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Linsn DS802 LED Sending Card for Double Color LED Display


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DS802 LED Sending Card/Sender/Transmitter For Doubloe Color

ds802 led card

Function:Receiving signals from computer then fedding to led receiving card/receiver/scan board.


5V, 2A
Can put inside the PC by PCI slot, or put outside the PC by adding a 5V power supply.
One card can max support 2048(width)*640(height) pixels (with U and D outputs).
One card with one network cable output can support 1600*400 or 2048*320 pixels.
Model 802 has the audio data transmission function. To apply TS802's audio function, a function board is needed.
Its dip switch can realize max four cards cascaded, to meed a larger resolution needs.
Linsn DS802 is double-color sender, can control real pixel, virtual pixel, double color and single color display.

To support a control send a card with multiple screens can be any combination of the working status of the multi-block-screen synchronized display, independent play, etc. through shortcut keys to quickly switch.
256 automatically adjust the brightness
256 automatic brightness adjustment feature lets you display brightness adjustment is more effective.
Program online upgrade feature
If the display card receiving procedures need to upgrade, simply open the power of large screen LED Studio can upgrade process, do not need to receive the card demolition away from the big screen can be upgraded.
To break through the traditional concept of the DIP switch
DIP switch design, all settings are set via the computer.
Test function
Receiver card integration test, then do not send cards to test the display, slash, gray, red, green, blue, full brightness, etc. a variety of test mode.

Long transmission distance:
Transmission up to 170 meters (measured) to ensure the transmission of 140 meters.