Curved LED Screen Display – Products, Advantages and More!

Want to increase returns of your advertising, or promote your contents to people better? Or you want to generate more revenues from owning a popular and high-effective advertising LED screen? Let’s consider curved LED screen display!

In today’s society, standing out from the multitude of advertising screens requires some innovative elements. Curved LED screens perfectly meet this standard by having an attention-grabbing appearance along with stable operation and durability. They also allow for better display of various content forms, such as 3D content.

In this post, we will dive into the most useful information about such screen, just read through this article to get what you want quickly!

Table of Contents

1. What Is the Difference between Curved LED Screen and Flat LED Display?

The answer is easy: the most obvious difference is that curved LED screen allowing for different angle of screens to make more shapes available.

Due to this feature, there are many special things developed:

(1) More immersive visual experiences

Curved LED display can be used for immersive LED screen such as immersive theater, virtual production LED wall, etc.

(2) Wider viewing distance and field

Even at the curved edges of the screen, images and colors will not distort or show color shifts. This is the advantage of curved LED screens.

(3) 3D Contents Achieved Better

The depth of view or perception increases with the surface of curvature. Therefore, 3D effects can be achieved easier. 

Many 3D billboards will apply curved LED video walls to increase engagement and bring more creativity!

2. Product Types of Curved LED Screen?

Typically, there are some typical ways to achieve curved LED display:

(1) Applying flexible LED modules with customized-made steel frame. We will utilize the flexibility of soft LED modules to ensure they conform to a custom curved steel frame.

For building indoor LED display, this is the most common way. Also, it can perform almost the best effect.


(2) Combing rental LED cabinet with curved locks. 

We have multiple choices for you to refer to such as ME series, MA-Y series, MA500/1000 series and NG500/1000 series.  

(3) For outdoor LED screen, we provide customers with some cabinets with curved structure such as EV series.

Also, customers can choose customized steel frame and flexible LED module to build such screen. However, the waterproof performance of curved screens created in this way may be slightly inferior.

(4) Cutting angles on the cabinets to create a 90-degree right-angle screen. 

This is the way to build right-angle LED screen, but we mention it here, because the right-angle screen also attracts customers who have purchase intentions

3. 7 Key Features Benefit Your Business

(1) More content possibilities

As we have mentioned above, if you want to perform immersive contents such as 3D contents, then curved screen will be a wise choice.

(2) High definition, high color fidelity

This kind of screen has the same high image quality with flat LED screen. High contrast ratio, fine pixel pitch available, wide grayscale, high brightness level. 

It is highlighted that for a high-quality curved display, even around the corner there is no image distortion and color distortion.

(3) Immersive experiences

That may be one of the most outstanding feature for it. It can create a sense of life-like virtual experience to make viewers thank they are in a movie or a virtual world.

This kind of design can surround the viewer, it is very attractive.

(4) More attractive appearances

Many different shapes can be created with curved LED panels. Sometimes we call ball LED display, LED cube display, cylinder LED display and other special-shapes LED screens as creative LED display, however, curved screens indeed offer us a variety of design possibilities.

(5) Highly waterproof, seamless display

It has high waterproof ability which is perfect for outdoor advertising. Also, even at the curved junctions of the screen, it seamlessly displays without distorting images or causing color shifts.

(6) Taking up smaller space

The structure of curved LED screens makes it take up smaller space to show entire images and videos, saving you room and cost.

(7) Energy-saving ability

The power-saving design ensure the screen use less electricity power but still show high-quality images with stable running.

Also, we have some cabinets supporting power supply backup, so there is no risks of black screen, which can be used for live broadcast and stage performance!

4. Where Can You Install Curved LED Screens?

The creative and innovative appearances of these screens allow they can be installed in various entertainment venues and commercial spaces as commercial LED display.

Here we give some examples:

(1) Theme park

(2) LED virtual studio

(3) Business building

(4) Shopping mall

(5) Gaming venues

(6) 3D billboard

(7) Stage performances

curved led screen for shopping mall2
curved led display for shopping mall

5. How to Make Curved LED Display?

Dividing curved LED displays can vary in shape and form such as inner and outer curves, circles, and even elliptical forms. 

When it comes to curved LED displays, implementing conventional LED modules can result in problems- including disproportionate gaps between the modules and an irregular curvature of the screen. 

Hence, vertical LED modules have been incorporated to enhance the smooth surface and visual performance. 

Your LED display technicians will need to discuss the specific project with you, but we have compiled a list of three methods for implementation. 

(1) Vertical LED cabinets are used for curves with a radius larger than one meter, and they are installed through splicing. 

(2) During the splicing of individual LED modules, attention must be paid to curves with a slightly smaller radius, as cabinets with a curved design will need to be constructed. 

