn M9 LED Receiving Card supports high resolution images with no latency, supporting 512*512 loading capacity. It can be applied to fine pixel pitch LED display perfectly.

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