Commercial LED Display

Commercial LED Display

Linsn LED offers plentiful product categories of indoor LED screen & outdoor Commercial LED Display with various pixel pitches for advertising, hotels, stores, governments, subways, enterprises, shopping malls, banks & stock exchange centers, train & bus stations, airports and so on.

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Do you want to organize your events in a more impressive and innovative way? Do you want to make the conferences more effective and straightforward to deliver information better to the joiners? Do you want to expand your brand potentials by increasing brand images and impressing customers deeper? If yes, then consider commercial LED display

The excellent visual effect, strong multiple functions and high cost-efficiency allow LED display screen to influence more enterprises and industries further and deeper.

Table of Contents

What Is Commercial Display?

Commercial display refers to displays that is produced for commercial objectives and can show digital contents.

What is difference between commercial display and other kinds of screens such as TV? That is, commercial displays need to have better protection ability to resist high temperature, dust, water and have a long life span. They are often used in business environment such as office building.

What Is the Difference between Commercial Display and TV?

The differences mainly lay on the brightness level and size. For example, an outdoor commercial display need to have higher brightness level so it can be seen clearly in daylight. Also, the size can be large and customizable. However, TV is placed in home with lower brightness level and normal size.

3 Benefits of Commercial LED Display

Wide Variety of Contents

By advertising various contents, commercial values of the locations can be expanded. For instance, commercial LED display can display videos, images, text, lantern slides and other media format, while can change the contents frequently and immediately if there is need. 

Thus, it has more potentials compared with traditional painted billboard, and the contents and high brightness can attract people’s views and attentions deeply and more effective.

Generate More Profits for You

LED commercial display screen can display your advertisements and information 24/7 hours, and the long service life make sure your investment worthwhile and profitable. But for outdoor printed advertisement billboard, you need to change it frequently.

You can also use it to generate more revenues from sponsorship or other payed ways. It is worth to be highlighted that LED display may be one of the most suitable and ideal tool for you to achieve these as other displaying technologies will have more limitations such as weaker protection ability and lower brightness. We will go into details about this point next.

Easy Management and Intelligent Control

The remote control and easy operation are allowed to make the whole control progress high effective. You can upload hundreds of advertisements to software management and run them automatically. 

commercial led display screen

Why Should You Choose LED Display But Not Other Technologies?

We have referred some advantages of commercial LED displays in the previous contents, but do you know why should we choose it as the one but not other displaying technologies such as LCD display or projectors?

In this chapter, we will discuss this further to let you know.


LED or LCD, which one do I really need? This is a common question that will be asked by some customers. As you may know, one of the most obvious differences lays behind whether there is a backlight.

Just as the name suggests, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display contains a liquid crystal which will change state when current is applied to it. If you want it to light up, there should be a light behind it because it emits no light of its own. The light is what we call “backlight”. While for LED (Light-emitting- diode) display, it can emit light by itself. 

For LED display screen, there are many factors that make it stand out.

(1) Higher brightness

The brightness of LED display is higher than LCD display. Even under direct sunlight, it can display the images and videos clearly, while LCD display is more susceptible to ambient light. 

The brightness level of LED screen ranges from hundreds to thousands, which can be adjusted accordingly to fit the environment. 

(2) Wider viewing angle

LED display has a wider viewing angle which can up to 160°to ensure people can see the images clearly from different angles. However, for LCD display, viewing angle is more limited and narrower.

(3) High contrast

The contrast ratio is much higher than LCD display, and the high contrast will increase the visibility under different conditions. For example, no matter in indoor or outdoor with strong daytime sunlight, commercial LED screen can show picture details greatly.

(4) Energy-consumption

The ratio is about 10:1 when comes to power consumption of LCD and LED screen. The lower power consumption can save money for users and prolong service life.

(5) Customized sizes and shapes

For LED displays, it is easy to customize sizes and shapes as the unique manufacture technics. While for LCD screens, it is not so easy to achieve.

For instance, LED cabinets can be installed as LED video wall (refer to display with huge size), and theoretically, the size can be unlimited. This feature allows LED screens seamless, no bezels appearance, whereas LCD display screens inevitably have bezels on the surface, and can not achieve large display.

(6) Service life

The working life of commercial LED signage is much longer than that of LCD. Basically, the lifespan of an commercial LED display can reach 50,000 hours while that of LCD screen can only reach 30,000 hours. That means, if you use them 10 hours a day, the working life will be 15 years and 8 years respectively.

LED VS Projectors VS TV

commercial led advertising screen

If the situations meet one condition below, meaning you need to choose commercial LED screen:

(1) The environment will face some unstable natural elements such as rain, moisture, excessive hot, dust and so on.

(2) The number of viewers are lots, meaning there will be mass simultaneous viewing.

(3) The events will be held outdoor.

(4) The screen should be a large one.

If your displaying screen should meet any one of them, then commercial LED display screen can be your best choice.

Types of Commercial Display

From the aspects of sites, here are indoor LED screen and outdoor LED screen. 

