Best FAQ – LED Rental Display Products and Services

Have you ever had some questions about LED display rental business? Before we contact with the suppliers, knowing some frequently asked questions can help to improve the efficiency, and support you to target the core point that really will influence your rental decisions finally. Today we will list some frequently asked questions about LED rental display, and hope you can benefit from it!

What Services Can I Suppose Included with My LED Rental

What services can we expect to have if we make a LED display rental business with a supplier? 

First, the cost should include the timely after-sale services such as technical support during your renting term. Please remember the reliable services is a key point when choosing the company, especially under the condition where you are a LED novice.

Second, there will be a LED technician onsite for the setup, operation, and tearing down the rental LED screen.

Third, sound and power are usually included in your rental rate. However, some typical cost such as the additional installation workers, and the camera feeds are charged additionally under most the time.

LED Screen Rental FAQ

How Much Time the Set-up Will Cost?

Generally speaking, the installation of rental mobile LED screen will cost less time than modular rental LED screen. The set-up of the former can be fast and labor saving, and it even can be completed within 30 minutes. And the modular LED video walls are a little more labor intensive, and the probable time costing is determined by the size of the screen.

If your rental LED screen for events is a large one, don’t forget to leave enough time for the preparation.

What Is the Cost for LED Screen Rental?

The prices we will pay is beyond doubt one of the most concerned issues. Usually, the LED display companies don’t tend to list the LED screen rental prices online as the costs can be diverse because of specification, events location, functions, availability and so on. Fortunately, there are still some rules you can follow in order to have a general conception and estimation of the composition of the prices. Please refer to Rental LED Screen Cost to get clear and practicle guide.

Do You Supply Power?

The mobile ones usually contain on-board generator power, and modular LED displays frequently include power supply if it is a necessity, but some companies also will charge for them.

The amount of power needed usually based on the size of LED screen, and the power requirements should be communicated timely and throughly with your LED display rental company at the stage of planning.


Mobile LED Display Rental


What Is the Pixel Pitch?

The pixel pitch relates the distance between centers of two neighboring pixel points. The lower the distance, the higher the pixel density and the image resolution. More detailed cases you can refer to Frequent Term of LED Display.

You need to choose the appropriate pixel pitch upon some basic elements such as the viewing distance of your targeted audiences, the event locations, the cost effectiveness and so on. Consult with the reliable rental LED company, and you will get professional advice.

Will Sound Be Provided?

Mobile LED displays will contain on-board speakers, and the modular LED wall may provide this or you will need to pay for them, so consult with your supplier in advance.  

Are Outdoor Rental LED Display Waterproof?

They are certainly should be waterproof, and the waterproof rating should reach IP65 in most outdoor conditions. Besides, they also should be dust proof to prevent the dust entering inside then destroying or affecting the inner electronics.  

In a word, it should have high resilience to tackle the changeable surrounding environment. For example, the outdoor LED display should show the images on the screen clearly even under direct sunlight. In night, the brightness can decrease so as to safeguard viewers’ eyes.

What Contents Can I Display?

There is almost no limitation to what you want to play on the rental LED wall – you can display advertisements, movies, scorings, camera feeds, statistic pictures and so on. It is easy to understand that the content possibility has huge potentials with the display technologies been developing for decades.

However, some factors such as the resolution of the LED display screen, the video input and output should be reviewed before you deliver your content to the screen. The incompatibility between the video sources and the specifications of the LED rental wall will lead to the sources wasting. Still the same, ask the LED rental company for more details before your activities, and they shall give you practical suggestions.

FAQ Outdoor LED Rental Display

TV, Projectors, Rental LED Display, Which One Do I really Need?

For this question, you can consider them from the matching degree of your exact requirements and the features of these media devices. There are several questions you can consider from:

1)Where is the location site? See if it is indoor or outdoor? If the application site is outdoor, then the changing environment may ask for stronger durability, and the LED screen will be best for you.

2)Whether there will be mass simultaneous viewing, and whether you need high-quality display even under the sunlight? If the answer is the yes, then the rental LED screen wall stands out for its discretionary size and adjustable brightness.

Finally, there is a “popular contestants” – LCD screen. It comes forward due to the comparatively low initial price point, and mature technology. You can click LED and LCD for more tips for making a choice between them.


This article lists some FAQs of rental LED display screens. In short, you can suppose the LED screen rental company should provide you reassuring one-stop services to a great extent.

If you see your questions listed, do not hesitate to contact with your LED screen company! Whether they answer you in a responsible attitude can be one of the clear mirrors reflecting their profession and service attitude.