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Linsn SB-8 LED Sender Box with DS801 Inside,DS851 LED Control Box


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DS851 LED Control Box,Linsn SB-8 LED Sender Box with DS801 Inside

ds851 sender box

DS851 LED Sending Card (Double color, with outer box)

Function:To work easily with laptop and to be able to minimize the size of control computer.

5V, 2A
The outer box contains one DS801 sending card and a power supply.
There is space for an industrial PC, including special mother board and hard disc.
With extra mouse.
16 grades brightness control.
Dimension: 40.5cm by 20.7cm by 5.9cm.

To support a control send a card with multiple screens can be any combination of the working status of the multi-block-screen synchronized display, independent play, etc. through shortcut keys to quickly switch.
256 automatically adjust the brightness
256 automatic brightness adjustment feature lets you display brightness adjustment is more effective.
Program online upgrade feature
If the display card receiving procedures need to upgrade, simply open the power of large screen LEDStudio can upgrade process, do not need to receive the card demolition away from the big screen can be upgraded.
To break through the traditional concept of the DIP switch
DIP switch design, all settings are set via the computer.
Test function
Receiver card integration test, then do not send cards to test the display, slash, gray, red, green, blue, full brightness, etc. a variety of test mode.