(3) Custom strip-shaped units are necessary when the curve radius is less than 0.5 meters. These units are specially designed and shaped vertically.

Generally speaking, curved LED display manufactures will assign professional personnel to the site for investigation in order to provide engineers with accurate data, and then design the length, width, and installation methods of the curved screen based on this data.

How to Calculate the Number of LED Display Module

Screen size: Length x Width (Height): LxW

Screen width W: Refers to the height of the screen.

Screen length L: Refers to the length of the screen.

The screen length can be initially determined based on the circumference of a circle or arc. Then, divide it by the length of a module to determine the number of modules needed.

Number of LED Module: Circumference of the circle / Length of a LED display module

How to Install?

(1) Structural Planning: 

Determine the installation location of the LED display screen, including walls, brackets, or other support structures. Ensure that the installation location’s structure can bear the weight of the LED display screen without causing inconvenience to the surrounding environment.

(2) Clean Installation Site: 

Before installation, ensure that the installation site is clean and tidy. Remove dust, debris, and other obstacles to ensure a smooth installation process.

(3) Lighting, Ventilation, and Power Supply: 

Ensure that the installation site has sufficient lighting and ventilation conditions. Additionally, provide a stable power supply to meet the power consumption requirements of the LED display screen.

(4) Assemble the Screen: 

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, connect the LED panels together to form a complete display screen. Flexible LED display screens usually consist of multiple modules or panels that need to be properly connected.

(5) Install the Screen: 

The assembled LED display screen needs to be securely fixed in the installation location. This may involve using a suspension system, installing brackets, or directly mounting the screen on the wall. Ensure that the screen is installed firmly to prevent accidental shaking or detachment.

(6) Configuration: 

After installing the screen, it needs to be configured to display content properly. This includes connecting the power supply and signal source and making the necessary settings. Depending on the specific model of the LED display screen, specific software or controllers may be required for configuration.

(7) Debugging and Testing: 

After the configuration is completed, perform debugging and testing to ensure that the LED display screen functions correctly. Check if the screen can display images, text, or videos accurately and adjust the necessary parameters for optimal performance.

6. Product Recommendation

6.1 Flexible LED Module

We provides multiple choices for customers to choose from our high-quality flexible LED screen. At present, we have already supported many million-dollar LED displays around the world with professional experiences more than 13 years!

The features of our flexible LED module can be listed:

(1) High flexibility

Excellent flexibility ensures seamless splicing and is compatible with various angles of curved LED screens.

flexible led display module detail 3
flexible led display module detail 4

(2) International-famous LED lamp bead

We choose LED lamp beads from industry leaders such as Nationstar and Kinglight to make sure our LED modules can perform the best visual performance including high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, stable running performance, high brightness level, etc.

(3) Highly magnetic magnets, quick installation and frontal service available

The magnetic magnets design allows for quick installation and make the whole modules can be conformed to customized steel frame easier and better!

For creative LED screen, this feature can save lots of labor cost and installation time.

(4) Multiple pixel pitch and sizes available

Linsn LED provides multiple pixel pitches to choose from such as P1.25, P2.5, P1.86, P3, P4 and so on.

The module sizes includes 240X120mm, 320X160mm and 256X128mm for customers to build LED screens with different specifications!

(5) Exceptional visual effects

High refresh rate from 1920HZ to 3840Hz, high brightness level for outdoor modules up to 5200nits, high-quality driving IC and high-definition modules.

6.2 Rental LED Display Series

led curved display screen installation lock

6.3 Outdoor LED Display with Curved Structure

3D billboard outdoor

7. Linsn LED Customer Cases

(1) Immersive LED Screen

When it comes to the most innovative LED displays nowadays, immersive LED displays definitely take the spotlight. These curved screens surround the audience, offering high-definition visuals and smooth 3D animations that can completely immerse every viewer. 

This type of screen can also replace traditional green screens and serve as a crucial component of virtual production studios.

(2) Large Curved LED Video Wall

Outdoor large screens have always been the focus of outdoor advertising, as they can reach a large number of people. However, curved LED displays, with their novel appearance and wider viewing angles, capture more attention. 

Moreover, curved LED screens can perfectly complement 3D animations, creating more realistic visual effects.

(3) Transparent Curved LED Panels

Combining transparent LED screens with curved screens undoubtedly adds even more attraction. 

Transparent LED screens, with their high transparency, can allow indoor sunlight to pass through while displaying images in high definition, making them highly popular in many scenarios.

8. Conclusions

In this post, we discuss some of the most useful information about curved LED screen display – the features, why it is popular, how to install, recommended products and customer cases sharing!

Here is the key point – if you want to expand your market share, or promote your brands and products to customers as much as possible, considering this innovative LED screen with powerful expressive capabilities would be a great idea!