China 3D Billboard Fast Guide 2024: All You Want to Know!

In this post, we will discuss some of the most important information about China 3D billboard including the locations, how they work, what is the structures, and some most typical 3D billboards in China!

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1. Are There 3D Billboards in China?

The 3D billboard is gaining increasingly popularity in China in recent years. Many common cities all have such advanced technology to create stunning visual experiences and boost business potentials.

In many cities such as Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, there are all famous 3D billboards attracting people’s attention.

3d billboard in china

3D LED Wall in Qingdao, China

3d billboard china

3D Advertising Example in Chengdu, China

2. Where Is the 3D billboard in China?

3D billboards can be found in various cities across China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.

(1) Shanghai

As a global metropolis and center of business and commerce, boasts an impressive skyline adorned with numerous 3D billboards. You can spot these captivating displays in popular areas such as Nanjing Road, the Bund, and Times Square.

(2) In Beijing

The capital city of China, you’ll find a vibrant hub for 3D billboards. Areas like Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street, and the central business district (CBD) showcase striking billboards that add vibrancy to the cityscape.

(3) Guangzhou

Known for its bustling shopping districts and lively nightlife, also features visually stunning 3D billboards. Beijing Road and Zhujiang New Town are among the prime locations to witness these impressive displays.

(4) Shenzhen

A tech hub and modern city, offers a wealth of high-tech advertising displays, including 3D billboards. Prominent areas like Huaqiangbei Commercial Street and Futian CBD provide ample opportunities to experience these cutting-edge advertisements.

(5) Chengdu

With its rich cultural heritage and thriving urban development, has embraced 3D billboards as part of its advertising landscape. Dynamic displays can be found in places like Chunxi Road and Kuanzhai Alley, seamlessly blending with the city’s charm.

Remember that the presence and specific locations of 3D billboards may change over time due to evolving advertising campaigns and urban development. Exploring major cities in China will always offer a chance to discover the latest innovations in outdoor advertising.

3. How Does the Chinese 3D billboard Work?

Just like 3D LED displays in other countries, China 3D Billboard works with high-quality LED screen, vivid and fluent 3D contents and strong LED control system!

3.1 Outdoor 3D Billboard Solutions

(1) Creative 3D LED Display

These creative LED displays can utilize various shapes and layout to improve efficiency for advertisements and attractiveness.

(2) Customized 3D Video Contents

3D contents can be customized based on the 3D billboard and specific advertising requirements to help people gain better visual experiences without 3D glasses.

(3) Media Playback Control Software and Media Server

They are software and media server used for management and control of 3D billboards. They can ensure the successful playback of 3D advertisements, and has strong remote control and scheduling functionality

(4) LED control system

This is control system used for controlling brightness level, color and dynamic effects to guarantee high clarity and attractiveness.

(5) Audio System

This refers to the system that provides audio effects for 3D billboards. By using appropriate audio equipment and sound design, it can enhance the advertising with sound effects, further elevating the audience’s sensory experience.

3.2 Indoor 3D Immersive LED Display Solutions

Composed of LED naked-eye 3D large screen, control system and video splicing equipment, multi-channel media playback software and video server, audio system, synchronized video server platform, and intelligent central control system. 

By customizing three-dimensional content, it provides a completely refreshing stereoscopic experience.

4. 3D Billboards in China Examples

4.1 Dragon 3D Billboard in China

On April 13, in the city of Kunming, located in Yunnan Province, a remarkable event took place during a cinematic display. 

As the audience watched, a dragon emerged from a glass-free 3D screen, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle. The screen, measuring 2,184 square meters, is suspended on the external wall of Jinge Centre. 

It is a cutting-edge glass-free 3D screen with an impressive 8K resolution. The footage of this captivating moment showcases the innovative capabilities of this technology.

4.2 3D Wall in Hangzhou, China

The “MAX to the Extreme” event for NIKE AIR MAX DAY 2023 was held in Hangzhou, China and featured the use of double screen 3D outdoor advertising technology. The event was organized by Nike Greater China.

Through the double screen 3D outdoor advertising, Nike provided consumers with a breathtaking visual feast. The lifelike 3D effects brought the AIR MAX series products to life right before people’s eyes. 

The venue in Hangzhou became the focal point and highlight of the entire event. Nike showcased their exceptional abilities in product design and technological innovation to consumers through this event. 

4.3 3D LED Screen in Shanghai, China

The public art is exhibited on an L-shaped screen located in the TLQ commercial complex in Shanghai.

“Live well,” a public art installation commissioned by Swire, was created by Radugadesign in collaboration with OUTPUT! The motion content of the artwork aims to convey the messages of wellness, positive indulgence, and balanced lifestyle. 

Through two video pieces, the installation explores different approaches to the concept of balance: the harmony of an ecosystem and balanced nutrition. 

4.4 3D Billboard China Panda

This super big panda moving on the L-shape 3D LED display in Chengdu, China attract huge attention from online to offline.

Take a look at this adorable giant panda, playfully rolling around on the massive 3D screen. The furry texture is so inviting that it makes you want to reach out and touch it.