Conference LED Screen Display Ultimate Guide! (2023)

If you are interested in conference LED screen, you must read this article. Every conference room should have a set of displaying equipment to show presentations, and details of documents, and join the remote meeting. Therefore, choosing an appropriate conference LED display is an essential issue for those people.

Table of Content

1. Features of Conference LED Screen

(1) High definition available, achieving high-standard image quality;

(2) High brightness and color uniformity for delicate pictures;

(3) Wide grayscale, high contrast ratio, perfect for close viewing distance;

(4) Saving electricity, less power consumption;

(5) Modular design, seamless splicing;

(6) Easy maintenance and quick installation;

(7) One-button turning on, wireless projection screen available;

(8) USB plug and play;

(9) User-friendly operation system.

2. Conference LED Display Vs LCD Display?

How to choose from the conference LED screen and conference LCD display? This is a common confusion for people who want to purchase some equipment for their conference rooms.

In a word, both of them have special advantages and different features. 

(1) Initial cost

LCD screens have lower initial costs due to their mature production process. However, if you are looking at long-term cost, you will find LED display screen enjoys lower cost as the maintenance fee is lower, and life span is longer.

(2) Image quality

Indoor LED display enjoys wider grayscale, high contrast ratio, wider viewing angle, and higher brightness with adjustable level.

(3) Lifespan

The working life of LED screen displays is much longer than that of LCD on average. The lifespan of an LED display screen can be 50,000 hours (15 years of use at 10 hours per day), whereas the lifespan of an LCD can be 30,000 hours (8 years of use at 10 hours per day).

(4) Modular design

LED display owns a modular design that can be used for customized sizes and shapes.

Compared with fixed-size LCD screen, LED screen display can be more compatible with the conference room.

(5) More environmental-friendly

LCD displays contain a small quantity of mercury which will result in more pollution after discarding. Moreover, LED displays have a longer working life and need less power consumption.

3. 7 Benefits of Conference Room LED Display

linsn aio led screen

(1) Simple operation and installation

The operation interface is easy to understand and use, which will facilitate the whole meeting a lot.

What is more, the installation process is simple, too. For AIO LED display, the only thing you need to do is almost start up the system. 

And for wall-mounted LED displays, only three simple steps: connect the display sections, mount the display and apply the tile to the connection area.

(2) Black surface without glare

Our conference room LED screen has a real dark surface with no glare, meaning the image quality can be improved further.

(3) No bezel, flat surface

Due to the modular design, LED display screen has a flat surface with no bezel. The seamless splicing supports close viewing distance for indoor applications.

(4) Easy to move

The weight is light, and there are bases with wheels that allow the screen to move from one location to the next easily.

As a result, if you want to create an intelligent meeting space, this feature can greatly help you.

(5) Versatile functions

Multiple functions this display offers include a built-in multi-media system, app gallery, and screen sharing.

(6) Less expensive than traditional projectors

Lower costs of LED screen can save you budgets. However, the effect can be even better than traditional projectors.

You can use lower costs to get more benefits than you think!

(7) Wireless projection

The wireless projection supports multi-party wireless screen transmission, multi-screen interaction, simultaneous multi-party comments and real-time picture synchronization.

4. Why Linsn AIO Conference Room LED Display?

Linsn AIO LED display is the new generation of multifunctional LED display. It supports multi-party video communication, information playback, collaborative whiteboard, wireless screen projection, and high-definition LED display with 2K/4K/8K image quality.

For the conference room, it is no doubt an important factor to make the whole room more intelligent and modern.

4.1 AIO LED Screen Structure

Just an ordinary LED display system, we have a LED display and a series of LED control systems as the main body. And here is the camera and sound equipment for display and presentation. 

The whole system is wireless, you can choose real-time control and management by mobile phone, desktop PC, and laptop. Various apps running on the screen are supported.

aio led screens

4.2 Product Features

(1) Suitable for many indoor LED display applications. 

For instance, multi-functional meeting rooms, net meeting systems, video conference studios, and so on. 

(2) Customized service available

The best solution can be customized according to the actual situation of customers. It can be installed in a wall-mounted way, or based on movable wheels.

(3) 3840 High refresh rate

The high refresh rate supports the display to show images clearer and smoother.

Moreover, when people want to take pictures of the screen, there will be no flickering.

(4) Mature design

The neat and elegant slim bezel, four useful universal wheels, reliable holder, and convenient screw connection all give the conference screen advantages over other series.

