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How to cascade control the led display by linsn TS802D LED sending Card

1.Hardware Requirements:
1). A dvi cable divide to two dvi connectors.
2). 2 pcs of linsn ds802/ts802 led sending card.
3). A 10 pin ribbon cable

2.LED Card Connection:

First, we have to connec the two led sending card by 10 pin ribbon cable.
cascade control ts802

Second,TS802 has a RED Button, we need to set one of the led card to "1", another donot need to change.
ts802d connection

Third,install the two led sending card to the PC PCI interface, connect the DVI Graphic card with two led sending card by the DVI Cable.
led dvi cable

3.LED Software Settings:
2 pcs of led sending card can control 1600x1200 dots most. there have 4 RJ45 signal outputs: 1U1D2U2D,RED Button "1" is 1U1D, another is:2U2D.

linsn led card connection

after,we can set the CON files according to the led display. send the CON files to the led sending card.

led software set