Linsn EV960 Outdoor Energy Saving LED Display

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Linsn EV960 outdoor energy-saving LED display with size of 960*960mm, excellent energy-saving ability which can save you lots of money in the long-term.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with perfect design and outstanding displaying performances with high brightness and high contrast rate.

Take some time to know this product will no doubt help you find the ideal LED display screens for your business.

Excellent Energy-saving Ability

Linsn EV960 series can save more power consumption cost than other competing goods while still with higher brightness.

For example, only 152w/㎡ is needed for EV960 series with brightness up to 7000 nits while 185w/㎡ of electricity will be consumed for Absen XD series with brightness only 6000 nits.

The average cabinet power consumption of EV960 Outdoor LED display is only 150w.

Linsn EV960 adopts CCES technology, meaning lower power consumption with high brightness available which up to 10,000 nits!

High Contrast with High Brightness

Linsn EV960 outdoor energy-saving LED display supports high brightness up to 7000 to 12000 nits, and contrast ratio 16500:1.

With its low power consumption, it can achieve super high-quality displaying with low operation costs, and detailed and vivid pictures that can give your audiences nice viewing experiences.

No fear to direct sunlight and changeable ambient light,  it shows the pictures perfectly and clearly.

Perfect Cabinet Design

reliable outdoor led display ev960

Aesthetic appearance with practical functions:

1) Full sealed die-casting aluminum module chassis;

2) Waterproof connectors between modules;

3) 90% Metal material – seamless splicing cabinet;

4) Great protection design preventing moisture and heat;

5) Humanized installation and maintenance design with super-quick connection and disassembly;


Super Light Weight

weight of EV960 outdoor LED cabinets

EV960 series LED display owns supper light weight to ease the burden of transportation and installation.

Weight: only 28KG/㎡ for aluminum frame

Weight: only 31KG/㎡ for mental frame

Aluminum Chassis

Linsn ev960 outdoor energy saving led display screens

Linsn EV960 outdoor energy-saving LED display adopts aluminum chassis which can lead the heat of the lamp board emitted through the glue facing to the air.

Compared with competing goods that are only designed with closed chassis, Linsn EV960 has better heat dissipation ability.

Convenient Edge Lock

lock system of ev960 Linsn LED screen

Linsn LED EV960 series adopts edge lock without screwing design while traditional LED screens use many screws when to install or maintain.

Only 8s installation with the quick and reliable locks helps to save budgets and energy!

Neat Cable Channel Design

cable design of ev960 led display

The cable channels are designed at the bottom of the LED panel, which are more neat and elegant.

It allows cable to hide inside, and protects the cable from bitten by rats and insects.

Easy Handle Hole

handle hole of ev960

EV960 series has special handle holes to help to move and lift it easily.

More details you can find on this cabinet all express the humanized concepts of designers.

Total Back and Front Services

dual services outdoor LED display EV960 series

Linsn LED EV960 series outdoor LED cabinet supports real dual services, allowing both back and front services.

The dual services ability helps EV960 achieves super fast assembly and disassembly which can save costomers’ time and budgets.

Fast Installation and Maintenance

EV960 modules, power supply and receiving card support total front and back maintenance, and cabinets support front or back installation.

This specialty can save you lots of time and energy when operating  installation and maintenance.

installation and dual maintenance of EV960 outdoor LED display

The dual services design, fast four locks, light and thin cabinet, humanized details all make the installation super easy.

Only 8 seconds, you can install the EV960 LED cabinet quickly and reliably.

Support Curved LED Screen

Linsn EV960 series supports customized curved installation with seamless splicing.

This can meet various installation requirements of locations where need curved LED display screen.

EV960 curved outdoor LED screen

Multiple Sizes Available

Available size:

960*1280mm/960*960mm/960*640mm/1440*1280mm/ 1440*960mm

Available pixel pitch:

P6.67, P8, P10

The cabinet size:

960*960mm with thickness only 75mm

LED display module size:


Parameters of ev960 outdoor LED cabinet
Product EV960
Maintenance Total Front and Back service
Heat dissipation Aluminum chassis
PUB connector Pin Header
Fixed mode Easy lock
Power supply/ Hub card Maintenance Total Front and Back service
Power box heat dissipation design Natural heat dissipation + Rib
Power/ Signal connection Seatronic Aviation connector
Installation Front and Back mounting
Panel material Aluminum
Handle Left and right handle hole
Panel thickness(mm) 75

Realiable Protection Ability

Strong Flame Resistence

The whole screen can reach 5VB fireproof protection level, owns high heat durability that can resist heat to cause unnessary damages to the inner components.

strong heat dissipation of ev960 led screen
Flame retardant gradeAfter 10-second burn tests on the sampleHow many seconds will the flame be extinguished?Can the drop particles ignite cotton?
5VB5 times60 secondsYes
V-02 times30 secondsNo
V-12 times60 secondsNo
V-22 times60 secondsNo
HBFor samples 3-13 mm thick, the combustion rate ≤ 40 mm/min; Samples ≤ 3 mm thick, burning speed ≤ 70 mm/min.

Strong Waterproof and Dustproof Resistence

Linsn EV960 can reach waterproof level of IP66, while basically other competing products can only reach IP65.

The product design shows every detail that can help to improve the protection level such as cooling ribs, drain hole, aluminum chassis and heat-resistant raw materials.

protection level of Linsn EV960 series outdoor LED display screen

Drain hole is designed at the bottom of the panel to prevent ponding.

The highest waterproofing level can reduce water entering as much as possible, and help to prolong the products’ life.

Testing Report Download


Model name P6.67 P8 P10
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.667 8 10
Pixel Density (dot/m2) 22500 15625 10000
LED sealing Type SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535
Module Size (mm * mm) 480*320 480*320 480*320
Module Resolution (PX* PX) 72*48 60*40 48*32
Brightness (cd/m2) 6000 6500 6500
Grey Scale(bit) ≥14 ≥14 ≥14
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840 3840 3840
Maximum Cabinet Power Consumption (W) 550 550 550
Average Cabinet Power Consumption (W) 150 150 150
Cabinet Size (mm * mm) 960*960 960*960 960*960
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 28KG 28KG 28KG
Cabinet Thickness(mm) 75 75 75
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg) 160
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg) 140
Input Voltage (V) 110-220V/200-240V
Working Temperature (℃) -20~ +40
Working humidity(RH) 10%~90%
Storage temperature range -40~ +80
Operation humidity (RH): 10%~90%
Waterproof Level IP67
working life 50000H
Working Environment: Outdoor
Installtion Method Fixed Installation

Linsn EV960 series energy-saving outdoor LED screen has high displaying performances, high protection level, reasonable cabinet design, multiple sizes and pixel pitch available and so on. Linsn EV960 enjoys many advantages over other competing products with the same and even lower prices.

For more, just click Linsn EV960 energy-saving LED display!