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Fine Pitch LED display

Linsn LED offers a wide range of high definition Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display products with the features of lightweight, thin thickness, excellent display performance, seamless splicing technology and more. Linsn LED Video Wall solutions are always your better choice. Available in different sizes and pixels, our products are always able to perfect your solutions for your LED projects.

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The fine pixel pitch LED display can increase the image quality effectively, and shorten the viewing distance so as to facilitate the use in more applications such as indoors. It also has stable performances and high cost-efficiency, which helps to boost revenues and human traffic for you. But, do you really understand it? Here we will discuss this type of LED display screen with you thoroughly. Just follow us to be a small pixel pitch LED display expert!

1. What Is Fine Pixel LED Display?

1.1 What Is Pixel Pitch?

Basically, pixel pitch definition refers to how close pixels are to each other in millimeters, sometimes referred to as pitch or dot pitch. You can understand the pixel pitch is the distance in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel.

Fine pixel pitch LED display refers to LED screens with pixel pitches under P3 such as P2.976, P2.5, P2, P1.8, P1.5, etc. Fine pitch LED screens rely on the same kind of tech as normal LED displays but can show better content in a detailed and colorful way.

To further explain, because the more pixels you have on the screens, the better your digital signage contents like images and videos can be shown, and the closer viewing distance the viewers can have so that when they get up close to the LED displays, there will not be the bad boxy and rough-looking effect

1.2 How about Fine Pitch LED Display?

Fine pixel LED displays feature high resolution and high image quality, which have been widely used in many areas. For example, monitoring, exhibitions, shopping malls, household screens, education, and so forth. The greatly improved resolution benefits many customers who have specific requirements for a high-quality display effect.

To conclude:

(1) Pixel pitch means the density of pixels;

(2) The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance, and the higher the resolution;

(3) Fine pixel pitch means very close viewing distance and high resolution.

What Is A Good Pixel Pitch?

Typically, we describe LED display with pixel pitch under 3mm like P2.976, P2.5, P2, P1.8, P1.5 as fine-pitch LED display. And for outdoor LED display, LED screen under P6 is suitable for close viewing distance.

However, is the smaller pixel pitch always better than larger pixel pitch?

The answer is no. So, what is a good pixel pitch?

Here are three thumb rules for you to identify:

(1) Pixel Pitch x 10 = Approximate Viewing Distance in Feet.

(2) The Average Comfortable Viewing Distance

For example, when the pixel pitch is 1.25mm, the comfortable viewing distance will be 7ft 1in | 2.15m. When pixel pitch 1.5mm, the viewing distance should be 8ft 6in | 2.58m.

(3) Visual Acuity Distance

The calculation is: Pixel Pitch x 3438 = Visual Acuity in Millimeters. 

If you are not sure what is the good pixel pitch for you, just ask the sales staff, and they will make a proposal for you!

small pixel pitch LED display viewing distance

Compared with traditional large pixel pitch LED displays, fine pixel pitch LED displays have advantages over them, and we will talk about them in the following chapter.

2. Advantages of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays

2.1 Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays VS Traditional LED Displays

(1) High grayscale, better color expression

Fine pixel LED display has a better display effect, and even when the brightness level is low, it still can perform wide grayscale to show better color expression and more image details. It is obvious that small pixel pitch LED displays can show pictures and videos with more layers and higher vividness than traditional LED display screens.

(2) Large screen with seamless splicing

Small pixel LED screens can achieve seamless splicing to meet requirements for large screens and also avoid any degradation of image effect at the same time. Please notice even for the LCD screens with ultra-narrow bezel, there may be an obvious splicing seam when splicing them together, which gives more advantages to high-resolution small pixel LED displays.

By the seamless splicing, the 1080P, 4K, and 8K display effect can be achieved perfectly, meeting your requirements for high-standard images showing.

fine pixel pitch led screen

(3) Adjustable brightness level, more comfortable impressions

Adjustable brightness can offer viewers a comfortable viewing effect to avoid visual fatigue and provide viewers with improved impressions, especially for indoor LED display. These functions achieved by relative software and accessories can protect people’s eyesight, and decrease light pollution.

outdoor-advertising-led-display brightness adjustable

(4) Faster responding speed, higher refresh rate

The higher the refresh rate, the more stable the displayed images. On the contrary, the lower the refresh rate, the more flickering and the more vibrant images, and the faster the eye fatigue will come.