They have many different features, and each of them decide whether they are suitable for outdoor environments or indoor environments.

Indoor LED Screen

Indoor LED screens usually have smaller pixel pitch than outdoor ones as the closer viewing distance. The common pixel pitch includes P1.25, P1.86, P2.5, P2.604, P3.91 and so on.

Moreover, the protection ability will be lower than that of outdoor LED display such as IP43. And the brightness is not as high as outdoor screen as the ambient light is weaker than daylight.

However, the installation can be simpler with few steps if you buy indoor LED cabinets, but for outdoor LED screen, it can be a big project.

Indoor LED Screen Price

There are some factors that have impact on indoor LED display price such as: driver IC, LED power supply, LED cabinet, pixel pitch, LED control card.

(1) Driver IC

There are different types of ICs used in LED displays, and Drive IC accounts for about 90%, so here we mainly discuss the impact of Drive IC on prices. 

It plays the role of supplying a compensation current to the LED. And it also has a direct impact on color uniformity, gray levy and refresh rate.

(2) Materials of LED display cabinet

The raw materials of LED display cabinets have direct impact on the final prices.

For example, die-casting aluminum cabinet is more expensive than steel cabinet. 

Different raw materials have different features like different weight and heat-dissipation ability. Therefore, you can not just choose LED cabinets depending on price.

For instance, when you want to choose a celling LED display, then aluminum LED cabinet can be your wise choice for its light weight and high heat-dissipation.

(3) Brands of LED lamp beads

You may know LED lamp beads decide large part of the price. Generally, we have three brands: Nationstar, Kinglight and San’an. The inital price of Nationstar LED lamp beads will be typically higher than that of San’sn and Kinglight.

(4) Power supply

Different brands of power supply also decides the price. We often apply power supply from G-erengy and Meanwell.

Applications of Indoor LED Display Screen

(1) Stage LED display

Stage LED display, also known as stage rental LED display or background LED screen, can create different vibe for stages, and can achieve seamless splicing and gigantic size.

Indoor LED display is always the top-one choice for building high-standard stage LED screen.

(2) All-in-One LED Display 

All-in-one LED display integrates functions like video communication, presentation, witeboard and projection, etc.

Due to the close viewing distance, high-definition LED displays become one of the best choices for this series.

Linsn provides customers with 4K/8K aio LED display worldwide!

(3) Virtual Production LED Wall

For its requirement of pixel pitch is always fine pixel pitch, thus indoor LED screens are the reasonable choice.

It is an innovative and revolutionary concept that combines XR, the most advanced film production techniques, an LED display wall. 

With a set of virtual production LED wall, people can interact with the creatures and nature there when filming in the workplace, and see the changes of light and shadow during the sunrise and sunset of the entire day by advanced move-capturing technology, and indoor full color LED display.

Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED screen also has higher brightness, improved waterproof ability such as IP65 and larger size.

The screen needs to enable clear contents even under direct sunlight, and high waterproof ability to resist rain and moisture.

However, the initial price will be comparatively high than indoor screen display as more complicated design and production.

Applications of Commercial LED Screen

Advertisement campaign

Commercial LED displays can be installed on the top or facades of buildings, major highways, bus stations or other places where have huge human traffic so that the screen can support campaign to get profits.

Brand Image Promotion

Unlike advertising objective, commercial LED displays sometimes will be used as tools to promote brand image in amusement park, showroom, exhibition and so on. They can show corporate videos, products or programs or presentations to promote services and brand images.

Information Displaying

Through high-quality displaying and immediate management and control, commercial LED screens can achieve real-time data feedback as information display window. As a result, we can often see them at stock exchange, hotel, train station, airport and other places where need immediate information communication.

Decoration and Beautification

The aesthetic appearances often are utilized as decoration and beautification to beautify the environment. It can improve urban construction, and help to expand brand images.

Education such as smart teaching assistance

Commercial display can be used as a helpful assistance for smart teaching and class management. It can be applied as whiteboard, monitor, wireless projectors and so on.

The HD display can not only used for bussiness, but also education to increase the efficiency of the whole class.

5 Advantages

(1) High resolution 

The pixel pitch ranges from P1.953mm to P10mm, which can offer high-standard images and videos display.

For various contents you can to perform, it all can support.

(2) Customized screens and sizes

Not like other displays like LCD screen or projector with fixed sizes and shapes, advertising LED screen can be designed as different shapes and sizes due to the modular feature.

(3) High cost-efficiency

Low initial price and less maintenance fee give rise to high cost-effeciency.

(4) High-standard visual effect

High contrast ratio, wide grayscale, high brightness all can be achieved by LED display screen for you to show viewers your advertisements better.

(5) Less maintenance, quicker installation

As to modular design of LED displays and dual-service feature of many LED display modules, it requires for less maintenance even can be completed within severial seconds.

Moreover, the quick installation is also simple and straightforward. For some small-size LED screen, the installation can be achieved very quickly just with one person.

What Should You Consider When Choosing?

