AIO LED Display

AIO LED display, also known as all-in-one LED display or conference AIO LED screen, is conquering increasing market share in the display screen market. In this article, we will give you a well-around and comprehensive introduction including product features, supported functions, and common trouble-shooting of AIO LED displays for you. Now, let’s get started!

1. What Is AIO LED Display?

AIO LED display, standing for all in one LED display, has strong intercommunication and playback functions. This type of conference video display aims to deal with the special pain points in the traditional conference display industry which are limited size, low brightness, and poor display performance.

With Android UI system that is reliable and has high compatibility, users can add different and various Apps and APK software to the screen. And the high-definition display with outstanding visual performance such as adjustable brightness, vivid color and high refresh rate all can give AIO LED screen advantages over other kinds of screens such as TV and projection.

The using senarios can be various including government, enterprises, hospitals, education, shopping mall, and other industries.

1.1 Main Structure:

Just common LED display system, we have a LED display and a set of LED control system as the main body. And here will be inside the camera and sound equipment for display and presentation.

The whole system is wireless, you can choose real-time control and management by mobile phone, Table PC, and laptop. Various Apps are supported to run on the screen. 

aio led screens

1. Quick and simple installation

Only three simple steps: connection the display sections, mount the display and apply the tile to the connection area, the whole installation process is simplified and time-saving.

2. No bezel display performance

Unlike traditional LCD display or TV video wall, LED video wall support no bezel, and seamless displaying performances.

3. Base with wheels

Linsn AIO LED display screens have wheels on the base to offer unprecedented portability for users.

4. Black, no glare surface

This conference LED display series has a naturally reflection-free surface that can offer bright brights and dark darks, ensuring high contrast ratio, high-quality images, and advanced displaying technology.

5. Wall-mounted available

This series LED display screen can be wall-mounted, and also can be moved by its wheels to facilitate movement and installation.

6. Multiple functions

Multiple functions this display offers include a built-in multi-media system, app gallery, and screen sharing.

7. Ultra high-standard image quality

Resolution is often key in most installs of LED. The VisionPro HD pitch is one of the highest resolution displays on the market..

As on of the highest resolution displays on the market, Linsn AIO LED display provides customers with super clear images and videos. Moreover, the perfect color and brightness of your LED screen can show the details of the contents excellently.

1.2 Supported Functions:

(1) 3x HDMI1.4 inputs, the capable of loading an LED display up to 1920×1080@60hz ( pixel-to-pixel display)

(2) 8x Gigabit Ethernet outputs

(3) 6x USB ports for multimedia playback and function extension; -5x USB2.0 (2 sports reserved); – 1x USB3.0

(4) 2 x3.5mm audio outputs for internal and external audio equipment connections

(5) 4 x relays of convenient power management of LED display

(6) Android-based desktop UI system, supporting third-party apps

(7) Playback of local and online high-definition videos

(8) Support decoding of 4K UHD videos in the HEVC, H.265, H.264 and other industry-standard coding formats

(9) Dual Wi-Fi modes; Allow for Wi-Fi and wireless hotspot connections at the same time;

(10) Bluetooth 4.0 Can connect to the Bluetooth remote, Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard; Bluetooth sound system, and other common peripherals

(11) Wireless screen mirroring from multiple platforms; Mirror from Windows, MacOS, IOS and Andriod,Mirror up to 4 devices simultaneously to the LED display.

(12) 1x reserved OPS control port to control power/on/off of the OPS computer

(13) Support for the Image Booster Engine

(14) Compatible with the peripherals commonly used in a meeting, such as a camera, sound systems, and laser pointer

1.3 Conference LED Screen VS LCD Screen?

Here is a common confusion: how to choose from conference LED screen and LCD screen? 

To figure something out, we need to know exactly the features of these two products.

First, conference LED screen usually has better image quality such as wider color gamut, higher grayscale, and adjustable brightnes.

