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Linsn provides the most complete range of outdoor LED displays in the industry to let outdoor LED video walls become more abundant and colorful. Linsn’s product line of led screens offers a perfect balance between image quality and cost efficiency for every possible sports event.

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Imagine you have a useful screen in the stadium, which can attract people’s attention immediately, and also be your most important assistant to display sponsors’ advertisements, video playback, and captured moments of the game. Moreover, the whole sports venues can be beautified by such a screen. Now, let me tell you, all these imaginations can be realized by sports LED display.

Follow me, you will get the most useful information about sports LED screens, and after reading this, you will know how to select, the prices, and how to use them to increase your profits!

Let’s get started with me now!

Why Will You Need A Sport LED Display?

LED display screen has long been active in the World Cup of basketball, table tennis Asian championships, and other major international events and stadium construction projects.

The reasons are, in the course of the game, LED displays can not only bring the audience to slow-motion playback, athlete introduction, and other exciting events but also can play the player’s game results and specific details of lost points.

It is worth mentioning that, ski resorts is becoming prevalent, thus here are huge market demand created for sports LED display as the corresponding requirements such as safety protection, information release, video display publicity or stage performance and other infrastructure construction are all can be meet by it.  

Therefore, it has become an essential part of the construction of stadiums as it not only make it easier for the audiences to access information, enhance the experiences, but also can reduce unnecessary conflicts by capturing and showing details of games. 

8 Most Important Features of Sports LED Display

(1) Protective Design 

Here are two types of protective mechanisms for protecting people and the screen itself – soft LED module mask and soft pillow.

The mask can prevent people from injury when hit the sports LED screen, and the soft pillow can reduce impact force from outside thus protecting the LED display. 

Soft LED Mask

(2) Solid Installation, Not Easy to Collapse

The solid brackets enable our sports perimeter LED displays to stand firmly, and improve security and reliability.

(3) Adjustable Angle

Linsn sports stadium LED screen is equipped with adjustable rear brackets that allow the stadium LED screen to be tilted at any angle. Better visibility and more reach with our stadium LED screen maximize advertising performance and increase sports enjoyment.

EV960-Sport led display

(4) Signal & Power Backup Support

Being equipped with dual signal and dual supply solutions, the screen does not need to worry about disconnection, guaranteeing the broadcasting smoothly.

(5) Fast Maintenance

Fast replacement and maintenance can increase profitability in an effective manner as only 10 seconds needed to replace the modules. Linsn perimeter LED display supports dual services, meaning you can maintain the cabinet both from the frontal and back.

Almost all the components can be removed and replaced quickly as the user-friendly design. The saved labor and time can bring you more potential profits.

(6) Versatile Use

Indoor LED display and outdoor applications are both available, multiple using scenarios such as ribbon LED displays, digital scoreboards, live video walls, and other creative LED screens such as LED ball display.

(7) High-standard visual effect

Our sports LED screens typically feature high-standard visual effects such as 3840Hz, high contrast ratio, wide grayscale, and smooth display effect.

(8) 0-90° Adjustable supporting bracket

The adjustable supporting brackets can make sure stable installation and elegant appearances by being adjusted to different angles.

You can generally find this useful function for sport perimeter LED screens.

How to Estimate Cost of Stadium LED Screen?

Generally, the prices of stadium LED screens may come from components below:

(1) Cabinet:

The pricing of LED cabinets are various for different manufacturers and companies. According to its specification and materials, prices can range from around less than $350 to above thousands of dollars.

Just tell the sales staff about your specific requirements such as size and configurations, and you can get a detailed quotation based on your needs.

(2) Soft pillow: 

The main function of soft pillow is to reduce risks. The cost of a soft pillow is generally about $50 now for a cabinet such as our MA series, which is popular and hot sale.

And for some other series, the cost may be higher. 

(3) Soft mask:

It is also an important protection mechanism for sports displays. The soft mask can protect your screen and people from unnecessary damage effectively.

The price can range from $40 to $60 in a general way.

(4) Stadium control system:

For example, a LED scoreboard will need a professional score system, and the price can be around $1000 per set.

You can get a good price from manufacturers if they have abundant experience in stadium LED displays as they often have built good and long-term business relationships with providers of these professional systems.

(5) Optical fiber converter:

When the distance between the control computer and screens is far, there will be need for fiber converter.

What is the function of fiber converter? Simply, it can convert electrical signal for short distance to optical signal for long distance.

The price can be around $240, and the quantity required depends on the loading capacity.

(6) Other common factors

a.Pixel pitch

As you may know, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the displayed contents.


More complex the installation and the more intense the time frame, the more expensive the labor resources and additional construction tools.


The larger the size, the higher the price. But here also can be discount if you reach certain quantity.


