LED Score Board Recommendations

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How to Utilize Your Digital Scoreboard?

outdoor led scoreboard

LED Sports Scoreboard

LED scoreboard can integrate audio, presentation, and emergency broadcast systems.

It can show audiences real-time scores and live feeds and be used as digital advertising billboards for sports events like baseball, football, and basketball matches!

Compared with past fixed scoreboards only a part of the scoreboard can be controlled digitally, now the LED scoreboards are more multi-functional, and have better performances in advertising and displaying information!

Spreading Videos

The LED screens support a variety of content such as fan engagement videos and live shows to help videos quickly spread and generate a positive viral effect on the internet.

Whether advertisements or exciting moments in competitions, a high-resolution screen ensures that the videos and images captured on smartphones are flicker-free, clear, and smooth!

Just contact our professional team to get the most suitable configuration for your projects such as pixel pitch, screen size, definition, etc.

sport led billboard
led sports scoreboard

Sponsor Advertisements

The sponsor advertisements can be alongside the scores, information, and other kinds of content.

The high-definition, high-brightness LED display can showcase the advertisements clearly, and the management is simple to make sure smooth switch transitions between different advertisements!

Owning a digital scoreboard means means that you have opened up a new source of income, and a new channel to promote the brand.

Where Can You Use LED Display Scoreboard?

You can almost apply LED display scoreboard for any sports type such as swimming, baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, softball, tennis, track, volleyball, wrestling, curling, squash, etc.

(1) Football Stadiums: digital scoreboards are commonly used in football stadiums to display scores, player statistics, game time, and so on during the match.

(2) Basketball Arenas: it can be used to showcase scores, shot clocks and player statistics during the game.

(3) Tennis Courts: it can display scores, set details, and match progress, and so on.

(4) Cricket Grounds: scores, overs, wickets, and other statistics can all be displayed on this screen.

(5) Hockey Rinks: the display can show scores, period details, penalty times, and player statistics for the hockey game.

(6) Multi-Sport Arenas: the screens are easy to manage so they can be used for many types of sports games for versatile score display and information dissemination.

(7) Gymnasiums: they can present multiple information for indoor sports like volleyball, wrestling, and gymnastics to display scores, timers, etc.

(8) Outdoor sports stadium: it can be seen at athletics stadiums, golf courses, and swimming pools to provide scores, game information, and any other relevant information.


Why Choose Digital Scoreboards from Linsn LED?

Linsn LED is a globally recognized provider of high-quality and budget-friendly LED display solutions, dedicated to offering professional services to customers all around the world.

1. Our products are certified with CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS, and IECEE, ensuring optimal quality and performance.

2. We have successfully expanded our markets overseas, in countries such as Europe, America, South Korea, and Thailand.

3. Over the years, we have been trusted in more than 10,000 projects, which has contributed to our well-earned reputation.

4. Our factory spans over 12,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production machinery, and boasts strict quality control procedures to ensure top-tier LED displays.

5. We are committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of superior LED display solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve our global customers with excellence.

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LED scoreboard, you can see almost in every sports game and match and has wide market potential around the world as an indispensable stadium LED display. Today, we will talk about what is it, digital LED scoreboard cost, features that benefit the events, where you can place them, and many other useful information you must know!

Just follow us and read through this practical article about scoreboards to expand your knowledge in the relevant field!

Table of Contents

1. What Is LED Scoreboard?

An LED scoreboard is a display that uses LED technology to display scores of matches and games. LED scoreboards are commonly used in sports venues such as basketball, table tennis, and volleyball. 

The LED display screen is connected to the real-time scoring system of the game, allowing for the display of scores and information. These scoreboards are connected to a digital console, allowing the technical operator to update the score, display statistics, play replays, or trigger advertisements in real-time.

Additionally, this type of LED display screen can also showcase game-related information, notices, or other relevant content. 

In previous years, monochrome and dual-color displays were popular. However, with the development of society and increased demands, full-color LED scoreboards have also become prevalent in sports stadiums.


2. 3 Types of Digital LED Scoreboards

2.1 LED Video Displays

This kind of scoreboard features a flat panel with various contents supported to display on it. You can not only display scores, but also advertisements and live broadcasting. 

