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LED Banners

P1.86 & P2.5mm (GOB LED)

Linsn LED banners are designed with advanced technology and provide excellent performance. 

They offer vibrant and eye-catching displays, ensuring that your messages and advertisements stand out and capture the attention of your target audience.

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P1.86 & P2.5mm Digital LED Banners


What Can LED Banner Bring to You?

Digital LED banner can be used in various applications such as shopping mall, retail shops, restaurants, stages, airport, bus stations, subway stations and many other places for advertising and promotion.

(1) Quick and easy management: our LED poster banner can be controlled by many different devices such as computer, mobile phone, laptop, etc.

(2) Wide grayscale, vivid color and high brightness: unlike traditional printed posters, these digital posters show images and videos in a brighter, colorful and eye-catching way.

(3) More shapes with customized specifications: compared with conventional LED screen panels, these banners can be spliced toghther to form more shapes with various specifications.

(4) GOB LED, higher protection level: we provide customers with GOB LED screens for higher protection level to protect screens from damages and collisions better.

(5) Transparent LED banners available: transparent LED display screens can be suspended on transparent glass walls, allowing clear display of advertisements without obstructing the interior lighting.


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Where Can You Place Them?

window led display

Shop Windows

The splicing installation allows LED banner displays to show larger images and videos as advertising window LED displays.

(1) Eye-catching effects

Compared with other printed posters, LED screens show contents in a much more attractive way, bringing more human traffic for you.

(2) Real-Time Updates

Shop windows LED displays provide businesses with the convenience of remote control capabilities, allowing them to update the display content in real time. 

hotel smart LED poster

Standing LED Poster

(1) Attention-Grabbing

The dynamic and vibrant display of LED technology makes standing LED posters highly attention-grabbing. 

(2) Versatility

Standing LED posters come in various sizes, allowing businesses to choose the one that best suits their needs and available space. They can be placed in both indoor and semi-outdoor environments, making them versatile for different settings such as retail stores, malls, trade shows, and conferences.

Urban construction LED smart poster

Outdoor Applications

(1) High brightness level

The high brightness level allows the contents showed clearly under the direct sunlight. What is more, the adjustable brightness can save more energy at night.

(2) High protection ability

Outdoor LED screens have many features such as IP65 protection level, moisture-proof ability and dust-proof capability.

(3) Close viewing distance available

There are various pixel pitches available for users to meet the best viewing distance! Just contact us to get recommendation right now.

Linsn LED - A Professional LED Screen Manufacturer Since 2007

The founder Robby entered the LED display industry in 2007 and has been deeply involved in the industry ever since, gaining expertise in business, technology, and marketing.

In June 2016, Shenzhen LinsnLED Co., Ltd. was established, with a business team consisting of 8 members focused on providing professional LED solutions. The first year’s performance reached 8 million RMB, and LINSNLED display products obtained CE/FC/RoHS certification.

In 2018, performance increased by 233%, reaching 35 million RMB, and the factory area expanded to 4800 square meters.

In 2020, LinsnLED display products obtained IECEE certification in the Middle East market and KC certification in the South Korean market. Despite the pandemic, LinsnLED continued to provide high-quality services and won a good reputation.

In 2022, the performance reached a new high of 100 million RMB for the overseas market. The factory obtained ISO9001/14001/45001 product quality system certification, and the EV960 series obtained Germany TUV CE-(EMC) and TUV CE-(LVD) certifications.

In April 2023, the company relocated to a new factory with an area of 12,000 square meters and upgraded facilities. The business team expanded to 50 people, and now has offices set up in Shenzhen, Changsha, and Liuyang.

High-standard Factory and Experienced Staff

Linsn Factory Building

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SMD LED Production Line

SMD LED Production Line

Maintenance Area

aging workshop

Aging Test Workshop

Quality Control


In this post, we will discuss everything about LED banners – the types, features, installation methods, how to use, how to control, and also the recommended products to save your time and know them well!

Just follow us to read this article untile to the end.

Table of Contents

1. Types of LED Banners

1.1 Standing Digital Banner Display

With a reliable back bracket, the digital banners can stand on the floor stably. They are widely used at the entrance of various locations such as cinemas, shopping mall, business building, subway stations, airports, theaters, hotels and so on.

1.2 Horizontal LED Banner

This kind of LED banners are typically are commonly hung on the facades of shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, and 4S car dealerships.

This type of display screen can have its back bracket removed and be firmly fixed to a wall or suspended.

1.3 Transparent Banner LED Display

The transparent banner LED display can be used as transparent advertising screen mounted on the glass window. 

This creative LED screen can show the advertising contents clearly with high definition, and also provide a modern and visually appealing display solution which can blend with the surrounding environment.

led banners led poster banner

2. Features of Digital LED Banners

Digital LED banners features many advantages such as manageable brightness level, high definition, low power consumption, long life span, movable cabinets, customized specs and so on.

(1) High definition

We provides fine pixel pitch LED banners with high definition such as P1.25mm, P1.53mm, P1.66mm, P1.86mm, P2mm and P2.5mm banners.