Packing cost and delivery cost also consist the final cost. Therefore, choose a supplier who can help you get a good price for them. 

Besides, delivery capability and package quality also should be taken into account so that your events will not be affected.

e.Matched equipment

Other accessories such as LED video processors, LED senders and sound systems also have a major impact on the final display effect and are even as important as the display itself.

If you do not very sure about that, just contact the sales staff, and they will give you advice based on your dimension of the space.

How to Control Sport Perimeter LED Display

In this part, I will introduce to you how to control sport perimeter LED display as it requires different plans compared with typical LED displays.

Due to the long length of perimeter LED display, sometimes we need to apply special control system to control and manage them to achieve unified effects. Generally, we can control it through traditional LED control system or Zither system. Just follow me to figure out them one by one.

What Are Perimeter Boards?

Stadium LED display is perfect for sports event advertising, such as football field, basketball court, ice hockey ground etc.

LED perimeter boards refer to screens that are placed around the stadium, and can be used as advertising medium that fans can be exposed to. They are popular around the world, and have high protection ability to most different circumstances.

Why Are There Big Screens in Stadiums?

These screens can engage fans in sports events, and create a electrical atmosphere. Moreover, it can generate additional profits for you through earning from sponsors.

Traditional Control Method by Novastar Control System

If you want to control parameter LED displays with very long length but short height, the Novastar control system can only allow you to show images on separate windows.

The way to play videos requires you to customize them based on situations. However, the cost may be expensive, and the process can be troublesome. Therefore, you may need to involve professional system for stadium perimeter LED display such as Zither system.

Control Method Involving Zither System

You may want to ask the biggest difference of this control method with the above one. It is simple to understand as Zither LED perimeter system allows to play videos, images, and other functions such as play list management and program editing.

Let me explain this system in a simple manner:

(1) What Is Zither LED perimeter control system?

This is a synchronous video playback system, specially designed for LED perimeter screens, usually arranged in long rows around sports fields, integrating the functions of LED booth management, playlist management and program editing. 

Video, picture and text messages can be arranged to be sent synchronously in a long-running state. The Zither system is able to activate the maximum load of the LED controller card, helping you set up a powerful video playback system.

(2) What Are the Working Principles?

Due to the limitation of LED control card, insufficient loading points in length and redundant loading points in height may appear when there is LED perimeter displays. 

However, perimeter LED control system can meet the need of loading resolution arrangement of ultra-long screen without change of LED control card by processing the input data to convert the redundant loading points in height into loading points in length to maximize the utilization of hardware.

perimeter led display control system

(3) What Benefits Can perimeter LED display to bring to me?

Here are many functions the system supports:

a.Program folded display and synchronous output

Breaking through the resolution limitation of general LED controller cards, making the most effective use of the LED controller card, and intelligently managing the folded content display.

b.Support variants file formats

Video formats: AVI, MPG, MP4

Image formats: JPG, PNG

Character format: TXT

Text message: supporting editing manually

c.Multiple display effects

Many display effects can be achieved such as displaying programs simultaneously, combination display, scrolling display of pictures with set speed, different text effects including go-round effect, text speed setting, text editing manually, different image effects such as fading-in or out.

d.Visual configuration

You can achieve visual configuration by inputting the number of perimeter screen’s sides, display sections for every side and controlled cabinets for every section, improving your efficiency largely and enabling the final visual effect.


You can choose to insert playlists into the original playlist. For example, if there is a special event that can support your sponsors’ business, you can display the special sponsor’s programs while the original playlist will continue to display after that automatically.

f.HD and 4K pixel output:

4K resolution input supported, meaning you can achieve a high-definition display on the perimeter LED display, and only one set of LED controllers needed.

In this chapter, we have discussed two plans for you to control your sport perimeter LED screens – one is simply by Novastar control system, the other will involve a professional perimeter LED control system. 

Linsn LED can provide useful suggestions and cost-effective matched control system for you to operate your displays, maintain the displays, and most important – dedicated technical support!

Just contact us, we can be your most reliable provider of sport LED displays not only from products but also services.

hd perimeter led display control system

g. More functions

Many other functions are also supported such as pause and play and linkage with the ultra score system. 

You can totally believe that a professional perimeter LED control system will improve your efficiency a lot.

16 Suggestion for You to Install Different Stadium LED Displays

For different types of stadium LED displays, there are different criteria for installation. Generally speaking, common types of displays in stadiums are flat LED displays,   ring screens, curved LED displays and perimeter LED display.

(1) Flat LED display

a. In multi-purpose sport stadium, it should be installed at both ends of the longer sides. When only one screen needed to be installed, it should be installed at the end of the longer side. 

b. In swimming and diving halls, it shall be installed at the opposite of the end of swimming track. 

c. In diving gym, it is recommended to be installed on the side opposite the diving platform.

d. The contents on the screen should be clearly visible to more than 95% of the audiences in the seating area of the venue.

e. The contents on the screen should allow athletes, coaches and referees to see clearly at the competition. (except where there are special requirements for the sport).

f. Installation of rental LED display can refer to technical requirements of relevant events.

