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Want to find reliable LED display suppliers? Then you must think of Linsn LED!

The applications of rental LED display is increasing worldwide because of their outstanding ability to create profits for customers by delivering excellent visual effect to impress viewers deeply. You can apply them to many using scenarios including sport events, school, shopping mall, concert, public speaking engagements, wedding, stages and so on. 

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Benefits of Linsn Rental LED Display

1. Lightweight, thin structure

Linsn LED rental LED displays can meet your requirements of thin and light cabinets to save more storage room and shipping costs, and help to improve the efficiency of disassembly and transportation.

2. High-quality images and videos

The high refresh rate of 1920HZ/3840HZ, high contrast ratio of 5000:1, and wide grayscale of at least 14bits all can create excellent visual effects for different media materials.

High contrast: black coating, matte encapsulation, with non-mirror reflection.

High reliability: dust-proof, water-proof, UV-proof.

High brightness: high luminous intensity, suitable for different environments with different brightness levels no matter indoors or outdoors.

3. Fast assembling and maintenance

The screens for rent have to be assembled and disassembled easily, quickly, and many times.

Thus, the assembling mechanisms should be reliable enough and will not break after different assembling sessions. Despite possible continuous assembling and disassembling, the cabinet we produce can still be intact, reliable, and tough.

4. Easy transportation

We have sepcific cases for storing wiring, various accessories and LED displays with designs to protect your products safely. These cases can be equipped with wheels, and can be stackable to facilitate your transportation and moving!

5. Long lifespan

High thermal dissipation, low luminous degradation and power consumption allows our rental LED screens to have long lifespan up to 100,000 working hours.

Where can you use them?

Our indoor rental LED displays have high compatibility to many different scenarios, you can apply them to various events such as exhibitions, music festivals, parades, election speeches, and so on.

Music Festival

The fast response, clear and delicated image quality, corresponding equippment, and various fine pixel pitches avaliable all can give our indoor LED display better and more stable performances than other competing products!

Buying or Rental? Which One Is Better?

If you are a rental LED display provider, generally speaking, you can recover your investments in four or five events after you purchase your LED displays as the renting fee for LED screens can be high, and sometimes can cost up to several thousand dollars.

It can be a worthy investment for you to consider improving your income as the cost can be paid off quickly!

And if you are a customer who is thinking about hiring or buying, please know if you only need to hold several events, renting one can help you save many budgets.

Rental LED Screens Recommendations

NG500/1000 Series

  • 500*500/1000mm LED Display Cabinet
  • P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm
  • Detachable Back Cover Box
  • Supoort Right Angle Installation
  • Indoor & Outdoor is Available
  • Front or Rear Dual Maintanance
  • 7/24 Hours services
  • 3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

EV960 Series

  • 480*320mm Panel Design
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation technology
  • Dual Service with Frontal and Real Maintenance
  • High Protection Aluminum Chassis Panel Design
  • CE,Rohs Approved
  • 3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part


Our Customer Cases

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Case 1 - P3 Rental LED Display

  • Installation Country: Korea
  • Module Size: 192mm*192mm
  • Display Size: 5.376m*2.688m
  • Pixel Pitch: 3mm
  • Brightness: 5500-6500 cd/m2 (Nits)
  • Cabinet Size: 576mm*576mm
  • Maintenance Method: Dual Service
  • Cabinet Material: Die-cast Aluminum
  • Cabinet Resolution: 192X192dots
  • Cabinet Density: 36864dots/cabinet
  • Cabinet Weight: 7kg
  • Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz
  • Gray Grade: 14 bits

Customer Case 2 - P5mm Large Screen Rental Project to Nigeria

  • Installation Country: Nigeria
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Cabinet Size: 960x 640mm
  • Display Height: 1920mm
  • Display Weight: 16000mm
  • Display Size: 30.72㎡
  • Installation Site: Shopping mall
  • Protection Level: IP54
  • Application: Advertising, Informing, Entertainment, and so on


Linsn LED is one of the best LED display suppliers, which enjoys reputation by its high-standard quality, well-around services, and good prices! Our main rental LED products series include NG500/1000 series, EV960 series, and MA500/1000 series! Multiple fine pixel pitches available for you to apply in different indoor environments. For any more information, just contact us by filling out the form below.