LED displays have excellent resolution and display effects, allowing for clear presentation of visual content. They play a crucial role in modern digital media advertising.

(2) Low power consumption

Compared with other kinds of display screens, LED display screens have lower power consumption but still excellent visual effects which can save people more electricity costs.

(3) Long life span

LED displays use LED lamp beads, which have a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours, resulting in a very long lifespan and reduced replacement costs.

(4) Durability and weather resistance: 

LED banners are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, heat, and cold. They are built with durable materials and are often waterproof, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

(5) Customizable sizes 

The LED poster display can be spliced together to form different screens with different sizes to meet the requirements for various installation and room.

(6) Easy contents management

By incorporating internet connectivity, certain LED banners have the ability to receive real-time updates, including news feeds, social media posts, or live event updates. This functionality enables the delivery of dynamic and current content.

3. Installation Methods

There are several main installation ways of these screens. 

Various installation methods are available to cater to different requirements, including bracket standing, base-standing, lifting or hanging, multi-cascading, and other creative installation approaches. 

These options ensure versatility and adaptability to meet diverse advertising and event needs.

4. What Are the Features When Compared with LCD Banner?

Compared with LCD banners, banner LED display has many special advantages such as stronger protection ability, higher definition, higher brightness level, indoor LED screen and outdoor applications both available, high refresh rate, wider color gamut and so on.

(1) Better visibility

The LED banners typically offer higher brightness level so that can be used in bright lighting conditions, while LCD banner may not be able to provide the same level of visibility.

(2) Wider viewing angle

LED banner display has wider viewing angle compared with LCD banners, and can remain visible from different perspectives.

(3) Longer lifespan

The better protection ability allows LED screen to withstand harsh weather conditions, impacts and other environmental factors so that has longer lifespan compared to LCD screens.

(4) More installation methods

LED banner design supports more installation ways to meet the requirements of users and room deign.

5. How to Use Them?

Here we list some basic elements for you to know how to finish a LED banner board projects including planning, electrical connections, banner installation, testing, content management and maintenance and safety.

Step 1: Planning

During this phrase, owners should to consider where to install the banners and some related factors such as viewing distance, visibility, power supply and so on.

Permissions should be obtained for installation if required.

Step 2: Electrical connections

There are should be suitable power source near the installation site. Consult with an electrician if needed to properly connect and secure the electrical wiring for the LED banner.

Step 3: Install Banner

There are several main installation methods such as standing installation, wall-mounted installation, window-mounted installation, etc.

Step 4: Testing

The banner should be tested to ensure stable running and correct connections. Adjust the positioning or alignment if necessary for optimal visibility and performance.

Step 5: Content Management

Set up the necessary software and systems to control and manage the contents displayed on the screen.

Step 6: Maintenance

Regular maintenance can ensure the good working conditions. The digital banner should be easy to maintain with light weight and user-friendly structure.

It’s important to note that professional assistance may be required for the installation of large or complex LED banners. Consulting with experienced installers or technicians can help ensure a safe and efficient installation process.

6. How to Control LED Banner Display?

The screen can be controlled using various methods such as computers, mobile phone, laptop through Wifi or HDMI cable.

Only within seconds, you can achieve real-time management.

(1) Direct USB Connection: 

Connect a USB memory stick directly to the Digital Banner, allowing you to transfer data by simply plugging in the USB device.

(2) HDMI Cable Connection: 

Link the Digital Banner to your laptop or tablet using an HDMI cable. This connection enables data transfer from your device to the Digital Banner, displaying the desired content.

(3) Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection: 

Utilize Wi-Fi connectivity for remote data transfer from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to the Digital Banner. This method allows you to wirelessly transmit content to the Digital Banner without the need for physical connections.

7. Product Recommendations

base standing led poster display

Linsn LED Poster Banner

P1.86 & P2.5mm (GOB LED)

  • Plug and Play
  • Slim Appearance
  • Attractive Display
  • Mobile App
  • Wifi Control

Linsn LED provides the best LED banners to our customers worldwide. There are many features allowing our digital banner displays to stand out from our competitors.

(1) Strong visual performances

Our LED posters have high refresh rate up to 3840Hz, high contrast ratio 5000:1, fine pixel pitch P1.25mm, P1.53mm, P1.66mm, P1.86mm, P2mm and P2.5mm.

The high definition LED display supports clear contents, easy managements for changing contents, reliable working without flickering and black screen and so on.

With our LED banners, you can almost display any kind of contents you want such as images and videos within seconds 

(2) Easy and quick control

The digital banners can be controlled by many equipment including mobile phone, computers and laptop.

Unlike some screens that need complex operation, our banner displays can be controlled and managed within seconds just by several simple steps.

(3) Cost-effective 

Linsn LED is famous for offering products that are of good quality and reasonably priced.  

Customer Cases

LED Poster Display
LED Poster Display
LED Poster Display
LED Poster Display

8. Conclusions

Linsn LED provide digital LED banners with high quality, fast delivery and professional technical supports! This kind of LED displays have many special features such as fine pixel pitch, customizable sizes, flexible installation, strong protection ability and so on. 

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