China 5D Billboard 3Mins Guidance: How It Works and More!

Step into the future of advertising with China 5D billboard, where innovation meets immersion. Imagine a world where advertisements not only capture your attention visually but also engage your senses in ways you never thought possible. 

In this article, we will delve into how do 5d billboards work, their pricing, advantages, underlying principles, and compare them to their 3D counterparts.

Table of Contents

1. What Are 5D Billboards?

5D billboard integrates technology to stimulate not only sight and sound, but also touch, smell, and even taste. This kind of advertising screen is much more attractive to draw viewers to focus on the advertisements. 

The core of this 5D technology is the ability to go beyond the visual and auditory senses, and allow audiences to interact with the display.

For example, imagine walking past a 5D billboard advertising a tropical paradise and being greeted by the aroma of coconut and sea breeze—it’s a sensory journey like no other.

1.1 What Is 5D Technology?

Now you may have already known the general concept of 5D technology. 

5D technology represents better immersive experiences by incorporating tactile sensations, motion effects, and environmental factors to engage people by multiple senses.

5D technology is used in many fields like gaming, education, healthcare, and simulation. 

For instance, in gaming, players don’t just see or hear virtual worlds but also feel them, making the experience more immersive. In education, students can use virtual simulations to learn better.

2. How to Achieve 5D Effect?

To achieve the 5D effect, it typically requires the combination of various technologies and elements to create a more immersive and multi-sensory experience. Here are some common methods:

Visual Effects

(1) Use high-definition screens to display clear and realistic images and videos.

(2) Utilize 3D stereoscopic technology to create three-dimensional effects.

(3) Employ advanced visual effects and animation techniques to enhance the viewing experience.

Auditory Effects

(1) Equip high-quality sound systems to provide immersive audio experiences.

(2) Incorporate surround sound technology to create a more realistic audio environment, allowing viewers to feel surrounded by sound.

Olfactory Effects

(1) Use scent sprayers or diffusers to release specific scents or fragrances that complement the visual and auditory content, creating a particular atmosphere.

(2) Design custom scents tailored to specific products or scenes to enhance the emotional experience and brand impression.

Tactile Effects

(1) Use vibration or motion devices to simulate tactile experiences, such as installing vibration devices in seats or floors to enhance viewers’ perception of action scenes.

(2) Provide interactive touch screens or physical touch devices, allowing viewers to interact with content and receive tactile feedback.

Other Effects

(1) Incorporate temperature control devices to simulate temperature changes in specific environments, enhancing viewers’ sense of immersion in the scene.

(2) Use fan or wind device installations to simulate wind effects, adding realism and dynamism to the experience.

3. Are 5D Billboards in China Real?

Yes, 5D billboards in China are real. China 5D billboards are revolutionizing advertising. These billboards engage multiple senses, offering a truly immersive experience. Compared with traditional advertising billboard, 5D billboard can incorporate sound, touch, smell, and even taste to attract passengers within seconds.

4. China 5D Billboard How It Works?

How do 5D billboard work? The core elements consist of high-quality LED screens and control systems, realistic 3D content, and other devices to achieve a multi-sensory experience. 

There are several key factors for it to achieve 5D effect.

(1) High-definition LED screen

The screen should be high definition to show the contents clearly, and must have high protection level at least IP65 to resist environmental changes. 

A high-quality display system includes features such as a refresh rate of ≥3840Hz, grayscale of ≥14 bits, high dynamic contrast, and support for multiple graphics cards.

And the 90° right-angle LED screen should be seamless splicing to show the contents smoothly.

(2) Reliable and strong LED control system

A reliable set of LED control system is necessary to achieve multi-screen cascaded playback, asynchronous control, timely content updating, debugging and bug fixing, etc.

For 5D billboards, the contents can be more complex to control and manage, thus a strong LED control system is quite important.

(3) Physical devices

Sometimes, physical effects like wind or scent dispensers are also incorporated to create an immersive experience.

That is the core element to achieve 5D effect, and a main factor that distinguishes it from 3D displays.