It is usually full color, and has strong protection ability for outdoor LED screen


2.2 Wall-mounted Digital Scoreboards

As the name says, they are mounted on the wall, and can be single color, dual color or full color as you want.

For different sports, the scoreboards can support different data. We will discuss the details later.

2.3 Center-hung Scoreboards

This type of scoreboard consists of multiple panels that can be suspended from the ceiling of sports venue halls, ensuring visibility from various angles.

Typically comprised of four or six panels, these scoreboards serve dual purposes, functioning as both video display screens and scoreboards.

3. How Much Does An LED Scoreboard Cost?

The cost of an LED scoreboard for high schools, colleges, or recreational facilities can range from $4,000 to $750,000. Moreover, there is a significant fluctuation in pricing.

There are many factors related to LED scoreboard cost – size, installation, types, the level of customization, functions supported, configuration, etc.

Here are some data for you to refer to:

(1) Baseball Scoreboards:

Prices range from $2,000 for an 8′ x 4′ x 8″ scoreboard to $10,000 for a 28′ x 8′ x 8″ scoreboard.

(2) Softball Scoreboards:

Portable LED scoreboards range from $300 to $500.

Prices for mounted scoreboards range from $2,000 for an 8′ x 4′ x 8″ scoreboard to $10,000 for a 28′ x 8′ x 8″ scoreboard.

(3) Volleyball Scoreboards:

Portable LED scoreboards range from $300 to $500.

Indoor mounted scoreboards range from $2,500 to $9,000.

(4) Football Scoreboards:

Prices range from $2,000 for an 8′ x 4′ x 8″ scoreboard to $8,500 for a 24′ x 8′ x 8″ scoreboard.

(5) Soccer Scoreboards:

Prices range from $2,000 for an 8′ x 4′ x 8″ scoreboard to $7,000 for a 20′ x 8′ x 8″ scoreboard.

(6) Wrestling Scoreboards:

Portable LED scoreboards range from $300 to $500.

Indoor mounted scoreboards range from $1,000 to $9,000.

Please note that these prices are average ranges for reference, and specific quotes may vary based on individual requirements and customization options.

3.1 Factors Related to Soreboard Cost

Here we list several factors for you to know what decide scoreboard cost!

(1) Size: The size of the scoreboard can be a determining factor in the cost. Larger scoreboards will generally cost more than smaller ones.

(2) Resolution: Higher resolution scoreboards will generally cost more than lower resolution ones due to the additional materials and technology required.

(3) Customization: Customized scoreboards with unique designs, colors, and logos may be more expensive than standard models.

(4) Manufacturer: Choose a reliable provider can save your a bunch of money as the products are qualified to reduce the maintenance costs, and high-quality visual performance will bring you more incomes.

(5) Installation and Maintenance: The cost of installation can vary depending on the location, complexity, and any specific requirements for installation. Some scoreboards require regular maintenance, which can add to the overall cost of ownership.

4. What Are Features of LED Scoreboards?

(1) High refresh rate without flickering when live streaming

The refresh rate can be up to 3840HZm so that LED stadium screens have no motion blur or flickering under the shooting of professional cameras and camcorders, meeting the requirements for flicker-free live cameras switching.

(2) Lighter and thinner cabinet

The cabinet is light and the thickness is thin, which save large costs of transportation and labors.

(3) High waterproofness

The high waterproofness with waterproof level up to IP65 protect the cabinets from water and moisture entering.

(4) Fine pixel pitch available

The fine-pitch LED display screen with high resolution and high refresh rate is an ideal choice for LED displays in basketball courts.

A high-quality refresh rate display screen ensures smooth continuity during live broadcasting of large-scale sports events, providing a comfortable and natural visual experience for the audience.

For outdoor sports venues, the P10 outdoor screen with a high protection rating is a good option, as it can provide reliable performance and durability.

5. What Sports Can Digital Scoreboards Support?

Digital scoreboard can support various sport types including baseball, basketball, football, tennis, curling, hockey, track, motor sports, basketball and so on. 

5.1 LED Baseball Scoreboard

LED Baseball Scoreboard

Baseball scoreboard can also be called box score. The box score can display player’s performance from various data.

LED baseball scoreboard can quickly and accurately show these data with high brightness level so that every audiences and players can see them clearly.

