25 Important Points of Pole LED Display You Must Know!

Today we will discuss 25 critical FAQ of street light pole LED display you need to know, which kinds of LED display screens you may just pass by on the street.

Street light pole LED display is versatile – the functions street pole LED screen owns are varied such as playing audio, text and video, monitoring the road condition, showing temperature, humidity, wind speed, value of PM2.5, commercial LED display and so on. Through pole LED display, people can supervise the changing of the environment and make responses to it timely.

However, there is some rising confusion about street LED pole display – how they achieve such multiple functions, and, why they have so many differences from other kinds of LED screens? What help them achieve this increasing market share?

Before we start, let’s know some basic definitions of pole LED display!

What Is Pole LED Display?

A pole LED display is a LED display mounted on a street pole light, and is usually applied in parks, street, community and so on.

It can integrate smart lighting, weather monitor, air quality detection, video monitoring, charging pile, LED information release, information exchange, and other functions together to work for intelligent city construction.

function of street pole led display

6 LED Pole Light Features

1. Adjustable brightness level;

2. IP65 waterproof level, can resist outdoor changeable environment;

3. High heat dissipation ability, can work stably in extreme weather;

4. Remote control supported, allow 4G/WIFI/LAN to manage the screen;

5. Modular design, quick installation and maintenance;

6. Multi-functional: different functions can be achieved including real-time monitoring, automatic brightness adjustment, GPS positioning and so on.

Smart lighting
  • Using the Information sensing equipment
  • Connect each light into Internet
  • On-demand lighting control and efficient operation
  • Energy saving and emission reduction
Intelligent security
  • Camera, Remote Control System
  • Digital monitoring, public security management, traffic diversion
Information release
  • LED Display information release
  • Government public information, alarming information, notification
  • Combined with intelligent security, to show Road speed limit signs or Abnormal Warning
Wireless station
  • Embedded WiFi hotspot and microbase station
  • Wireless network communication, wireless RF network, wireless NFO network, 4G / 5G base stations
Charging pile
  • USB charging
  • New enegry vehicle charging
Weather monitor
  • Sensor support
  • Temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, radiation, precipitation, and wind monitor
  • Local weather data collection

1.Why it needs to support 7000CD brightness?

(1) This can prolong the service life to 8 years as there will be more room for the brightness decay.

(2) Ensure better adaptability for different environments because of more tiered level for brightness.

When using the pole LED display, adjust the brightness level to 5000CD, which can make the LED display at the state of saving the most energy so as to reduce heat dissipation as much as possible, and the stabilibity will be improved, too.

LED pole screen high brightness

2.Why there must be light dependent resistors?

Almost all the street light pole LED displays are installed on the highway, and inappropriate brightness may affect the view of drivers to increase the risks of accidents. That is why automatic brightness adjustment is crucial.

To achieve timely and accurate brightness adjustment, there should be both manually management and automatic management, so light dependent resistors become an indispensable part of the street pole LED display.

The stronger the light, the lower the resistance value. As the light intensity rises, the resistance value decreases rapidly, and can be as small as 1KΩ or even less, so brighter the pole LED screen.

Conversely, the resistance value will be higher when the ambient environment is darker, so the brightness of the screen will be lower.

3.Why we need temperature-controlled fans?

(1) To extend the service life of fans as they don’t have too many long working life. After adding the temperature control function, the fans will work when needed while stop when it is unnecessary to work.

(2) To save more energy as what we have mentioned above, it can save more energy than the formal fans as the discontinuous working (work under situations of meeting triggering condition).

(3) Reduce the possibility of dust entering.

4.Why it should support remote shutting off?

(1) To save more energy when there is no need for displaying anything.

(2) Streamline the management as there sometimes be numerous pole LED displays in a district. If you have to shut off them one by one onsite, no doubts it is tiresome.

(3) To extend the service life of the LED display as it can protect the performances of street pole LED displays.

5.Why an elegant appearance is necessary for the pole LED screen?

(1) The elegant appearance of the street pole LED screen can make them have more sense of technology and worthy as the prices are not low normally.

(2) To beautify the street, because it has been treated as a part of an intelligent city with the construction of intelligent city being speed up.

6.Is the synchronous switching without delay necessary?