(4) More factors including:

5. How Much 5D Billboard Price?

The price of 5D LED billboards includes the following factors:

(1) Initial setup costs: including hardware equipment, software support, and installation fees.

(2) Maintenance costs: regular checks on hardware equipment status, software updates, and other maintenance work.

(3) Content creation costs: the time and resources required to produce and update advertising content.

(4) Additional feature costs: installation and maintenance of additional features such as environmental effect devices (such as fans, scent dispensers) and interactive features (such as touchscreens, sensors).

5.1 5D Panel Price VS 3D Panel Price

5D display is more expensive than 3D displays due to the more complex technology and maintenance. 

(1) For example, it not only need to show stunning 3D effect, but also can interact with people through sensing function.

Additionally, it also possesses environmental effects, such as generating real wind through fans or releasing various scents through scent dispensers. 

To achieve these functions, more equipment and software support are required, directly increasing the initial setup costs.

(2) In addition, because the complex systems involved in 5D billboards require regular maintenance, such as regular hardware checks and software updates, maintenance costs will also increase accordingly. 

These maintenance tasks may require professional technicians, further adding to the expenses.

(3) Moreover, the contents need to be changed to enable the attractiveness and freshness of the advertising content, which increase the costs of content production.

So, when you consider the setup, maintenance, and content creation costs, 5D billboards end up costing more than 3D billboards in the long run.

6. Comparison of 3D Technology & 5D Technology

There are many differences laying behind 3D technology and 5D technology such as involved technology, user experiences, pricing, production, price, etc.

For instance, 3D LED screens mainly focus on visual depth and three-dimensional effect. While 5D LED billboard can integrate touch, smell, wind and other sensory experiences to bring people more immersive feelings.

Here we list these points for you to refer to:

(1) Price

The higher prices of 5D billboards come from extra hardware and more complex control system to achieve sensory experiences. 

The 3D billboard only requires more affordable and energy-saving technology to achieve the naked-eye 3D effects.

(2) Production

The production process of 5D LED displays are more complex, and cost more time than that of 3D screens. That is, it requires integration of visual, auditory, and sensory effects.

(3) User experiences

Compared to 3D displays, 5D displays emphasize immersive experiences more because they can connect with other senses such as smell and touch.

Just imagine, as you walk by a billboard, suddenly you catch a whiff of fragrance filling the air. And coincidentally, there’s a perfume advertisement playing on the billboard. 

Wouldn’t that leave a deeper impression on you? By engaging people’s senses, it can create a stronger impact and increase brand exposure.

(4) Energy consumption

3D billboards typically have lower energy consumption since they rely primarily on visual effects.

5D billboards may consume more energy due to the additional hardware required for sensory effects.

(5) Content creation

Creating content for 3D billboards primarily involves designing visually impactful graphics and animations.

Content creation for 5D billboards requires a more comprehensive approach, integrating sensory elements into the content creation process, such as developing scents or tactile sensations to accompany visuals.

7. How to Choose from 3D or 5D Screens?

After the comparison of these two kinds of screens, now we come to the turning points: how to choose from these two? 

Simply put, whether choosing from 3D screen or 5D screen is based on your specific needs and budgets. 

If you mainly care about the visual effect, and want to spend less budgets and make simple decision, then 3D screens are more suitable for you.

However, if you want to provide more immersive and multi-sensory experiences to audiences, and are willing to invest more advanced technology and have enough budgets for higher initial costs and power consumption, 5D displays can meet your requirements.  

I will give you some cues for you to have your decision.


3D LED screens are more budget-friendly;

5D LED screens may incur higher costs due to additional hardware and technology requirements

Experience Requirements

3D displays provide naked-eye 3D performance, no other sensory effects;

5D screens immerse themselves in a more multi-sensory environment

Content Creation

3D effects mainly come from the 3D animation;

5D screens require a more complex content creation process, including content related to multi-sensory effects.

Energy Consumption

5D LED screens require additional hardware to achieve multi-sensory effects, they may consume more energy.