The high refresh rate of fine pixel pitch LED display ensures clear pictures, stable display performance, and detailed images. It is very suitable for indoor applications as they will need close viewing distance.

(5) High color fidelity

The international advanced pixel-by-pixel correction technology and the technologies LED displays integrate can ensure the high color reproduction that other display equipment can not guarantee such as projectors, which may have a degree of color loss and color deviation.

(6) Multiple installation methods available

The small pixel LED displays support multiple installation methods such as hanging installation, stacked installation, building-roof type, mobile type, wall-mounting installation, column type, and so on.

The size can be customized and can compose creative LED displays with different shapes such as cube screen, LED curved display, flexible LED display, spherical LED display, hexahedron LED display, etc.

(7) Easy installation and maintenance

Our small pixel LED displays support dual services including frontal services and back maintenance.

(8) Great heat dissipation, running noiselessly

The advanced cabinet design makes the heat dissipation run well, and less noise enables the screens will not disturb people.

(9) Energy-saving

LED display screens are energy-saving and electricity-saving. In the long-term, energy-saving LED screens can save you a bunch of electricity cost and are more environmental-friendly.

(10) Long working life

Small pixel pitch LED displays can have high protection capability, stable running performance, and durable components. The working life can reach 100,000 hours to give you return in the long term.

(11) 3D play effect and real 4K supported

The fine pixel LED screens can support a glass-free 3D effect with wide grayscale, high-refresh IC, and appropriate 3D video sources.

Besides, real 4K visual effect can be achieved while many other display technology may not have this function such as common LCD display screens.

With a fine pixel LED display, you can get higher resolutions and high-quality image quality than traditional LED display screens.

Moreover, the outstanding features like better brightness level available, seamless large screen splicing, energy efficiency, high protection capability compared with other display techs will not only allow you to use these displays anywhere, no matter indoors or outdoors, but also improve your user experiences, and improve your contents showing to the next level.

Additionally, you will have more relief when you install them or maintain them, thanks for the easy installation and maintenance steps, and multiple sizes and customized sizes available will give you more freedom to apply more kinds of display installation you want.

2.2 Compared with Other Display Techs

(1) Small pixel LED displays VS DLP splicing displays

LED displays have advantages in aspects such as brightness, seamless splicing, color saturation, and so on.

Moreover, fine pixel LED screens can be used both indoors and outdoors while the applications of DLP are mostly indoors, and the requirements for environments will be higher.

led or dlp

(2) Fine pixel LED displays VS LCD displays

LED screens perform better in brightness, power consumption, service life, viewing angle, color fidelity, refresh rate, display effect, protection ability, and so forth.

Besides, small pixel LED displays can achieve real seamless splicing while LCD display screens can not meet the requirement. And fine pixel LED cabinets can build gigantic LED video walls but LCD can not achieve due to the limitation of sizes.

(3) Fine pixel LED displays VS Projectors

Our fine pitch LED display screen can do better in color saturation, working life, maintenance, image quality, and can withstand harsh nature factors while projectors usually require a better surrounding environment to keep the normal operation.

What is more, LED display cabinets can compose LED walls of any size theoretically but projectors will have limitations of screen sizes. If there are needs for mass simultaneous viewing, projectors may not meet the standards.

3. Using Scenario of Fine Pitch LED Display

(1) Presenting Information

The high flexibility that comes from the wide viewing angle, easy installation, thin and lightweight design makes LED screen displays are suitable for presenting information in different public areas.

For instance, hotel lobby, airport, cinema, hospital, sports games scoreboard, museum, and other fields. The contents it can display are varied including images, videos, music, and so on. Multiple signal sources are supported, and both synchronizing control systems and simultaneous control systems.

The availability of a large seamless splicing screen facilitates customers who have such demands, and the low power consumption and long service life ensure the long-time stable operation can be guaranteed.

advertising led display screens

(2) Advertisement

The high resolution, high-standard image quality, convenient update and management, compatibility for multiple video sources including videos and images and low power consumption support small pixel pitch LED display showing different types of advertisements greatly.

