EV960 EX Series

High Quality LED Display

Two Size Available

With 960*960*90mm and 640*640*90mm sizes available.

Lightweight and Thin

The LED display is highly portable and stable, weighing only 13kg for a 640*640mm cabinet and 27kg for a 960*960MM cabinet, with a thickness of just 90mm. 

Its lightweight design enables easy carrying, transportation, and installation, ultimately saving significant labor costs.

Actively dissipate heat

The system is simple: it’s environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and durable. With no need for air conditioning or fans, it requires minimal maintenance, consumes less power, and emits low heat.

Front and rear maintain

Lightweight design and integrated rotary lock pins make installation and maintenance easy from both front and rear. 

This simplifies operations, reduces construction challenges, and accessing the power and control box is straightforward: remove the panel and cover plate from the front.

Easy installation

The outer steel frame is equipped with self-guiding positioning plates, streamlining assembly and significantly enhancing flatness.

Support 3D Display

It can be seamlessly assembled into various arcs and angles, expanding its versatility across different installation scenarios and applications.

Light integrated power & control box

The power and control box is crafted from a lightweight metal alloy, ensuring easy maintenance. 

Its integrated protective junction box features tidy threading and high water resistance. With efficient heat dissipation, there’s no need for air conditioning, making it highly weather-resistant.

Automatic positioning

The steel frame design incorporates upper and lower positioning guide plates and screws for added convenience. When securing the panel onto the steel frame, a 7mm adjustable range is provided both above and below, ensuring high fault tolerance and easy assembly.

More Features

1:1 Ratio



Pixel pitch2.5mm3.076mm4mm5mm6.67mm8mm10mm
Panel Size640*640*90mm960*960*90mm
Panel Resolution256x256dots208x208dots240x240dots192x192dots144x144dots120x120dots96x96dots
LED1415 SMD1415 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD
Unit Size640*160mm960*160mm
Unit Resolution256x64dots208x52dots240x40dots192x32dots144x24dots120x20dots96x16dots
WeightLight metal alloy material
Service WayFront and Rear
Brightness≥5000 cd/㎡≥6000 cd/㎡
Max Power consumption600W/㎡500W/㎡
Avg Power consumption200W/㎡150W/㎡
Working voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Operating EnvironmentOutdoor
Refresh rate≥3840Hz
Operation power voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Operational temperature-40°C to +60°C / 14°F to 104°F
Operational humidity10-80%
IP ratingIP65
Warranty3 years standard product warranty

Product Videos

960*960 Cabinet Details

640*640 Cabinet Details

More Cabinet Details

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