Application Scenarios

3D displays are suitable for commercial places where need to grab people’s attention;

5D screens are suitable for a location requiring more interactive and immersive experiences, such as theme parks or museums.

8. Linsn LED 5D & 3D LED Screen Solutions!

solution ev960
2 What-is-3D-LED-Display

Linsn LED is a professional manufacturer specializing in 3D and 5D LED screens, boasting over 12 years of experience in display screen production and research and development. 

We have a wealth of expertise in creating 3D displays and have successfully delivered numerous 3D display projects.

8.1 What Can We Provide?

CategoryMain points
3D Naked-eye led display(1) 90* right angle curved installation, LED display installation blends with the itallatio building,to achieve 3D display suface; Curved part for custom size, to achieve good curved display effect
(2) LEDs have high color, high brightness, and can display properly in direct sunlight conditions; The color of the led display is perfectly integrated with the ambient light;
(3) Drive ICs support high grayscale, 3840Hz refresh rate, HDR high dynamic contrast, low power consumption and energy saving.
ControllerSupport high-resolution synchronous controller; Professional decoder supports material mapping and correction functions for shaped display carriers, and supports underlying optimization of high bit stream decoding.
Playback programCustomized 3D playback of video programs.the selected main view needs to be based on the perspective relationship of the display modeling to do three-dimensional construction, resolution point-to-point customization to ensure the best display effect, we recommend the use of HAP format.

8.2 EV960- Energy-saving Series

ev960 3d led screen

EV960 Curved LED Screen for 3D & 5D Display

enery-saving led screen ev960

Energy-saving LED Cabinet

The CCES technology along with dual voltage output can effectively reduce power consumption, thereby lowering your electricity expenses.

energy-saving 3d led cabinet details

Dual-service Cabinet

We offer dual services, with EV960 3D LED panels supporting on-site maintenance, eliminating the need for a back room. 

Additionally, we support various installation methods, including wall-mounting.

ev960 led screen detail

EV960 LED Screen Introduction Video!

8.3 OF800 - Dual-sevice, Light & Thin Screen

OF800 Series 3D Screen

Curved Installation Available

Curved LED display, allowing seamless splicing;

Energy-saving ability, saving your electricity cost;

Unique Cabinet Design with 800×900mm and 800×1200mm ;

Front service design for easy install and disassemble.

IP65 Waterproof

The IP65 waterproof design is implemented at the module level, ensuring both frontal and back protection capabilities reach IP65 standards.

Dual-service Supported

Maintenance becomes fast and effortless with just a simple maintenance tool. 

Installation is equally straightforward, and for large outdoor 3D LED displays, it undoubtedly leads to significant energy savings.

dual-service installation of800

8.4 MA960 - Dual-sevice, Light & Thin Screen

ma960 led screen 3d

3D LED Screen, Curved Installation

Curved LED display, allowing seamless splicing;

Standard size cabinet with 960*960mm dimension;

Super quick installation and maintenance;

High Protection Aluminum Chassis Panel Design.

Seamless Splicing

Featuring a distinctive lock mechanism, each cabinet can be finely adjusted from six directions: left or right, up or down, and front or back. 

This precision allows for the precise positioning of each cabinet to the millimeter, resulting in an ultra-flat and seamless alignment of cabinets.

seamless splicing led screen panel
light and thin ma960 cabinet

Ultra Lightweight Cabinet

The seamless splicing of images and videos on our high-precision aluminum cabinet frame ensures a perfect visual experience from any angle you desire. 

Prepare to be immersed in a completely new sensory experience, courtesy of our unparalleled picture quality.

9. Conclusion

In this post, we discussed what are 5D billboards, are 5D billboards in China real, 5D billboard price, comparison of 3D and 5D technology, the working principles, etc.

Also, we talked anout the relevant products, as well as the features and characteristics that can make the best 5D display screen!

Explore the future world of 5D displays, right before your eyes! From marketing to entertainment, endless possibilities await us. Are you ready? Click to learn more and start your journey into the future!