Top 8 Best China Rental LED Display Companies You Should Know!

Rental LED display screen produced in China has captured most of the global LED display market and gained more attention from customers worldwide. But do you know exactly the market form of China rental LED display?

The aim of this article is to help customers to know the overall market of rental LED display screens in China, and to assist to choose from listed China rental LED display companies. Now, let’s begin. We will introduce to you some of the most famous and representative LED display suppliers in China!

List of Top 8 China Rental LED Display


Leyard has already formed its own five business strategic sectors including intelligent LED display, night LED lighting, cultural tourism, VR entertainment, and international business.

It has outstanding advantages over other brands in small pixel pitch LED display. And Leyard has launched a series of new products such as transparent LED display, intelligent conference system, large DLP screen and so on. 


Uniumin provides integrated and intelligent LED display solutions to global customers from outdoor LED display to fine pixel pitch LED display. 

At present, the market share it accounts for of global rental LED display market ranks first, and the market share of small pitch LED display it conquers is the top three in the world.


LianTronics puts forward three strategic plans: (1) improve R&D ability, searching for new technologies that can promote production capability and invention. (2) Set up a new sales channel based on domestic channels to achieve a breakthrough of sales volume. (3) Build up more overseas service points and offices to perfect localization business model.

The product range it provides covers rental LED display, fixed LED display, indoor LED display and outdoor LED display for many using scenarios such as entertainment parks, exhibitions, shopping mall, sport games and so forth.

4.Linsn LED

Linsn LED is a professional LED display provider with experiences of more than 11 years. With extensive product ranges, Linsn LED is able to produce and sell various LED products including UHD Small Pixel LED Display, Rental LED Display, Fixed LED display, Outdoor LED display, Indoor LED display, Creative LED Display, Sports Perimeter LED Display and so on.

It has already served more than 10,000 projects for customers worldwide, and accumulated a wealth of experience and reputation. 

It is no doubt Linsn LED is one of top LED display manufacturers in China!

If you want to know any more information about Linsn LED, please click LED display screen to turn to the official websites, or through contact information above!


As one of the leading LED manufacturing companies, Absen provides customers with wide range of LED products from outdoor advertising LED display to indoor fine pixel pitch LED display.

Many international-famous companies choose to build business relationships with Absen, but here is one point that can be noticed – the LED display prices it offers are sometimes high as it usually targets high-class markets.


AOTO not only develops LED display boards but also LED control system and software. It has gained more than 40 patents, and LED products have been used widely globally.

It has joined many famous and large events such as 2018 World Cup in Russia and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. 

Now, it aims at becoming main force of fine pitch LED display market.


LEDMAN is devoted to LED display, LED lighting and LED packing these three fields. It has advanced technologies in COB fine pixel LED display field, and attained many patents about this kind of LED screen board.

As a famous China rental LED display supplier, COB LED display will be one of the main product line that will be invested more funds to develop and research for LEDMAN.

Nowadays, the volume of business from export sector is responsible for around 70% of the total volume, and the US is the main overseas market which accounts for approximately 30% of the business volume. 

In the future, LEDMAN will continue to use COB LED display to expand its international market. However, due to the impact of trade war friction between China and the United States, market competition has intensified, and the export of overseas products is affected by prices and costs, resulting in lower gross margins that fall short of expectations.


Dicolor contributes to D-COB technology for micro and mini LED display screens for years, it enjoys leading shares in the market of stage performances. The main focus of Dicolor is in ultra high definition small pitch series display, and smart commercial LED display fixed mounted series.

The serious inspection for raw materials, high production, and transportation capability endow Dicolor with the finest and most innovative China rental LED screen supplier across the industries.

Recommended LED Screen China

We are one of the top LED display manufacturers in China with more than 11 years experiences in this industry.

Wide range of product series avaliable including indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, rental LED display, 3D LED billboard, flexible LED display, etc.

More Possibilities Brought by Linsn LED


Energy-saving display EV960

1. Saving power

2. Saving suporting structure costs

3. Saving space

EV960 VR features can TOTAL FRONT AND REAR MAINTENANCE, thus no other maintenance space needed.

4. Saving maintenance costs

Every cabinet passes reliability test program before shipping

5. Saving InstallatIon labor costs

Fast connection on wires, higher installation efficiency

6. Saving Transportaion costs

Weight only 30kg/sqm; light weight with thin cabinet!

NG500/1000 Series Rental LED Screen

1. Lightweight and Thin

Weight of 7.5kg/cabinet and thickness of 80mm

2. Perfect Structure

Innovative structural design,avant-garde body lines

3. Support Right Angle Installation

Supports 90° right angle LED display installation

4. Detachable Back Cover

Adopts 1uick removable Optimized Control Box 

5. Front & Real Maintenance

Seamless Display and Better Visual Effects

6. Curved LED Screen


Top LED Display Manufacturer in China

Linsn LED promises:

Cutomer-oritented solutions, we treat every customer like a top-tier customer.

Professional staff, we can provide you with high-standard professional services from purchasing to maintenance.

Design, manufacture and sell, we gain our competitive edge all the time.

Deliver what we promise to you, ensure the final effect of your projects.

7/24 Hour Services
8,000㎡ Factory Areas


In this article, we introduce to you the top 8 China rental LED display suppliers and their leading competitiveness over other competitors. Hope this can help you to make more accurate decisions! If you have any problem, welcome contact us anytime you want.

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