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The difference between SC801 and MC801 LED Fiber Converter

Normally,we use RJ-45 cable to control the led display screen by linsn led control system. but when the communicating distance is above 100m or more, then we have to use the fiber cable communication.

Linsn provide two types of Fiber Converter for the LED Display Controller.

fiber converter

1.Single Mode Fiber Converter SC801: Communicating Distance is 10km-20km. and you have to use the Single Mode Fiber Cable.

2.Multi Mode Fiber Converter MC801: Communicating Distance is: 500m, and you have to use the Multi Mode Fiber Cable.

led fiber cable

The Fiber Converter Features:

1.Size: 14.0CM×8.7CM(with fixed bracket: 11.4CM×2.8CM),diameter of positioning hole is 0.35CM
2.Power Supply: 110V~230V,50Hz/60Hz
3.Data Interface:RJ45 for network cable;SC mode optical connector
Multimode: 850nm Singlemode: 1310nm
Multimode:about -8db;Singlemode: -6db~-8db