Dot Calibration LED Display,Dot To Dot Correction For LED Screen

Linsn Dot Calibration Technology For led display screen, linsn led Provide the Dot to Dot Correction Solutions For All LED Display Control Systems, Such As Linsn,Novastar,Colorlight, Etc.

What is LED Display Dot Calibration?

LED Dot Calibration is an pixel-by-pixel Correction technology for led screen,it can adjust the LEDs which at different color and brightness to the same color and brightness level.Make the different batches led display or old led screen to the same display color and brightness level.
Dot Calibration for LED screen

Why is LED Pixel Correction necessary for LED Display Screen?

As we know,the main components of led display is LED Chip,LED Driving IC,PCB,etc.LED Chips including Red,Green,Blue.each color has its own wavelength and different current.Normally,we ideally thought that led display module has the same brightness and display color if we use the same led chip brand.

For New LED Display Screen:

First,Same Brand LEDs from different production time have the brightness and color difference. Second,Same Brand LEDs from the same production time but different led display module production period,will have the different brightness and display color.
These many reasons that cause the led display have the brightness and color difference.many other factors need be considered.such as:
  1. the led module mask color.
  2. the driving ic of led module.
  3. the flatness between led display module.
  4. the flatness between led display cabinet.
So if you have the high demanding in images quality of the LED video display,we advise you dot to dot correction service.
LED module Correction

For Old LED Display Screen:

When LED display screen has been using for one or two years,because of the led chips attenuation .the color uniformity of led screen will be deteriorated and showing up some large pits, bright and dark spots and even mosaic which we called unevenness phenonmenon.People usually use the LED displays for many years to make advertising for profit.if the color and brightness difference of the LED displays is too big,the led display will be useless.So it is necessary to use dot calibration to make the display has color&brightness conformity,give the old LED display a new life.
Old LED display Dot Calibration

For rental led display

Normally,we buy rental led screen for our rental business,but if we want to buy the same pixel rental led display more to make bigger rental led display,different batches of LED panels have color and brightness it will be necessary to do the pixel calibration for the different batches of rental led display to make the same color and brightness uniformity.

How to make the Dot to Dot Correction for LED Screen?

Attention: Dot Correction need the professional engineer and camera.please do not try it without training.
Necessary Jobs & Equipment:
  1. The Working LED Display In Dark Environment.
  2. LED Correction Software.
  3. The Support Calibration Camera.(Standard Canon Camera or Professional Devices.)

Standard Canon Camera is easy and efficient,divide the whole calibration area into several smaller areas,Linsn exclusive algorithm to eliminate calibration difference among smaller calibration areas.

Professional devices be able to achieve the best effects,innovative interval pixel calibration,brings shockingly-good-after calibration for one cabinet,and one final process for all calibration to make every cabinet fit each other.
Standard Canon Camera for Dot Calibration LED display

For more operation,please download:

LEDCorrection Software for LED display
These pictures are dot to dot correction applications to make the different batches led module or old led display to the same color and brightness.
after dot Calibration LED display