EV960 ES Series

High Quality Outdoor Energy Saving LED Display

es960 led cabinet cover

960*960mm Size

EV960 ES Series Energy Saving LED Display is Linsn’s latest Common Cathode Aluminum Display with a size of 960*960mm and a high IP66 waterproof level. Unique panel design with 480*320mm size. Ultra-low heat and power consumption, providing an excellent visual experience.

es960 size

Excellent Design

Excellent cabinet design with module layout, back cover, location tab, fast lock, module handle, and more.

es960 structure guidance

High-definition Picture, Restore Ture Color

5000:1 Ultra-high contrast ratio, which can greatly improve the contrast between light and dark, and enhance the details of the picture.

Unique LED Module

Unique LED display panel design with 480*320mm and 960*960mm cabinet size. The weight of a single module is just 2KG.

es960 high-quality led module and back

Front and Rear Service

Full waterproof, fully-sealed design and die-casting aluminum module chassis, offering high protecting Rating (front and rear) IP66.

es960 frontal and back services

Recycling, Environment-friendly and Economical

EV960 ES is a Common Cathode LED display with a die-cast aluminum chassis, and the whole product can be recycled at a rate of 90%. The display also has a long lifetime and good heat dissipation performance.

Common Cathode LED Display

More Features

1:1 Ratio


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Model nameP4.4P5P5.7P6.67P8P10
Pixel Pitch (mm)4.455.76.67810
Pixel Density (dot/panel)795861444704345624001536
LED sealing TypeSMD1921SMD1921SMD2727SMD2727SMD2727SMD3535
Module Size (mm * mm)480*320480*320480*320480*320480*320480*320
Module Resolution (PX* PX)110*7296*6484*5672*4860*4048*32
Brightness (cd/m2)50006500(typ.) (5000-6500 Adjustable)5500550060006000
Grey Scale(bit)≥14≥14≥14≥14≥14≥14
Refresh Rate (Hz)≥38401920~3840≥3840≥3840≥3840≥3840
Maximum Cabinet Power Consumption (W)550≤780550550550600
Average Cabinet Power Consumption (W)300≤250300300300300
Cabinet Size (mm * mm)960*960960*960960*960960*960960*960960*960
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 25KG≤24 kg 25KG 25KG 25KG 25KG
Cabinet Thickness(mm)75106mm75757575
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg)160≥140 degrees160160160160
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg)140120 degrees140140140140
Input Voltage (V)110-220V/200-240V110-220V/200-240V110-220V/200-240V110-220V/200-240V110-220V/200-240V110-220V/200-240V
Working Temperature (℃)-20~ +40-20~ +60-20~ +40-20~ +40-20~ +40-20~ +40
Working humidity(RH)10%~90%10~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Storage temperature range-40~ +80’-40~ +80-40~ +80-40~ +80-40~ +80-40~ +80
Operation humidity (RH):10%~90%10~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Waterproof LevelIP66Front: IP65/ Rear: IP65IP66IP66IP66IP66
working life50000H≥100,000hrs50000H50000H50000H50000H
Working Environment:OutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoorOutdoor
Installtion MethodFixed InstallationFixed InstallationFixed InstallationFixed InstallationFixed InstallationFixed Installation
Cabinet Resolution218*218192 x 192168*168144*144120*12096*96
Cabinet MaterialsProfile AluminiumProfile AluminiumProfile AluminiumProfile AluminiumProfile AluminiumProfile Aluminium
Contrast Ratio≥4000:1≥4000:1≥4000:1≥4000:1≥4000:1≥4000:1
MaintenaceFront & Rear AccessFront & Rear AccessFront & Rear AccessFront & Rear AccessFront & Rear AccessFront & Rear Access

Tech Support

Linsn LED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covers installation, configuring, and anything about LED display, please check our contact us page.

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