(2) LED Display with shape like a funnel

a. It should be installed over the center of the field, and the height of the lower edge of the display from the ground should meet the needs of different sports in terms of headroom.

b. Each main display surface should be suitably inclined towards the stands, with an angle of (5-10)°. 

c. Permanent fixed installation or suspended lift installation may be selected according to the purpose of construction

d. Maintenance should be available.

stadium led screen display

(3) Round LED display

a. The circular display may be designed as one or more circles depending on the building structure, and the height should not interfere with the view of the audience in the area where it is located.

b. Maintenance should be available.

(4) Perimeter LED Displays

a. It should be installed outside the site buffer zone in the form of a fence, preferably no greater than 1 m in height. 

b. Soft masks should be used, and the cabinet should be shock-resistant.

c. Fast assembly and disassembly should be available.

d. Emergency access should be provided.

What Can Sport LED Screen Do for You?

(1) Engage

Sport LED screens can create fan experiences that even exceed what they expect. Perimeter LED display, curved ribbon screens, digital scoreboard, live video wall and many other types of sports screens can perform high-standard visual effect which can not be achieved by tradition printed billboards.

To do this requires high-quality screens and LED control system to take the burden of displaying various kinds of materials, and interacting.

(2) Educate

As an integrated teaching method, LED video display allows your students up with unmatched learning opportunities in an entertained, the latest, more imaginative way.

You can expect these screens to become your useful assistants to impress audiences with the information you want them to learn.

(3) Earn

Own a LED screen, you will get an additional way to improve your revenues. For example, sponsor revenue from a video display can increase your income stably and also offer a new way to propagate your brands.

(4) Maximize fan experience

The sport LED display can provide every visitor optimum view from anywhere, thus they can enjoy every details of this event. Especially for visitors who sit in the back rows, the big sport LED display can help them do not miss a minute of the game.

(5) Improve efficiency for control room

A contro room with multiple LED screen monitors can help to increase efficiency a lot as all operations can be efficient than before. The fast response and high-definition image quality make sure it can play this important role.

7 Sports LED Display Solutions and Applications

Imagine there are some screens in the stadiums, and with them, you can deliver any information you want to impress your customers in a straightforward or subconscious way to advertise your brands, improve sponsorship revenues, and show camera feeds, scores or others.

The most important is, this way has high ROI to enable you can get satisfied profits.

Here we will list 7 sport LED display solutions for you to maximize your potential profits from your stadium investments.

(1) Outdoor perimeter LED display

The outdoor perimeter LED display can be applied in a wide-range of sports stadiums and arenas. 

It is made up of a number of individual cabinets joined together, which can be installed together in large areas, and installed around the perimeter of the stadium to service for advertising sponsors.

Different from previously static perimeter screens, digital displays allow content to change whenever needed, and can work for different companies at the same time if want.

High brightness, high protection capability and various pixel pitches available, our perimeter LED displays can engage with fans, increase broadcasting opportunities and also provide additional potential revenues by advertisements and sponsorship!

(2) LED scoreboard

The digital LED scoreboard is an essential equipment for all sports stadiums, and is becoming indispensable for spectators. 

Moreover, scoreboards can relay direct broadcasts from fans or real-time actions, as well as Twitter feed streams and others to increase the engagement of audiences. 

Linsn LED offers a wide range of scoreboard screen sizes and pitches and can design bespoke screen systems that can either be retrofitted or implemented on your new projects.

Just get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

(3) LED ribbon display

The ribbon LED screen can wrap around the rows of seats in the stadium to create an endless loop of advertising areas.

It can relay real-time events, user interactions such as live Twitter feeds to encourage engagements, and also offers huge potential of increased revenues. 

Linsn LED provides customers with a wide range of sizes and pitches for curved ribbon LED screens, and the indispensable technical support you will need for such creative LED display projects!

(4) Large live LED video wall

Large live LED video wall can play the role of creating zones for scores, camera feed, live video, advertisements, and reach to fans in the stands.

Cooperated with medium-size LED displays, it can be the best option to provide visibility for all fans in the venue even if the room is large.

(5) Special-shaped LED wall with customized design

Special-shaped LED wall provides an innovative possibility of more revenue as they can build landmark venues that energize fans and engage them. These creative LED displays can provide zones for advertising, team branding, engaging live videos and replays, and so on. 

There is one point that should be highlighted that such creative LED screens often require providers to have enough capability of design, manufacturing, and delivery.