Second, the lifespan is also longer with much easier maintenance and service.

However, the initial price may be a litter higher. But if you consider its longer service time and less labor cost, the higher cost at begining will be offset in the long-term.

2. Where Can You Use All-in-one LED Screens?

The using senarios of one-in-one LED display screens are not only limited to indoor conference room. The high-definition image and video quality, combined with super-easy operation that can be learned in three minutes, Linsn AIO LED video wall can share pictures, videos, and documents regardless of time and room.

Therefore, it can be applied to various indoor LED screens and play important roles in improving effectiveness and expanding possibilities.

1. Conference Room

2. Enterprises

3. Shopping mall

4. Hospital

5. Intelligent classroom

6. Monitoring room

7. Exhibitions


3. How to Built All-in-one Conference LED Display?

In this part, we will discuss how to build the conference all-in-one LED display in a quick and simple manner.

Step 1: Assemble the Meeting Board

Take MEE200 as an example. Please assemble the meeting board according to the diagram shown below:

mee200 led control card

Step 2: Connect an OPS computer

(1) Connect the OPS computer to the OPS control port at the top side of the meeting board;

(2) Connect the HDMI outport connector of the OPS computer to the HDMI connector on the right side of the meeting board.

control system of aio led display

Step 3: Configure the All-in-one LED display

(1) Connect the meeting board with the NovaLCT software through the USB port or Ethernet port.

a. Via USB port

Connect the control computer to the mini USB port of the meeting board.

b. Via Ethernet port

(2) Connect the control computer to the Ethernet port of the meeting board.

If you choose this method, here are several steps for you to do next:

a. Open the Network and Sharing Center on the control computer.

b. Choose Change adapter settings. 

c. Choose Local Area Connection – Properties – Internet Protocol Version 4 to enter the properties page.

d. Choose the following IP address, and then fill in the IP address to on the network segment from to

e. Click OK

Now, we have already connected the meeting board with NovaLCT software, let’s configure the NovaLCT LED display then.

Step 4: Run and configure NovaLCT system

a. Run your NovaLCT system, and make sure the meeting board is connected by clicking View Details of Devices.

novalct configuration

b. Configure NovaLCT software according to the user manual.

Step 5: Initialize the system

There are several things for you to do to initialize the operating system the first time you complete the setting.

These things include:

a. Choose the language

b. Pair with the remote

Hold down the Menu and Home buttons on the remote simultaneously, until the window of “Connecting to the remote” pop up on the screen.

c. Connect to a WIFI network

d. Name the device

Step 6: Pair the system with the mirroring dongle by inserting the dongle into the USB port of the LED display.

Step 7: The initialization is completed. You can use the LED screen directly now.

The setting steps are simple and straightforward, just follow the steps, and you can finish the setting within several minutes!

4. How to Achieve LED Screen Mirroring by Linsn AIO LED Displays?

Linsn AIO LED display series supports real-time control and management through phone, tablet, and laptop. 

led display mirroring

We support both IOS and Andriod operation systems for management and control. Just choose the mirroring function on your phone, and search for the display to achieve this.

Or you can use a mirroring dongle to complete this process, just insert the mirroring dongle into the USB port of the meeting board for pairing.

Next, please insert the dongle that you have paired with the meeting board into the USB port of the PC. 

When the pop-up window shows “Connection successful” on the desktop, press the button on the dongle to start mirroring.

5. Common Troubleshooting of AIO LED Video Wall

First of all, we need to know how to judge the fault of this display. Here we need to refer to indicator statues.

aio led video wall sending card

1. Power indicator on the sending card

If the power is supplied, then the light will be always on.

2. MCU indicator (The green light on the left)

If this indicator flashes once every 1s, the MCU is functioning normally.

3. FPGA indicator (The green light on the right)

If this indicator flashes 4 times every 1s, the video input is available.

