Do You Really Know Creative LED Screens? Guide for You!

Creative LED display now is gaining more attention than ever before as their high engagement and innovative design.

Usually, we refer creative LED screens as LED displays with unique designs such as cylinder LED display, circle LED display, LED ball display, cube LED screen, and so on.

In this post, we will discover every detail you need to know about creative LED screens from products, designs, solutions, etc.

Just read it until to the end to get more useful information to help do wiser investment!

1.Why Creative LED Screen Comes

At present, LED screen display is in the stage of development and growth. 

With the continuous development and maturity of LED display technology, in addition to traditional indoor and outdoor fixed installation and rental LED screen, many market segments have been derived, such as floor led screen, football field screen, creative led screen etc. 

The appearance of the creative LED screen is the inevitable result of the development and maturity of LED display technology.

The creative LED screen is a special-shaped display screen that is cut and transformed on the basis of a conventional rectangular LED screen. 

It can well adapt to the overall structure of the building and the complex installation environment. 

The size and shape of the creative screen can be customized according to certain requirements to meet the creative inspiration of the designer, to meet the individual needs of customers, bringing the audience a novel and unique visual experience. 

Due to its special shape, the viewing effect is more shocking, giving the audience a stronger visual impact.

The emergence of creative LED display screen has broken the rectangular display effect of traditional LED display screen, making commercial LED display better applied and promoted. 

It is widely used in various commercial occasions, such as bars, shopping malls, squares, performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls and other high-density crowd places.

2.The Feature of Creative LED Display

1) Easy Installation

The screen is usually installed by magnetic. 

The installation method of “one installation is completed”. The factory complete the modeling customization according to the needs of customers, and then it can be directly adsorbed to achieve one-step installation. 

The installation method of magnetic suction is as simple as that of the conventional indoor screen installation, and the cabinet cable is connected by quick coupling, which is firm and reliable, so as to save you the “force of the great famine”. 

The installation of the whole screen can be hoisted, mounted and hung to meet the site requirements to the maximum extent.

2) Higher requirements for R & D capability and production process

Compared with the conventional LED electronic display screen, creative LED display screen pays more attention to the structural breakthrough. 

At present, creative LED display screen modules mainly have fan-shaped, arc-shaped, circular, cylindrical, triangular and other structural forms.

The creative LED display screen can meet the specific requirement of the users. At present, it is mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition square and other environment. 

Due to the different appearance and structure of creative LED display screen, the technical requirements for manufacturers are more stringent. 

If the manufacturer’s technology is not up to standard, the LED screen stitched out will have many problems, such as the uneven appearance caused by the large seam gap and discontinuous splicing surface, which will affect the viewing effect and destroy the aesthetic feeling of the overall design.

More importantly, the circuit and structure design of LED special-shaped screen is complex, which puts forward high requirements for the R & D (Research and Development) ability of manufacturers.

3) The appearance of special-shaped module makes creative LED display screen have better modeling ability.

In a long period of time before, led special-shaped screen is the traditional rectangular flat module assembly or wrapping to achieve, the most common LED special-shaped screen is the arc screen with large radian and the plane circular screen.

When the radian of the display screen is very small and the display form is more complex, it can not solve the seam and flatness well, resulting in inconsistent display, mosaic and other problems, making the overall effect of the display screen poor. 

To solve this problem, some manufacturers have developed special-shaped modules such as triangle and trapezoid, which can be assembled into spherical, diamond, gem shaped, star shaped and other regular or irregular geometric graphics LED displays.

The appearance of creative LED display screen breaks the rectangular display effect of traditional LED display screen. It can be randomly spliced into different regular shape display screen according to the display content. Creative LED display screen can not only combine with the surrounding building environment, but also attract the audience’s attention, so as to achieve better publicity effect, and then it is widely used in commercial display applications. LINSN LED , experienced with many creative LED display screen project, will offer the best solution for you.

