The overall impact of the epidemic on the LED display industry is not significant

The overall impact of the epidemic on the LED display industry is not significant. ” Nationstar, San’an, HC SemiTek, Shenzhen MTC … resumed on Feb. 10th , and most factories- around 90% factories resumed on Feb. 24th.

Nationstar factory
The first week of resumption, the production line is busy and orderly in Nationstar factory.
On February 10th , a group of LED companies fired the first shot to resume work. In the following days, more and more companies joined the starting team. According to incomplete statistics, as of now, more than 50 LED companies have officially resumed work, including more than 25 listed companies. Nationstar, San’an, HC SemiTek, Dongshan Precision, Shenzhen MTC and other leading upstream and downstream enterprises have all started construction.

In addition to the corporate dynamics covered in the above, let’s take a look at what other major events have happened in the industry these weeks? Company News–Overview of internal and external changes.

1. Dongshan Precision(DSBJ) stated that the company and its subsidiaries have successively received approval from the government to resume work. Under the condition that the epidemic situation can be controlled, the company has started to gradually resume work.
2. Nationstar recently stated that the company strictly implemented the return and isolation measures for relevant personnel in accordance with the epidemic prevention policy. Starting February 10, it will arrange personnel to return to work in batches in an effort to resolve the impact of the epidemic on production and operation. (Learn more!)
3. HC SemiTek official news, the company has resumed work on February 10. Before the resumption of work, the company has established an epidemic prevention and control command meeting group to form a system and staffing arrangements for staff arrival, quarantine measures, material protection, daily life arrangements, and emergency handling mechanisms to ensure implementation.
4. From Feb. 10, Aoto LED will resume work gradually and orderly according to government arrangements. In response to the needs of the country and customers for epidemic prevention, the company actively organizes personnel to develop new products with epidemic prevention and control functions. At the same time, it also makes technical reserves for the company’s rapid development in the future.
5. Epistar said that during the Spring Festival, the factories on both sides of the company will still deploy manpower to stay in production during the Spring Festival. At present, the mainland factories still maintain about 6 to 7 adults and operate normally
6. Everlight Electronics, a subsidiary of Everlight in mainland China, has been approved to start construction. However, Everlight Electronics (Zhongshan), located in Guangdong, has submitted an application for resumption of work and is in the process of approval in accordance with local government policies.
7. Shenzhen MTC shares revealed that the company ’s main supplier supply chain is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, the LED industry chain is mainly concentrated on itself, and the overall resumption time of materials is delayed, which will have a certain impact in the short term. Great improvement.
8. Cmsemicon announced that the company plans to use Lingang New Area to build high-end semiconductor equipment R & D and industrialization projects.
9. Honglitronic said on the interactive platform that the company’s subsidiary Guangzhou Bytech produces core components of UVC LED disinfection lamps.
10. According to British media reports, a few days ago, London-based engineering contracting giant TClarke signed a five-year agreement with connected lighting manufacturer Gooee, which will exclusively provide it with advanced technology in the UK. TClarke has the sole right to sell, install and maintain the Gooee Smart Building Product Suite.
11. 90% of pile foundation projects have been completed in the main plant area of Changsha Huike 8.6 Generation Project. Changsha Huike’s 8.6th generation of ultra-high-definition new display device production line project has resumed construction a few days ago. At present, 90% of the pile foundation projects have been completed in the main plant area. It is expected that the project will be capped in early August this year as originally planned. After the project is completed, it will become the first large-size OLED production line in China.
12. Hunan to achieve new display industry scale exceeding 150 billion yuan by 2022The Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology recently released the “Three-year Action Plan for the Development of New-type Display Device Industrial Chains in Hunan Province (2020-2022)”. At the core, Shaoyang, Yongzhou, Hengyang, and Chenzhou support the “one core, multiple points” industrial structure.
13. Absen’s 2019 net profit declines 60%. On February 18th, Absen released the 2019 annual results report. The company’s annual revenue reached 2.180 billion yuan, an increase of 9.71% year-on-year, and net profit attributable to its mother was 94.898 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 60.61%. Basic earnings per share were 0.2978 yuan, a 60.68% year-on-year decrease.
14. Dinglong’s 2019 net profit declines 86%. On February 20, Dinglong Co., Ltd. released its 2019 annual performance report. The company’s annual revenue reached 1.173 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12.29%, and net profit attributable to the mother was 38.889 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 86.80%. Basic earnings per share were 0.04 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 87.10%.

Frontier strike—capturing the technological trend of the industry

1. Plessey and Compound Photonics (CP), a micro LED solution provider for AR / MR in the United States, previously announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop and launch GaN-on-silicon based micro LED micro display solutions for AR / MR applications. On the 12th, the two parties announced the production of the first fully addressable AR / MR Micro led display modules.
2. Samsung announced that the enterprise-grade version of its bezel-less and ultra-thin wall-mounted TV series can now be increased up to 583 inches. Resolution has also reached the advanced level in large LED displays at present, reaching 8K. It has been released at the European Integrated Systems Show (ISE) 2020.
Linsn LED factory
Many seniors in the led display screen industry chain said that from the current point of view, the overall impact of the epidemic on the LED display industry is small, and it will have a short-term impact on some export-oriented companies. An industry insider who asked not to be named said that the impact of the epidemic on SMEs was greater, and some small businesses might even be eliminated. “Large and medium-sized enterprises have advantages in terms of capital, technology, supply chain and sales network. Even if they are affected in the short term, they will recover soon!
The epidemic will bring new applications such as UV LEDs and health lighting. Through this epidemic, people will attach great importance to deep UV LEDs and provide them with a good development opportunity.
Most-around 90% factories resumed production on Feb. 24th, while the main problem for enterprise to resume production is personnel- workers rate back to position. (At present, the return rate is high at 60% -70%, while the worse is only 10% -20%).
Many cities joined the war to fight for more employees, especially world factory: Shenzhen, Dongguan, etc. And governments also helped with many policies to attract more workers especially Frontline workers, while still the resume rate reaches around 50%.

It’s better to plan earlier for annual purchase especially if any urgent project for below points:

The leading time will be affected somehow in a short term. Due to raw material & personnel reason, production rhythm will be slowed down.

The 2020 price war should not be so fierce and prices will be stable. Epidemic forced companies to adjust and optimize structure, factory need more cost to keep the same quality.

The annual output value will decline. Due to delayed demand of first season, the demand of second season is expected to be increased a lot. While for the whole year, the annual output value is supposed to decline compared to last year.

When will you restart production
Including “ How’re you? Hope you’re safe free from virus” & “When will you restart production?”, The question that has been asked a lot is that: “Is it safe to receive cargo from China? “See what WHO answer in Twitter below please, which you can also show to your customer & final customers to clear their wonders. and linsn led aslo do the necessary jobs before starting the work and shipping the led video wall.