Easy-moving, tough structure, and elegant appearance, all these can be achieved by our Linsn AIO LED screen.

mature design of linsn conference led display

4.3 14 Functions Supported

(1) 3x HDMI1.4 inputs, capable of loading an LED display up to 1920×1080@60hz ( pixel-to-pixel display)

(2) 8x Gigabit Ethernet outputs

(3) 6x USB ports for multimedia playback and function extension; -5x USB2.0 (2 sports reserved); – 1x USB3.0

(4) 2 x3.5mm audio outputs for internal and external audio equipment connections

(5) 4 x relays of convenient power management of LED display

(6) Android-based desktop UI system, supporting third-party apps

(7) Playback of local and online high-definition videos

(8) Support decoding of 4K UHD videos in the HEVC, H.265, H.264, and other industry-standard coding formats

(9) Dual Wi-Fi modes; Allow for Wi-Fi and wireless hotspot connections at the same time;

(10) Bluetooth 4.0 Can connect to the Bluetooth remote, Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard; Bluetooth sound system, and other common peripherals

(11) Wireless screen mirroring from multiple platforms; Mirror from Windows, macOS, IOS, and Andriod, Mirror up to 4 devices simultaneously to the LED display.

(12) 1x reserved OPS control port to control power/on/off of the OPS computer

(13) Support for the Image Booster Engine

(14) Compatible with the peripherals commonly used in a meeting, such as a camera, sound systems, and laser pointer

5. 7 Common Troubleshooting of AIO LED Display

Fault Judgement

We can judge the operating status through the indicators.

(1) Power indicator on the LED sending card

When the power is supplied, the indicator will be on.

configure the conference room led display

(2) MCU indicator (the green light on the left)

If the indicator flashes once per second, the MCU is working normally.

(3) FPGA indicator (the green light on the right)

If the indicator flashes 4 times per second, then the video input is working normally.

(4) Andriod on-board indicator

If the indicator flashes once a second, then the Andriod system is normal.

Problem 1: Android On-Board Indicator Not Flashing and System Not Running

Check whether you have pressed the power button on the button module, or the remote to power the Android card.

(1) Check whether the power supply of the system is normal. For example, the voltage of the power connector should be 5±0.2 V.

(2) The power must be greater than 30 W. And the ripple voltage must be less than 50 mV.

(3) The start time must be less than 100 ms, and the rising edge must be less than 50 ms.

Problem 2: Mirroring Failed After Dongle Inserted to PC

Make sure the mirroring dongle and the Android card have been paired. And the Wifi hotspot of the meeting board has been enabled.

(1) Please disable the anti-virus software, and unplug and plug the mirroring dongle again.

(2) Manually run the mirroring software client on the PC.

– For Windows: my computer – Client, and run the Client.exe program.

– For macOS: my computer – Client – Client. app – Content – MacOS, and run the Client program.

Problem 3: Wireless Mirroring Getting Stuck and Having High Latency

Ensure the connection between the device that you are mirroring from, and the network of the meeting board is normal.

(1) Check whether there is interference in the wireless environment around the meeting board and whether there is channel congestion.

(2) In the setting menu, you can switch the channel to ensure that the meeting board is working in a good wireless environment without much interference.

(3) You can also download Wifi assistant from the app store, and use this app to scan.

Problem 4: Weak Wi-Fi Signal

(1) Check whether the antennas are sheltered from the environment. 

(2) Check whether the antennas are connected correctly. The correct antenna connections are shown below.

check wifi signal
BTConnect to the Bluetooth antenna.
WIFI/STAConnect to the Wi-Fi antenna for network connection.
WIFI/APConnect to the 2.4G/5G wireless hotspot antenna.

Problem 5: Short Infrared Control Distance and Slow Response of the Remote

(1) Ensure the infrared receiver is installed correctly and has a valid receiving angle.

(2) The remote can not be sheltered from any metal.

(3) Make sure the battery of the remote working usually.

Problem 6: Bluetooth of Meeting Board Unusable After Pressing Power Button of the Remote

After the meeting board is powered off, Bluetooth cannot be used. 

However, you can use the remote to power the meeting board via the infrared mode.

Problem 7: Image Flashing When Using USB to Play the Video

You can solve this problem by setting the display to a black screen in NovaLCT when there is no video source.

Step 1: Run the NovaLCT software. On the menu bar, choose User – Advanced Synchronous System User Login.

Step 2: Enter the password “admin” and click Login.

Step 3: Choose Settings – Prestore Screen to enter the Prestore Picture Settings dialog box.

Step 4: Set the options of Disconnect Cable and No DVI Signal to Black Screen. Then, click Send and Save to HW.

NOVALCT for aio conference room led display

6. Conclusions

The Linsn conference LED display is the new generation of high-quality, user-friendly, and multifunctional LED conference displays. It supports multiple functions, different video sources, and so on. 

The excellent display performance with high contrast ratio, adjustable brightness, and anti-glare surface brings wonderful customer experiences to the audience.

Want to get more information about this advanced conference LED screen? Just send us a message right now! Our professional staff will reply to you as soon as possible.