3.General Solutions for Creative Screen

1) Soft modules+steel cabinet This solution is chosen by most curved screens. Soft LED modules can be used for both inner and outer curved. Customers can send us screen design CAD firstly. The steel cabinets can be customized according to the radian required by the customer, while the soft module is usually attached to the box by magnets, and can also be fixed and installed with screws. The flexible LED display adopts a flexible FPC circuit board made of a flexible insulating substrate. The mask and bottom shell are made of high-temperature and bending-resistant silicone materials, which have high-strength compression and distortion resistance capabilities, which can perfectly solve all kinds of “turnings” “The problem of difficult installation”. The flexible LED module has good ductility and can be arbitrarily shaped. Among them, the cylindrical screen has high brushing performance and can be hoisted, seated, hung and so on to meet the requirements of the current sound to the greatest extent. And it can ensure the high demand of various cylindrical display projects, adopting advanced digital video processing, technology distributed scanning, 360-degree high-definition display, modular design, constant current static drive, high-brightness true-color output, clear picture without jitter. By connecting to the main control computer, there are three large circular led display screens on the appearance of the cylinder.  The pictures can be played synchronously. No matter standing at any angle of the monitor, you can enjoy the three identical and lifelike The screen not only expands the visual range of the product, but also integrates other video equipment with a high degree of compatibility, making it a leader in multimedia products.

Circular LED Display

The unique design makes circual LED display one of the most popular types of creative LED screens.

It is especially suitable for advertising and decoration for shops, shopping malls, exhibitions and so on.

To construct it, high-quality flexible LED display is necessary, and must have high flexibility, easy-installation and easy-operation features!

2) Small size LED modules+steel cabinet

For outer curved screens and inner curved screens with small curved radian, if the radian is not large, you can choose small size modules(such as160*160mm) with customized iron or aluminum cabinets

The advantage of this solution is valuable performance and can be used as an outdoor curved screen.The downside is that you can only do screens with relatively small radian.

3) The creative transparent LED display

The appearance of the creative transparent LED display has a good modeling ability to meet the needs of special customization, while meeting the diverse needs of viewing vision, and injecting new vitality into the transparent screen industry.

LED creative transparent screens are divided into the following categories: curved, fan-shaped, triangular, circular and other structural forms, among which the most common is the curved LED transparent screen. 

Currently, we has developed a curved LED light bar structure. Starting from the abnormal shape of the PCB light bar, a large-angle curved surface shape has been realized, and the light bar supports hot swap, which is convenient and quick to maintain and replace.

Generally speaking, there are many solutions for creative LED screens. As below, there are some solutions from our customers which can get a clearer understanding of creative screen.

4.Some cases of LED creative screens

Case 1: 110sqm indoor special-shaped LED display screen for Italy Art Music Festival

This special-shaped led display screen is made of special-shaped structure, and the module still uses conventional modules to achieve

There are six special-shaped screens of different sizes and shapes. The six screens are all composed of indoor P2.5 160x160mm conventional modules, (Refresh 3840hz), Nova control system, Meanwell power supply,and VDWALL video processor.

Because it’s a special-shaped screen, when making a quotation, it’s a system scheme that takes the vacancy filled as a complete screen to configure. 

A power supply can load 6 modules, and a receiving card can load 8 modules. The sending card and video processor are based on the number of points on the whole screen. 

Wire is a roll of wire for customers, which is convenient for customers to cut according to the site conditions! And increase the quantity of Modules, cards, and power supplies for spares. So the P2.5 indoor special-shaped led display solution as following:

  • Project Location: Italy
  • Pixel : P2.5mm
  • Module Size: 160×160mm
  • Module Resolution: 64×64 dots
  • Total modules Units: 4445pcs
  • Total receiving card Units: 800pcs
  • Total power supply Units: 753pcs
  • Total sending box Units:44pcs
  • Total video processor Units: 6pcs
  • Total Display Area: 110 sqm
  • Application: music festival
LED display modules connecting methods

The most difficult thing is that there are more than twenty kinds of module connection methods, and the configuration files also need to make more than twenty different configuration files. 