(6) LED floor displays

Combined with popular infrared sensor technology, touch functionality, voice recognition, 3D LED display and VR/AR, LED displays for sport can build a more intelligent stadium.

LED floor screens in sports venues can track the motions of players, simulate the trajectory of movements, and also can realize some virtual scenes to make them participatory.

With good load bearing, super strong protection ability, smart interaction and easy installation, Linsn LED sport floor LED screens can break the boundaries of conventional screens, bringing a more intelligent application to your stadium but also guarantee safety and visual performance at the same time.

(7) Dynamic LED ball table

You may feel unfamiliar with the dynamic LED ball tables as it is a new and developing application in LED screen industry. However, it is burgeoning as sufficient functions such as picture switching and video playback. 

This creates an intelligent scene for the user, allowing the audience to experience the tension and excitement brought about by the sporting event. 

Successful Customer Cases

Our Features

The LED display panels are designed with high resistant to shocks and impacts.

It is highly important for LED perimeter displays that sometimes will be exposed to accidental impacts from players and sports equipment.

In this case, protective designs with high resistance of the screen itself become necessary.

We own professional factory with 5000m² production capacity, 8000m² factory area, strict testing workshop and storage room. Not only sell, we also manufacture and design!

We design our cabinets depending on your needs. Our perimeter LED screen displays both support front service and rear service! You can easily get accessed to the inner components, and maintain them in very short time.

This feature also makes multiple installation methods available. No matter you want to stand the screen, or fix it on the wall, our dual-service series all can cater to your requirements.

We only cooperate with internationally known companies such as Meanwell, Nationstar, Kinglight, Cree, etc. Our LED modules also are made up of die-casting aluminum or magnesium alloy, which makes our cabinet lighter, and have better thermal dispersion.

High contrast ratio, wide grayscale, high brightness are all supported by our products. You can customize the screen up to your grade.

18bit Grayscale, more than 10,000nits brightness, 3840Hz refresh rate and good prices, we all can provide to you.

Qualification here does not only mean certification, but also professional experiences in sport LED screen field.

We have accumulated more than 11 years of experiences, and is enjoying reputation from our customer worldwide. Our rich case library proves the quality of our work for these years.

Case 1. P10mm Sports Perimeter LED Display to Georgia

perimeter led screen customer case linsn

This big project has used up to 240pcs 960*960mm LED display cabinets and the total width is up to 240m. 

This perimeter LED display comes with high-quality LED cabinets, soft mask, adjustable brackets and stable performances to meet all requirements.

Project Details

  • Installation Country: Georgia
  • Pixel Pitch: P10mm
  • Module Resolution: 32X16dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs
  • Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs
  • Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots
  • Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz
  • Application: Sports Perimeter LED Display.

Case 2. P5mm Digital LED Scoreboard to Iceland

LED scoreboard used in the professional stadiums is a large step up in the quality of the technology compared with traditional digital displays as the investment will not be much more but can create a new revenue stream for users.


P5mm indoor aluminum LED cabinet 640mm×640mm and 960mm×640mm;  Kinglight LED +ICN2038S Driving IC (The refresh rate can reach 1920 HZ).

Using Scenarios:

Besides showing scores and displaying games, this scoreboard also can work for owners as below:

a. Replace traditional outdated displays, with more attractive, higher cost efficiency.

b. Offering sponsorship. 

Local bank, tech company, restaurant chain or corporate sponsor all can be presented by the LED video wall. The screen can get funding from them in exchange of attaching their brands or Logo on the screen.

c. Community/school events. 

Except sport events, the screen can be used to display other school events such as school assemblies, dances and graduation ceremonies, as well as other campus initiatives.

Moreover, it also can be a space to happen events in the community, making the stadium a good place to be rented by other organizations to host activities like training programs or others.

Case 3. P5mm Sports Perimeter LED Display to Serbia

The high-refresh displays meets requirements of camera-shooting because it will not happen moire effect on the pictures. As you can see, our display performs well on TV.


P5mm Indoor steel LED cabinet 1280mm×800mm; Kinglight LED + MBI5153 Driving IC (The refresh rate can reach 3840 Hz) + Spongy Roof + Standard Bracket .

Project Details:

  • Installation Country: Serbia
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Module Resolution: 64X32dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Quantity: 60pcs
  • Cabinet Material: Steel
  • Cabinet Size: 960X800mm
  • Cabinet Resolution: 192X160dots
  • Refresh Rate: 3,840Hz
  • Application: Sports Events, Stadium Perimeter


Here we give some useful information about sports LED displays. If you want to purchase stadium LED screens or perimeter LED display, this article can help you do a wiser investment, and gain more profits! However, nothing is more effective than contacting professionals directly to get advice. We are a team who can give you the most helpful suggestion about your LED display projects from details to quotation. Just contact us now by filling the simple form, and get our free sample!