According to Wiki, it can list the time, date, and/or location of the game, the number of at-bats, runs scored, hits, and sometimes total bases.

For each batter, the defensive category can encompass the number of outs, assists, and errors. A statistical summary can be found below the lineup, which may list extra-base hits, innings pitched, earned runs, and other relevant information.

5.2 LED Basketball Scoreboard

Basketball games are always fast-paced and ever-changing, making it crucial to have a flexible and quick-reacting LED basketball scoreboard. 

Additionally, basketball arenas are usually spacious, with thousands of people watching the game simultaneously. Therefore, the scoreboard’s clarity, brightness, and refresh rate must meet higher requirements.

There are various ways to present a basketball scoreboard, such as the commonly seen wall-mounted type, video scoreboards, and mid-hanging scoreboards that can be viewed from different angles. There are also portable LED basketball scoreboards that can be easily moved from one basketball court to another.

Furthermore, there are other LED products that can enhance the efficiency of scoring in the entire basketball court, such as shot clocks, timers, stats displays, light strips, and indicators.

Some other LED screens can also serve as scoreboards while providing sponsorship opportunities for advertisers, bringing in endless profits. Examples include basketball LED scorers tables, basketball ribbon boards, and LED message centers.

5.3 LED Football Scoreboard


Our football electronic LED scoreboards allow you to effortlessly switch between the scoreboard and video screen, and even combine them for simultaneous display. 

Not only do they serve as scoreboards, but they can also showcase sponsor advertisements, live game footage, and match information. Additionally, they support information scrolling for dynamic updates.

There are several types of LED football scoreboards we can provide with you:

(1) LED video display

Deliver an unforgettable game-day experience to fans and leave a lasting impression with our state-of-the-art football video displays.

(2) Entry-level football scoreboard

Our entry-level football scoreboards include all the necessary features such as home/guest scores, game time, quarter digits, and electronic team name (ETN) capabilities.

(3) Advanced LED football scoreboard

Take your game presentation to the next level with our larger-sized football scoreboards. These displays not only showcase critical game statistics but also offer ample space to incorporate mascots, logos, or team names, creating an eye-catching visual experience.

(4) LED screens supporting multi-sports games

If you host multiple sports on your football field, our displays allow you to customize the scoreboard to fit your team and sport seamlessly. Transition effortlessly between different sporting events without compromising the quality of information displayed.

Experience the ultimate in-game entertainment and engage your fans like never before with our top-of-the-line LED football scoreboard. 

5.4 LED Cricket Scoreboard


There are three common types of LED cricket scoreboard – basic LED cricket scoreboard, premium cricket LED scoreboard and scoreboard trolley.

Various data can be displayed such as total, wickets, overs & 1st Innings, both batter runs and batter number.

These electronic scoreboards often feature durable powder coated steel frame and UV stable acrylic.

If you want to make a scoreboard trolley, then you can customize the sizes, and the mobility of the trolley is high with 4 Swivel castors.

What is more, many accessories you can choose from such as playclocks and auxiliary displays, scoreboard border striping, striping around individual digit sections, multiple caption options, advertising/identification sign panels, decorative accents, add-on video display panels of various sizes, and service contracts.

5.5 LED Hockey Scoreboard

There are also three types for LED hockey scoreboard: LED video screen, single-sided scoreboard and center-hanging LED scoreboard.

It can display timers, shot clocks, penalty box indicators, and team logos. Hockey LED scoreboards are crucial for monitoring critical game information such as the score, time left, and other essential statistics during a match, making them indispensable tools in both professional and amateur hockey leagues across the globe.

5.6 LED Tennis Scoreboard

A tennis LED scoreboard is a digital display used in tennis matches to show the current score, game information, and other relevant data. It typically consists of LED panels arranged in a specific layout to provide clear visibility for players, spectators, and officials. The scoreboard can display the scores for each player or team, set scores, game counts, and other relevant information such as time, player names, and match statistics. 

LED display can be used as video wall, video scoreboards and sound systems to highlight upcoming events and show multiple scores.

6. To Sum up

Digital LED scoreboard have many special functions that can support the efficient operation of the entire game, while working accurately and presenting good visual effects. 

In this article, we discuss how LED scoreboards operate in different sports, such as football, basketball, and baseball, as well as their size and corresponding possible prices.