Linsn TS12 Multi-funtional LED Sending Box with dual USB2.0 interfaces

Linsn TS12 4K LED Sender

Linsn TS12 has dual USB2.0 as the communication interface and 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can display video sources stable and vivid. The maximum loading capacity can reach 4096× 2160@60Hz.

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Linsn TS08 LED Sending Box can display various video sources with Gigabit output

Linsn TS08 LED Sender Box

Linsn TS08 is a super LED sender box which can display various sources including 4K with high definition and high refresh rate. The maximum loading capacity is 4096*2160@60Hz.

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Linsn 3D260 LED Send Box can support 3D video display and multiple cascading

Linsn 3D260 LED Sending Box

LINSN 3D260 LED sending box can display 3D effect with rgb LED display board, which adopts active shutter 3D technology. Only one key you can fulfill the transition from 2D display to 3D display.

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