Colorlight LED Controller Solution for XR Application (Quick Guidance)

Imagine here a LED display that can make the 2D contents look like 3D contents so that create virtual production LED wall for you to advertise or make flim. And this can be achieved by colorlight LED controller and LED screen fully without too many complicated steps.

XR virtual photographing technology is a new generation of virtual photographing technology based on the real-time rendering ability of computer virtual engine, which integrates VR, AR and other virtual solutions. 

Its overall architecture includes LED screen, display control system, powerful graphics processing engine, camera and positioning tracking system. 

It is a virtual production method that allows performers to immerse themselves in the material scene in real time without green screen and post production process. 

xr led controller

Chapter 1. Virtual shooting to see the future

1. XR extends, beyond the boundary — 

The video server is used to expand the boundary of the on-screen picture taken by the camera to obtain the virtual scene picture, which shows infinite space on the limited set.

2. Virtual scenery replaces green screen — 

Unlike the traditional green screen technology, the shooting team can directly output the final picture through the virtual setting. 

In the shooting process, not only can the background material be directly adjusted in color, frame rate, etc., but also can guide the actors to cooperate with the screen in action and shorten the workflow.

In addition, the LED screen that plays the picture can form a more realistic reflection effect on the on-site characters and props, without having to worry about the green light reflected by the green screen on the characters. 

This also greatly reduces the later work, improves the production efficiency, and provides infinite possibilities for shooting more and more realistic virtual pictures.

Chapter 2. XR Screen System Composition & Colorlight LED Controller

1. LED display background wall — 

The background wall of LED display screen is the carrier of virtual picture. The processed virtual image is displayed by receiving the signal from the LED control system.

2. LED control system — 

With powerful color adjustment, image frame processing, low delay and other processing functions, it can restore the virtual and the realism of the shooting set.

3. Video server system — 

Expand the virtual picture of the real picture captured by the camera to fill a wider space.

4. Photographic system — 

Shoot the real state of the human body or object under the virtual background to the server.

5. Positioning and tracking system — 

The angle of view of the camera is accurately sensed by the sensor mounted on the camera.

6. Genlock synchronization system — 

It ensures the overall synchronization of equipment signals in complex systems and can also be used for multi camera shooting time lines.

7. Colorlight LED control system solution —

The Colorlight display control system solution of Z series super master control and i10 receiving card meets the requirements of color adjustment, image processing, low delay and other aspects of virtual shooting, and has been applied to film production and advertising shooting projects of multiple virtual settings.

colorlight led controller

Chapter 3. Wonderful vision, unlimited possibilities

1. Fine rendering HDR — 

Color curve and other functions bring deeper color display and more accurate color management to the LED display screen, creating a more realistic scene for virtual shooting, allowing the actors to immerse themselves and show fuller feelings, and the rendering blend of virtual and reality is more harmonious.

2. Very low delay — 

The lower the delay between the signal source and the picture output, the more synchronous and accurate the shooting of the tracking camera system, and the more perfect the cooperation between the virtual scene and the characters.

3. Unlimited creativity — 

Virtual shooting is no longer limited by the site. Any actual scene or virtual scene can be moved to the studio, and can be called and adjusted infinitely. With a powerful image processing engine, creativity can be developed.

Chapter 4. Application Scene Case

Chapter 4. Application Scene Case.

The colorlight LED controller can work with LED display to create gorgeous XR LED studio! The virtual production LED walls can create a fantastic virtulized space that any other kind of displays can create. Want to read more useful posts? Just turn to our LED FAQ, or leave us a comment by filling the contact form on the right side.