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Linsn Ledstudio support the Real Pixel and Virtual Pixel technology to achieve the 4 times pixel share.

First,The Virtual Pixel is a technology that used for led module by using the Driving IC.when you purchase a led screen,you can ask if it is Real Pixel or Virtual Pixel. The below picture is showing 4 times pixel share by Virtual Pixel Technology.

virtual pixel

When you bought a virtual pixel led display,then you can use linsn ledstudio to config the function and make the images and video more clear than real pixel.

When we set the CON files for the LED Display, we can choose the “Virtual Pixel” and “Real Pixel” Here. If Your LED Display is Virtual Pixel LED Display. Then it will be 4-times pixel share. The Following 2 pictures will show you what is the difference between Real and Virtual.

virtual pixel led

This is a Real Pixel Display Area:

For Example, if a led display has Resolution(Real) of 320 x 240 dots. Then we can show a video of 320 x 240 dots. Like the “Black Area with Red Frame”

This is Virtual Pixel Display Area:

If we do Virtual Pixel, The Virtual pixel resolution will be: 640 dots x 480 dots compared to the Real pixel: 320 dots x 240 dots.
The Virtual pixel LED Display can show the 4-times display area. Like the Red Frame. So we can show a video area of 640 dots x 480.

For Now,you can get a Virtual LED Display to show the high definition images and videos for your advertising or events.

The Software-LEDStudio You can Download it from our LED Software Center.