Latest China’s Entry Policy in 2023

Happy to update you that No more Arrival COVID test & quarantine is needed from 8th Jan. 2023 if you’re coming to China, and the peak season for visiting factories here is coming, below are answers to some common questions that you may want to know & avoid any inconveniences. Please read this China’s entry policy carefully~

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1. What are the types of visas that have been opened so far?

Up to now, the types of Chinese visas that have been opened mainly include the following

Q1 visa: family reunion visa

Q2 visa: short-term home visit visa

Visa Z: visa for work in China

Visa M/F: business visa to China (This would be most cases)

Talented R visa: foreign high-level talents coming to China for employment

Visa S: direct family members working in foreign countries with a Chinese work permit can apply

Visa X: study visa in China

2. What are the specific adjustment measures for the quarantine policy?

The entry quarantine policy was adjusted on January 8th.

(1) The personnel who come to China will undergo a nucleic acid test 48 hours before leaving, and those with negative results will be allowed to enter China; If it is positive, people will be allowed to re-enter China after it’s negative.

(2) After entry, there is no need for a full Covid test and centralized quarantine. Those with normal health declarations and normal routine quarantine at the customs port can be released to the public.

3. Is invitation letter needed?

Yes, you may need an invitation letter from your Chinese supplier or friend, and you can confirm with our sales for this thing.

4. Can I apply for multiple round trips?

At present, most visas are issued once, and occasionally several times.

5. Is the visa within the validity period issued before the epidemic available?

At present, you need to apply for a new visa to enter China.

6. Will tourist visas be opened?

At present, China has not yet opened the entry tourist visa. The specific tourist visa opening should be gradually tried out. According to the development of the epidemic situation, the visa policy in China will be adjusted scientifically and dynamically.

You can choose the visa type according to your purpose and needs in China

Whether it’s business, family visit, reunion or study abroad. As far as we know, some customers married Chinese, and your Chinese wife/husband can apply for a reunion visa, and come together with you, or just share his/her info to us, we can arrange invitation letter together for them.

If anything we can help, such as booking hotel, pls feel free to contact us. Welcome to visit our Linsn LED display factory!