Yes, it is. As two reasons:

There may be hundreds street pole light LED screen in a same strict, which puts forward for the synchronous switching. Otherwise the displaying effect will be derogated.

It is one of the important parts of the city bright project, and the synchronous switching can meet the requirement of flexible bright management of all pole LED display in the same district.

7.Why pole LED cabinet need to adapt high temperature up to 80 degrees?

(1) The installation site is highway, where the temperature is comparatively high than other occasions.

(2) Even the pole LED dispaly screens don’t work, the inner temperature can be up to 60 degrees in summer.

That is why strong resistance to the high temperature is a determining factor of performances of street pole light LED display.

8.What we should do to resist the possible high temperature that can up to 80 degrees?

(1) Reasonable inner layout design for arranging sending card, receiving card, power supply, fans, etc. It should cater to the principle of thermal convection.

(2) The inner trace should be reasonable as much as possible to short the length of the overall trace so as to improve the thermal convection.

(3) Arrange more fans, and as big as possible air intake and air outlet to improve the heat dissipation ability.

(4) The power supply, sending card, receiving card and wires should also resist the high temperature, otherwise there will be risks of dead lights and other problems when working at noon.

(5) The sending card is one of the core parts of the whole set of LED pole screen so the capacitance should meet the industrial grade, and the 1G memory is enough.

(6) The number of power supply should be more compared with other kinds of LED displays as when the temperature is 30 degrees, the conversion efficiency is 90%, and when there is 60 degree, that will reduce to 60%.

As a result, there should be 30% margin, and more power supply can help the problems of excess heat. 

9.Why the manufacturer should apply energy saving technology?

The set of energy technology applies energy-saving power supply, 3.8V driver, 2053 driver IC, automatic brightness adjustment, remote shut-off, etc.

(1) To improve the stability by reducing the risks of excess heat.

(2) It can save electricity cost so as to save more money for customers.

(3) It can decrease the pressure of launching the project as energy-saving technology will save a large sum of money by reducing the cost of cables, capacity-increase, poling and so on.

10.Why Street Light Pole LED display can not just apply the production technology of conventional LED display?

(1) The material cost conventional LED screen is relatively low, however, the power consumption is higher.

(2) The number of fan and power supply of conventional LED display screen is less than that of street light pole LED screen.

(3) The requirement of parameters of most of other types of LED screen displays is not as strict as LED pole display and can’t cater to the needs of application scenarios in many aspects such as brightness, energy-saving, weight, functions and craftsmanship.

(4) The LED pole display is one of the important parts of intelligent city, so the functions of collecting data and analysing are indispensable.

Meanwhile, it should equip with acoustics, WIFI, automatic brightness adjustment, probes, temperature controlling, 4G, etc.

street pole led display

Linsn Street Pole Light LED Display with Strict Quality Control

11.Why pole LED display is more expansive?

(1) Generally speaking, production in batches of LED light pole screens will have more limitations – for instance, there are a variety of accessories, which involve in multiple baking varnish and accessories assembly and so on.

The more complex production process and higher requirement for human labor put forward higher production cost.

(2) Compared with other types of LED display boards, the system of LED pole screens is more comprehensive.

For example, it is usually contains functions such as error locating, data feedback, brightness adjustment, photo taking, humidity monitoring, temperature monitoring, detecting wind speed, face recognition, etc.

(3) They are usually outdoor LED display. This condition needs cabinets to have higher brightness level, high reliability, waterproofness, sunlight resistance, dustproofness, guard against theft and so on.

What is more, to cater to the high temperature of 80 degrees of inner cabinet in the summer, there should be more fans and power supplies.

12.Why you should choose supplier with stock?

(1) Having stock, to some extent, means the corresponding model has already been finalized, and accessories, drawings all have been ensured. That is, the possibility of purchasing the mature products increases.

(2) It may prove the production experiences of the supplier is abundant, and the price is reasonable, too.

It can shorten the delivery time to give customers more time for preparation.

13.Why should the installation design of LED pole display should be standardized?

The appropriate installation design is essential for the stable running of LED pole display, as the inappropriate installation will cause many problems in the future running.

Besides, the standardization of packing, accessories and software is important, too. They decide the final performance of street pole LED display together.

