Church LED Display- the Latest Customer Feedback

Since many customers want to purchase church LED display, but they don’t know how to choose and install them, some one has even been deceived. We will share some LED screen for church cases from our clients today, hoping to help you choose the suitable LED display panel


Here is some details about the Church LED Video Wall for your reference.

Client CaseSolution 1Solution 2Solution 3
Pixel pitchP2.5P2.5P2.5
LED TypeNationstarNationstarKinglight
Refresh rate3840HZ3840HZ3840HZ
Screen size4.8×2.72m3.36×1.92m3.84×1.92m
Module size320x160mm320x160mm
Cabinet size960x960mm
Cabinet materialSteelMagnesium Alloy
Order qty255pcs (Module)6pcs+2pcs (Cabinet)6pcs (Cabinet)
Project date2021.3.262021.12.262020.2.18
Project CountryKoreanKoreanKorean

Compared three different solutions, the customers ask for low cost and high quality, they can build the screen by themselves, so our solution also changed. Some details point to share with you.

Solution 1: 

1. Because the client’s requirement the closest visible distance is about 3 meters, so push the pixel pitch 2.5mm.

2. The customer only purchase the LED Module from us, we will provide the connect drawing (power and signal), and assembled it by themselves. Meanwhile, they will make the structure in their local area according to our structure drawing.

3. For this project, we adopt adjustable magnets instead of the normal magnets which can adjust the flatness of the LED panel easily.

4. The final screen size can be as close to the limit of the wall as possible.

Solution 2:

1. Special connection: Two module sizes to make LED cabinets, and building a Church LED Video Wall. It means you must control it by different receiving card and confirm it with us in advance. Otherwise, there may be color aberration problems.

2. Consider the heat dissipation issues, this project makes a simple structure to fixed these cabinets. If you want, it also can be fixed on the Wall directly, but we don’t recommend it. 

3. The cabinet size can be customized.

Solution 3: 

1. Adopts normal cabinet with magnetic modules to achieve Full Front maintenance.

2. The Cabinet is fixed on the structure by connecting plate.

church led display screen customer case

Regarding Solution 1 and Solution 2, it’s based on the professional person and has an installation experience, it can avoid unnecessarily broken. If you don’t have much experience in this area, Solution 3 will be a good choice.

At the same time, you will find that most of the projects are selected P2.5 because its price will be much lower than the Fine HD small LED Display (Pixel pitch≤P2), but the resolution is higher than normal indoor LED Screens.

What options are there for the Church LED WALL?

For church screen, usually, it’s fixed-wall mounted installation, or sometimes act as LED display screen for rent and apply rental LED rental hanging installation, and the LED Screen applied for Church are mainly below 3 models:

Picture      MA960 rental LED displayma640 rental LED dispaly screen
MaterialSteelMagnesium AlloyMagnesium Alloy
SizeOEM size available960*960mm640*480mm
Popular Pixel pitchP2.5, P3, P3.07, P4, P5P2.5, P3, P3.07, P4, P5P1.86, P2, P2.5, P3.076
CostScreen budgetEconomicMediumHigh compared to other 2
 Transportation, installation & maintenanceMediumHigh compared to other 2Economic
FeatureSize flexible, Cost-saving, Quick deliveryEasy handle, size fixed better for small size screenEasy handle, size fixed better for small size screen
ApplicationWall-mounted installation for experience customer & urgent projectsWall-mounted or hanging installation for green handWall-mounted installation for green hand

But each item has two sides. It’s necessary to know it before making the solution.

IF640-Simple steel Series


1. OEM Size available, to meet customer’s OEM screen size easily; 

2. Quick delivery, The simple Iron cabinet usually cost 2 weeks for cabinet, and the delivery time depends on the modules so; 

3. High-cost effective, thin shape to match the wall for good performance on wall-mounted installation with the economic price too for wall-mounted installation. A better option for more experience customer & urgent projects.


1. Compared to Magnesium Alloy & Die-Aluminum cabinet, it will have a large tolerance for small pixel pitch beyond P2mm, that’s why for HD video wall below P2 or P2.5mm, we’ll suggest other models; 

2. Ugly looking from backside, but for wall-mounted installation, it won’t be a problem.

MA960-Magnesium Alloy Series


1. Multiple installations for wall mounted full front installation & can be with hanging bar for hanging installation; 

2. Easy operation with quick-lock & Seamless due to Magnesium Alloy characteristics; 


1. Size fixed, only can be size times of 960mm, for final screen size such as 1920mm, 3840mm, 4800mm, etc;

2. Wall mount, only fixed the cabinet by connecting plate, the side lock of the cabinet has little effect unless there is maintenance space behind.

MA640-Magnesium Alloy Series


1. Smart size to make it available for both 16:9 & 4:3 gold ratio; 

2. User-friendly, light & slime with plug & play realized easily; 

3. Seamless for the high requested customers. A better option for the green hand.


1. Costy compared to other 2 models;

2. When the screen is large, the installation will take more time. But we package the module and cabinet separately can save some time.

Anyway, welcome to share your project details with a budget to us, we’re happy to suggest the model matches your demand better.