4. Android on-board indicator (green)

If this indicator flashes once every 1s, the Android system is functioning normally.

After you check all the statuses are normal, you can exclude these basic problems from the reasons.

5.1 Trouble 1: Mirroring Failed After Dongle Inserted to PC

1. Make sure the mirroring dongle and the Android card have been paired, and the hotspot of the meeting board has been enabled.

2. Disable the anti-virus software. Then, unplug and plug the mirroring dongle again.

3. Manually run the mirroring software client on the PC.

(1) For Windows, go to my computer > Client, and run the Client.exe program.

(2) For macOS, go to my computer > Client > > Content > MacOS, and run the Client program

5.2 Trouble 2: Wireless Mirroring Getting Stuck and Having High Latency

(1) Check whether the connection between the device that you are mirroring from and the network of the meeting board is normal.

(2) Check whether the antennas are connected correctly to the meeting board.

(3) Check whether there is interference in the wireless environment around the meeting board and whether there is channel congestion. In the settings menu, you can switch the channel to ensure that the meeting board is working in a good wireless environment without much interference.

In this way, the screen mirroring quality can be ensured. (You can download a Wi-Fi application like Wi-Fi assistant from the app store and use the application to scan.)

5.3 Trouble 3: Display Flashing During Video Playback via USB Drive

You can solve this problem by setting the display to black screen in NovaLCT when there is no video source.

(1) Run the NovaLCT software. On the menu bar, choose User > Advanced Synchronous System User Login.

(2) Enter the password “admin” and click Login.

(3) Choose Settings > Prestore Screen to enter the Prestore Picture Settings dialog box.

(4) Set the options of Disconnect Cable and No DVI Signal to Black Screen. Then, click Send and Save to HW.

novalct no video source

5.4 Trouble 4: Dongle Activation Failed or Activation Code Required

If the mirroring dongle has no response after you press the round button, activation of the dongle may fail. Do the procedure below to activate the dongle.

(1) Before activation, make sure the network connection is normal.

(2) On the home screen of the MeetUs system, select Quick Sharing.

(3) Press the OK button on the remote or select the icon at the top right corner to open the Mirror Setting menu and select Activation Information in the menu.

(4) Select Commercial activate. In the displayed dialog box, enter the activation code to activate the mirroring dongle.

6. Linsn AIO Conference LED Display

Linsn LED all in one LED display is a new-generation LED display screen with multiple functions including video communication, presentation display, collaborative whiteboard, wireless projection screen, and intelligent operation. 

Combining with advanced LED display technology and a large seamless splicing screen, Linsn AIO LED display can bring an excellent, convenient, effective, user-friendly using experience to customers in a well-around method.

Linsn AIO LED display series is mainly for multi-functional conference rooms, exploration centers, smart exhibitions, and so on.

It owns 2K/4K/8K high-standard image quality supported by a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, fine pixel pitch, adjustable brightness, and high grayscale.

linsn aio led screen

6.1 Product Features:

(1) One-button turning on, wireless projection screen available;

(2) USB plug and play;

(3) Elegant product appearance, sufficient external interface port;

(4) High-definition display performance, giving audiences high-quality visual experiences;

(5) Intelligent brightness adjustment, saving electricity cost and prolonging service time;

(6) User-friendly operation interface, even a novice can master it quickly.

6.2 Product Details of Linsn All-in-one LED Display

(1) Reliable supporting structure design, enabling the whole screen stable and reliable;

(2) Perfect and tight connection between cabinets, seamless splicing images and videos display;

(3) Super-narrow frame, neat design with decent appearance;

(4) Equipped with four universal wheels, no limitation of moving direction.

7. To Sum up

Linsn AIO LED display series is the new generation of high-quality, user-friendly, and multi-functional conference LED displays. It supports multiple functions, various video sources, and so on. The outstanding display performance with high contrast ratio, adjustable brightness, and no-glare surface all give audiences wonderful customer experiences.