LED Display System Solution – Electronic Podium

Whether it is teaching or workplace needs, as long as there is a large exchange of places, will need a podium. The traditional podium has messy wiring and single function; Using the standard projector as the screen display mode, it needs to be carried out in the environment of turning off the lights and drawing the curtains, and the overall effect is poor. 

But the LED display + electronic Podium solution can effectively solve the problems existing in the traditional platform solution, through a highly integrated system solution, you can bring a pleasant listening experience to the audience.

Electronic Podium led display

The overall solution mainly includes two parts: an electronic platform +LED display control system. Through the combination of electronic lectern and LED display control system, real-time explanation annotation is realized, so that the audience can further understand the subject content.

Usage method

  • The content that needs to be displayed can be imported into the electronic platform through the U disk, and the electronic platform can be displayed to the user.
  • The electronic platform integrates the microphone function, and the user explains at the electronic platform and uses the microphone as voice input; The electronic platform is connected with the sound through the audio cable, the voice information is input into the sound, and the sound effect is played by the sound.
  • The electronic platform can be wirelessly connected with the LED display through the screen projector, and can also be connected with the LED display through the HDMI cable to transfer the picture information, achieve the function of small screen control and large screen, and display the picture to the audience with the high-definition LED display.


  • The electronic platform can adjust the height to meet the needs of speakers so that users are more comfortable; In addition, the electronic platform is also equipped with hidden casters, which can be easily moved to reduce the handling pressure
  • HD LED display adopts nanosecond display technology, no picture shake and dislocation, the visual effect is clearer and shocking, the overall smooth does not stall, greatly saving time and improving efficiency.
  • LED display with high definition, high saturation, high contrast, but also can automatically adjust the brightness, without closing the window, easily create a bright, open, efficient meeting environment.

Hot product recommendation

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MA640 indoor led wall

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ma250 series double-sided led display

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