Engineers worked overtime to rush out 23 CAD drawings, which respectively showed about how to control and load each special-shaped screen, even how to connect the video processor and the sending box, and how to achieve the best effect of the product.

Because of these detailed information, we can make our after-sale communication accurately, and help our customers with technical problems and speed up their construction, which makes all the problems simple, and the efficiency is greatly improved.c

Creative LED video wall display excellent visual experience

Case 2: 20sqm P3 & P4 square pole special-shaped LED display screen in South Korea

This special-shaped screen is trimmed from an ordinary steel cabinet, and the module also use a beveled edge module. Thereby increasing the fit between the cabinets and educing the gaps in the corners of the cabinet.

Special shaped LED displays for case sharing
LED creative screen display perform high-quality images

The P3 square pole special-shaped led display screen project is used for indoor fixed installation, using steel cabinet, plus the front maintenance of the module magnet, which is convenient for customers to use and maintain in the early and later stages. And the project details as following:

  • Project size: 768mm(W) x 2496mm(H) / 768mm(W) x 4032mm(H)       square pole
  • Pixels: P3mm indoor
  • Total Display Area: 20sqm
  • Brightness: 1000nits
  • Total weight:300KG
  • Project Location: South Korea
  • Application: Commercial advertising

The P4 square pole special-shaped led display screen project is is used for outdoor fixed installation, using steel cabinet. As client no need cabinet waterproof, the cabinet still use the front maintenance of modules magnets.

The most special thing about this project is that two iron plates were added on the top and bottom of these cabinets, a circle was hollowed out in the middle, and a round square was made in the middle, so that the entire four-sided column could be staggered and rotated. 

So this project is more stylish. And the project details as following:

  • Project size:1024mm(W) x640mm(H) square pole
  • Pixels: P4mm outdoor
  • Total Display Area: 20sqm
  • Brightness: 6000nits
  • Total weight:300KG
  • Project Location: South Korea
  • Application: SM Entertainment
Square pole LED display solutions

The square pole special-shaped led display is relatively easy to install in the special-shaped display,only cabinet maybe a little heavy. But we also have die-cast aluminum square pole cabinet,much lighter than steel cabinet.

The operation of the control system is basically the same as that of the conventional display screen. It only needs to count the four faces as one face to control. It can be displayed as a whole or separately

Case 3: LED curved screen 

It is one of the most common creative screens. Due to the limitation of exterior wall and the demand of curved visual effect, curved screen can be divided into inner curved screen and outer curved screen.

The next project is a very successful Korean interior curved screen project

  • Module size:soft P2.5mm 240*120mm
  • Installation site :one of Seoul Lotte Group meeting room
  • Screen size::17.28(W)*2.88(H)m


Curved LED screen solution

Screen features: The customer send us the curved wall CAD, we customized the size of 720*960mm (by 240*120mm LED modules) steel cabinets according to the curvature of the wall, the steel cabinets just without back door while the screen is front maintenance and all the modules use strong power magnets.

We assembled the power supply and all power&date cables as well as the receiving cards on the cabinets in our factory, and removed the modules after testing the overall screen effect in the factory.

The cabinets and module are respectively sent to the customer, and the customer installs the cabinets and modules respectively after receiving the goods.

LED curved display achieve creative display

Case 4: The project from our Bulgaria customer

It is the first time for the customer to import LED display from China. He has given us the following drawings, hoping that we can make him a plan for a round screen, which will be used for one of their exhibition booths.

Round LED screen solution
Based on their request of the drawing, we make a solution as 9600mm perimeter round screen for them.

  • The LED module size:P2.5mm 160*160mm
  • The customized steel cabinet size: 960(W)*800(H)mm

And the final screen is a 9600mm perimeter P2.5mm pixel with 800mm height round screen. We make 10pcs 960*800mm cabinets for this screen.
Round LED display case sharing

There are also some LED displays with creative shapes like mask shape led display , Diamond shape led display and ball shape led display.

