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Why Choose LED Signages from Linsn LED

Linsn LED is a globally recognized provider of high-quality and budget-friendly LED display solutions, dedicated to offering professional services to customers all around the world.

1. Our products are certified with CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS, and IECEE, ensuring optimal quality and performance.

2. We have successfully expanded our markets overseas, in countries such as Europe, America, South Korea, and Thailand.

3. Over the years, we have been trusted in more than 10,000 projects, which has contributed to our well-earned reputation.

4. Our factory spans over 12,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production machinery, and boasts strict quality control procedures to ensure top-tier LED displays.

5. We are committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of superior LED display solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve our global customers with excellence.

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Where Can You Use Digital LED Signages?


Shopping Mall LED Signages

Digital LED screens can be used for various places in shopping malls such as glass window, storefront signboard, cinemas, besides the elevators, super markets and so on.

(1) Advertise products 

LED displays can be used as an effective way to attract people’s attention to advertise products and services.

(2) Save more energy

Compared with other kinds of screens, LED panels can display the contents clearly with lower power consumption.


Wayfinding Signs

LED signs are widely used in bus stations, subway stations and airports as wayfinding boards.

The high brightness, clear displaying performances, high contrast ratio and many other advantages support LED panels become the mainstream for wayfinding boards!

It can supports multiple colors and wide grayscale to show the contents vividly without problems of flickering.

Dynamic Content: LED displays allow for dynamic and interactive content, unlike traditional static signage. This is a useful feature for LED signs that needs to change contents frequently.


Any Place of Commercial Operation

Here we just list some of them for you to refer to:

(1) Retail stores such as supermarkets, clothing stores, and electronics stores.

(2) Restaurants, cafes, and bars.

(3) Service-based businesses such as hair salons, spas, and car repair shops.

(4) Entertainment venues such as movie theaters and amusement parks.

(5) Offices and coworking spaces.

(6) Hotels and resorts.

Basically any place of commercial operation you can utilise them to bring more revenues and human traffic for you!

LED Signage Costs

How much does LED signage cost? Typically, the price range for LED signs starts at $15,000 and can go up to $50,000. However, customized signs may incur additional costs. 

Here are some typical factors related to the digital sign board costs:

(1) Brands: the brands of LED panels will decide the prices even they are almost the same price level. Linsn LED always provides the best price with high-quality LED screen compared with competitors.

(2) Pixel pitch: the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price. Small pixel pitch represents high definition and better image quality.

(3) Installer: skilled installers will save you lots of time so that saving your budgets. Of course, make sure the company provides the proper equipment to installation services.

(4) Warranty: the warranty offered also decides the prices. You can ask for the details. Linsn LED provids 3-years warranty for our customers worldwide to ensure excellent customer experiences!

(5) Other factors: there are many other factors determine the cost, for example, installation sites, single or double-sided screen, manufacturer and so on.

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In this post, we will talk about LED signage for business from several aspects including the purpose of such screens, the factors that related to the prices, why it is suitable for business area, the advantages you can get from it, and recommended products! 

Just follow us to read it until to the end now!

Table of Contents

1. What Is the Purpose of LED Signage for Business?

The purpose of LED signage for business can be various, here we will list some of them for you:

(1) Attention-grabbing advertising ways

The high-bright, eye-catching digital LED signage can be easily seen from a longer distance compared with traditional printed signage.

The changeable contents with vivid visual performance, high refresh rate, high contrast ratio and wide grayscale allow these signage to advertise the contents in a more attractive way to grab everyone’s attentions!


(2) Suitable for a variety of locations

LED signage can be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising, wayfinding, branding, and communicating important information such as safety messages or event schedules. 

It is commonly used in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, and other public spaces where visibility and impact are important.

(3) Cost-effective

LED signage is known for its energy efficiency and durability, surpassing other conventional signage options to display company logo, products and services. 

They consume less power, leading to reduced electricity expenses. Moreover, the long lifespan of LED modules translates into lower maintenance and replacement costs over time.

(4) High effective branding and promotion methods

If you want to gain more customer engagement and more human traffic, then digital signage can help create brand recognition.

(5) Outdoor application available

It can withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as rain, wind and extreme temperatures. It can display contents steadily under different weather conditions and temperatures.

2. Do LED Signs Increase Business?

LED signage have the potential to increase business by multiple advantages such as attracting attention, conveying messages in a more vivid way and increasing visibility.

For instance, they can increase brand awareness by displaying logo and advertisements to improve brand recognition.

The reasons why they can increase business can be listed as below:

3. How Much Does LED Signage Cost?

There are many factors to influence LED signage costs such as sizes, resolution, configurations, and design. Here we give you some of them:

(1) Sizes

(2) Resolution

(3) Design

(4) Customization

(5) Quality

Typically, the costs of outdoor LED signs for business will be more expensive than indoor LED signs for business. 

4. Why LED Screen Is Suitable for Business Signage?

So why has LED signage become the new darling of the outdoor advertising industry? What are its advantages compared to other advertising media?

(1) Diverse advertising methods

LED screen can create immersive visual experiences in innovative shapes such as 3D LED displays and creative LED screens. Compared with traditional advertising screens, they have more possibility to provide higher-effective advertising method.

(2) Easy management and operation

Outdoor LED screens do not require on-site operation. All displayed information can be remotely network-controlled, and only requires a mouse click to change the screen information, achieving network cluster advertising displays for cities and regions and saving time and effort.

(3) Excellent visual performances

LED screens with high-quality chips provide people with excellent visual performances.

5. Where Is Digital Signs for Businesses Gaining Popularity?

There are many gaining popularity during many fields such as business, educations, medical industry and so on.

The examples of digital signs for businesses:

(1) LED restaurant sign

Such as menu board. Restaurant and cafe use these digital menu to display menu items, prices, and promotional activities. The LED screen for restaurant can increase the turnover rate a lot.

(2) Wayfinding signage

Shopping mall LED display, airports LED display and hotels can use them to provide directions and useful information to visitors.


(3) LED company signs

Companies utilize them to display internal announcements, performance metrics, and event schedules for corporate promotion.

(4) LED sign for store

For example, LED storefront signs and advertising signs can advertise products and services of stores to bring more sales revenues. 


(5) LED building signs

Signage can be hung on the exterior walls of buildings, and can come in various sizes, serving as a means of corporate promotion, attracting foot traffic, and promoting investment. 

These outdoor LED signs for business hold a significant share of the outdoor advertising market due to their strong protection capabilities, stable support structures, high brightness, and powerful visual performance.

6. Product Recommendation


EV960 Series Outdoor LED Display

  • 480*320mm Panel Design
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation Technology
  • Dual Service with Frontal and Real Maintenance
  • High Protection Aluminum Chassis Panel Design
  • CE,Rohs Approved
  • 3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part
ma640 indoor led display

MA640 Indoor Frontal Service LED Display Screen

  • 640×480mm Size Cabinet, 320×160mm Module
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation Technology
  • Frontal Service Design for Easy Installation
  • CE, RoHS, FCC Approved
  • 3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part

7. Conclusions

LED signage for business can generate more profits than you think by its outstanding features such as strong protection ability, clear images and high resolution, and cost-effective prices! For any more information you want to know about these displays, just contact us right now by filling the simple contact form!