14.Why does the supplier need to provide server?

(1) It can be a prove of supplier’s experiences and technology.

(2) If supplier doesn’t have their own server, the after-sale maintenance will be more complex and time-costing.

15.Why patent protection is important for light pole LED screen?

(1) Now the development of light pole LED screen is in the early stage, if the design is copied, there may be risks of legal affairs.

(2) In the future, the awareness of patent protection will arise. A company without consciousness of patent protection may lose a lot.

16.How many levels of wind resistence should the light pole LED screen meet?

Level 12. And there should be a test report.

17.How many levels of water resistence should the light pole LED screen meet?

IP65 or higher as the LED screens are installed outside, there must be enough waterproof ability to resist water and moisture entering.

18.How to ensure the software security to the light pole screen?

(1) There should be 3-level auditing for software security to prevent hackers and other software vulnerability.

(2) To systematically protect the LED display from software vulnerability, operator can set: 16-bit encryption + email verification code + operation log + secure server.

19.Why is the light pole LED screen generally equipped with acoustics?

(1) The LED display is one of a part of urban management, and in case of emergency, the audio broadcasting can play a vital role.

(2) The audio of light LED pole screen needs to be customized cause it should be waterproof and can meet the requirement of long propagation distance.

(3) For many application scenarios there are needs for acoustics such as scenic spots, schools, neighborhoods, business districts, commercial complex and so on.

(4) The light pole LED display is a part of the smart city, and the information spreading ask for cooperation of acoustics to impress citizens.

20.Why does the street LED pole display need a waterproof board covering the top of the cabinet box?

(1) The waterproof board can improve the overall waterproof capability of the whole LED screen.

(2) To prevent bird droppings and other pollution adhere to the surface of the LED cabinets and erodes them to damage the screens.

21.What features are a reliable manufacturer should have?

(1) The credibility and authority.

The first thing is to find out whether the company enjoys enough credibility and authority. You can do that survey through their official websites, recommendations of your friends and visiting the factory.

(2) Quality of after sale

A good and comprehensive service team is one of the key factors to enable the stability on subsequent runs.

(3) Have products in stock or the delivery time is not long

As we have noted above, the timely delivery ability can prove the maturity of the products. The composition of the LED pole screen is complex to some extent, and the variety of accessories asks for the accurate and reasonable design natively.

What is more, it can show the completeness of the supply chain as the supplier decides around 50% about the final quality of the product.

22.How long the service life of LED pole screen?

The luminous attenuation of street light pole LED display is comparatively slow, and it can be durable. The common service life can be up to 10 years.

23.What are some common parameters of LED pole screen?

Generally speaking, the installation height should be 3m to 4m, and the size of the screen can be 0.5㎡ to 1.5㎡. The maximum consumption can be 800W for per screen, and the average consumption is 240W per screen.

24.What are the differences between traditional LED pole screen and intelligent LED pole screen?

(1) Conventional LED pole screen:

You need to look at the rest of service life of the bearing street light pole, the bearing capacity of foundation and whether the connection is rusty or not.

Furthermore, the anti-wind capability, power supply system, communication system and the construction environment all needs to be take in account.

Finally, whether the pole LED screen has enough brightness, high definition and energy-saving ability.

(2) Intelligent street light LED display:

It should meet all functions the conventional ones have. Besides, there should be some new points to achieve multiple uses such as environment monitoring( PM2.5, noise, wind speed, wind direction and so on), charging pile for new energy automobile car, USB charging for phones, big data collecting, etc.

You can see the intelligent street light pole LED display are the update version of the conventional one.

25.What are the points you have to consider before you make a deal with supplier?

The installation and the actual displaying performance are what the customers must to take into account before the purchasing.

Nowadays, there are some LED screen suppliers who can not supply the products with sufficient quality.

For example, some of them will try to conquer the market by low price. However, when the products arrived the destination, many problems may happen such as the screen will be hard to assemble because of the lack of consideration of the installation site. And that will definitely increase the cost of customers and waste a lot of time.

The other annoying situation is that, the display performance can not meet the requirement of displaying performances, brightness and definition. And the software may be unfriendly to use.

That is why choosing a trustworthy LED screen supplier is necessary, and a through survey to the supplier is worth to do.

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