Case 5: Mask shape LED display

Mask shape led display is a newly developed product in the led market. Unexpectedly, as soon as it come out, it became an explosive product. 

At present, cities like Barcelona, Munich, and Dubai have already ‘taste fresh’. 

In recent years, various music festivals at home and abroad have been extremely hot. 

The sales department learned that customers have a strong demand for personalized products through communication with some agents, so the company designed and developed this product in accordance with the culture and trend of modern entertainment.

The dimensional LED market is no longer uncommon, but because of the shape of the human face, the structure of this product is particularly complex, and the production difficulty is unprecedented in the industry. 

A total of 23 faces and 75 special-shaped modules are composed.

The video played on this display also needs special processing, but the effect is more impactful and shocking.

Mostly make P4 indoor customized size 2200x1480mm with 256x128mm size and other shaped size modules as below parameters.

Led size2200x1480mm
Density62500 pixels/㎡
View Distance4m-40m
Maxim Power Consumption3.2KW
LED ArrangementSMD2121
Driver ModeDynamic 1/16 Duty constant current
View Angle360 degree ( horizontal)  360degree(vertical)
Brightness (CD/M2)1500
Operating VoltageAC 220V/110V ±15%  47~64HZ
Driving voltage5V
Operating Temp-20-60 Celsius degree
Operating Humidity10-90% RH
communication methodSynchronization system

Case 6: Diamond shaped LED display

Diamond shaped LED displays are mostly used for DJ stand in the Bar, disco and exhibition hall as a creative item to rendering the atmosphere.

In the past two years, LEDDJ stations have become standard equipment in some top bars and nightclubs. 

The LEDDJ station can match the DJ with the most dazzling effect, making music and vision a perfect match. 

By matching customized videos, the DJ station and the large LED screen are integrated, which can be played independently, and combined with the large screen, or superimposed to make the stage more excellent. 

It also can use straight module shaped as triangle to form as diamond shape and mostly used as P3 indoor LED display and can be customized.

 Diamond shaped LED display case sharing
Density111111 pixels/㎡
View Distance3m-30m
Maxim Power Consumption800W
LED ArrangementSMD2121
Driver ModeDynamic 1/16 Duty constant current
View Angle360 degree ( horizontal)  360degree(vertical)
Brightness (CD/M2)800(CD/M2)
Operating VoltageAC 220V/110V ±15%  47~64HZ
Driving voltage5V
Operating Temp.-20-60 Celsius degree
Operating Humidity10-90% RH
communication methodSynchronization system

Case 7: Spherical LED display 

The spherical LED display has a wide range of applications. Whether it is in shopping malls, outdoor plazas, building broadcasts, exhibitions and other occasions, the spherical display can be easily controlled, or it can be placed flat or hung upside down on the ceiling to attract pedestrians, To achieve the purpose of publicity. 

Main application area: museums.Science and technology museums, corporate exhibition halls, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc.

The spherical LED display has a 360° full viewing angle and can play videos in all directions. You can feel good visual effects at any angle without the problem of flat viewing angle.

At the same time, it can also directly map spherical objects such as the earth, football, etc. to the display screen according to needs, which makes people feel vivid and is widely used in museums, science and technology museums, and exhibition halls.It will use common soft modules P3 or P4.81

density43402 pixels/㎡
LED ArrangementSMD3528
Driver ModeDynamic 1/15 Duty constant current
View Angle360 degree ( horizontal)  360degree(vertical)
View Distance4.8m-50m
Operation VoltageAC 220V/110V ±15%  47~64HZ
Driving voltage5V
Maxim Power Consumption800 W/m2
Operating Humidity10-90% RH
communication methodSynchronization system

The Bottom Line

This article aims to tell you the useful knowledge about creative LED displays. If you are look for creative LED display screen, contact us today. We are the premier provider of LED display screen and services. Find out how we can help you business welcom to contact us!