Here we list some factors for you to consider when choosing commercial LED displays, so as to do better investment decisions.

(1) Pixel pitch

Sometimes we will prefer to smaller pixel pitch, as it determines the clarity and resolution of your LED screen modules and the minimum viewing distances. However, you need to consider it based on the actual using scenarios. 

For example, if you are going to install the displays near a highroad, then small pixel pitch LED display may not be a cost-effective choice as the smaller the pixel pitch, the more expansive the screen.

Just ask the sales staff for the best appropriate pixel pitch.

(2) Brightness

For outdoor LED display, brightness should be high enough to avoid unclarity under comparative strong ambient light. At the same time, it should not be too bright to cause damages to eyes and dizziness. Generally, the brightness level will be between 4500-5000 nits.

For indoor LED display, brightness should be appropriate to ensure contents clear but not dazzling to naked eyes.

(3) Display performance

Display performance determines the final effect of the whole LED display screen. You can judge it from several aspects including grayscale, pixel density, refresh rate, brightness uniformity, viewing angle, driving chip, LED lamp beads, and so on.

(4) Customer support

LED screens are not consumer electronic, so the technical support of LED screen suppliers is vital. It is worth noting that even some companies claim they have offices outside their own countries, these offices are sales offices but not technical support offices that staffed by technical experts.

Thus, select a LED display company with strong and timely post and after-sales support but not only doing the final decisions based on low prices.

(5) Power consumption

Before purchasing LED display screens, power consumption is another considerable factor, too. Buyers can calculate electricity consumption from power consumption of each pixel, and the total amount of pixel.

(6) Viewing distance

As we have mentioned before, viewing distance can decide the most suitable pixel pitch.

To calculate the appropriate pixel pitch, there is a formula for reference:

Viewing distance (minimum in meter) = Pixel pitch (mm)

Pixel pitch (mm) x 3 x 1000 = Optimal viewing distance (mm)

Now, you may have already realized there should be a investigation before making the decisions. We can consider it from many aspects such as display performances (just ask the sellers for detailed specification and on-site pictures), power consumption, customer support, viewing distance and so on.

led display viewing distance

How to Control It?

There are two ways of control methods, one is synchronous control method, and the other is asynchronous control method. There are two concepts that a LED display user and owner must know.

Synchronous control

This control method is used to display real-time content without any latency. You can display almost any contents on the screen through management of the controlling computer, and the computer should turned on, and work properly, otherwise the LED display can not work normally, too.

The most obvious advantage of this method is the capability of displaying real-time contents without latency. However, if you only want to play some repeated contents such as advertisements, slogans and notices, synchronous control way may be unnecessary. 

And according to this requirement, we developed asynchronous LED displays then.

Asynchronous control

For using an asynchronous control system, the contents should be edit firstly and then sending it to receiving card.

The distinct differences laying behind is asynchronous control system does not display the same content of controlling computer.

Under this control way, more limitations will be put forward to video formats and contents due to the related devices.

Of course, if you need both of the two control methods, you can choose dual-mode LED players which support both of them. That means, you can switch each of them when needed, all based on your specific requirements.

The basic LED control system includes controlling PC, sending controller, LED screen wall, and sometimes, LED video processor. Here we have a special article for you to understand LED display control system, just click to jump if you are interested in!

Why Choose Linsn LED?

(1) 10+ years professional experiences

Linsn LED has devoted to LED display industry for more than 10 years, and has already served around 10,000 projects worldwide.

Moreover, we have fully-equipped production line which is over 8,000㎡, and professional testing equipment, strict utility and skilled staff.

What is more, high-standard materials include LED lamp bead, power supply, driving chips, cables and so on are all produced by international-famous companies.

(2) Strong delivery performance

Linsn LED has outstanding delivery performance, insisting on proving clients with high-standard products on time. Many of our products can be delivered in 72 hours.

The 5000㎡+ production capacity ensures we provide outdoor LED display screens timely to meet your market demand.

(3) All-around services

To gain customer satisfaction is one of our ultimate goals, and we are always on the way of achieving this, and proving it.

We gain customer loyalty from our favorable prices, reliable products and 24/7 hours customer services, which is wining our more and more market share continuously.

(4) Reliable warranty

We provide 3 year warranty and 5% free spare parts to our customers to reassure user experiences and customer satisfaction.

(5) High public praise

During 12 years, Linsn LED has served 10,000 customers globally, and accumulated abundant experiences and reputation.

Linsn LED can be one of your best choices if you want to buy high-quality LED displays with high cost-efficiency as we have strong production ability, all-around customer services, strong delivery ability, and high public praise, etc. 

Just contact us to get more chances of making a proper and high-returned investment!


Today we discussed commercial LED display from several aspects including its benefits, the reasons why we choose LED display but not other displaying technologies such as projectors and LCD displays. Then, we introduced to you the applications – four functions it can service for you. Finally, we told you control methods of LED displays. For any more information about LED industry you are interested, welcome send us a message directly!