Compared with the traditional static painted billboards, fine pixel LED screen has more strength in performing vivid, attractive content, and can be more convenient to update the advertisements to save labor cost and time only by controlling them on a computer.

It can be one of your best choices to advertise your products to impress your customers or utilize them to generate revenues from sponsorship.

(3) Monitoring 

With seamless splicing available, excellent picture quality, quick responding speed, easy management and control, and low power consumption, small pitch LED display can meet the standard of high-end indoor applications such as command and control centers, television studios, meteorological information centers, and so on.

Compared with that currently are playing the dominant role DLP screens and enjoying the rapid growth LCD screens in security monitoring, command and dispatch, LED display board can be customized to compose large screens whose size can be infinitely expanded theoretically, and the flexible and diverse installation, space-saving feature, high brightness, high protection ability can cater to the outdoor environment greatly.

Last but not least, the low operation and maintenance costs and relatively low electricity costs can save your budgets in the long run.

(4) Business education

Fine pitch pixel LED display can be used in various commercial scenarios such as conference room, office, video conferencing, presenting business presentation,s and the like. It also can be used in schools or educational institutions.

Compared with traditional projectors and digital whiteboards, high-definition LED displays can present information better. Moreover, it supports more convenient installation and maintenance, and the self-luminous technology is compatible with the brightness requirements of conference rooms and classrooms.

(5) Interactive communication

Combined with the interactive functions, small pixel LED screens can play the role of communicating and entertaining very well due to their quick response and fine display effect even when you standing nose to it.

This kind of interactive LED display has been increasingly applied in shopping malls, entertainment parks, conference rooms, classrooms, stages, and so on.

interactive led display screen

4. How to Choose Fine Pixel Pitch LED Screens?

(1) Components

The quality of materials and components has a direct impact on the final effect of the whole screen. For instance, chips, LED lamp beads, power supply, cabinet materials, PCB board, and so on.

(2) Splicing effect

To reach the perfect display effect, the splicing effect plays a decisive role. This is the indispensable factor that decides the final 4K and 8K LED screen performance.

(3) Grayscale

Low brightness but high grayscale is one of the basic factors when you choosing the fine pixel LED display. That is because this type of display is mainly used indoors, and the brightness will be lower than the outdoor screen to protect peoples’ eyes. Sometimes, the low brightness means degradation of grayscale, so just pay more attention to this point.

(4) Refresh rate

The refresh rate is one of the key points, too. The higher the refresh rate, the higher the brightness and color fidelity the screen can reach.

(5) Viewing distance

The closer the viewing distance, meaning the closer the distance between the display and people where they can still watch the normal pictures without distortion.

To calculate the appropriate viewing distance, there is a formula:

Pixel Pitch x 10 = Approximate Viewing Distance in Feet.

There is another point you should notice: if the viewing distance can be relatively long, the rule that smaller pixel pitch and high resolution is always better may not be correct as you should balance the budgets and pixel pitch. For example, if your customers will see your displays from 20m away, then P1.5 LED display may not be so cost-effective for you.

5. GOB Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

GOB LED display is a rising LED technology, which is conquering increasing market share globally. GOB stands for glue on board, which applies a new packaging technology to ensures the higher protection ability of LED lamp beads.

It is a type of LED display module with higher protection capability, and is very suitable for fine pixel pitch LED screens, supporting pixel pitch under 2.5mm such as P1.6, P1.8, P1.9, P2, and so forth.

If you think about GOB LED display, you can consider it from aspects as below:

(1) Improved protection capability

This is one of the most highlighted features of GOB LED – the high protection level can resist water, humidity, UV, static, collision, pressure, and so on better, thus increasing the performance stability and service life.

(2) Developed for some specific using scenario

This type of LED display screen is widely used for applications where people can access the screen surface easily such as elevators, shopping malls, subways, conference room,s and so forth.

The improved protection ability can avoid surface abrasion, LED light beads dropping, and collision of corners.

(3) Suitable for small pixel pitch LED display

At present, GOB LED display module is applied mostly on small pixel pitch LED displays with pixel pitch P2.5mm or below.

It has great display effects including high contrast, uniform color and brightness, great matt effect, wide viewing angle and excellent surface evenness, and so on.

(4) Less light pollution

GOB LED displays are helpful to protect people’s eyesight because they will not emit UV and IR, and also blue light, protecting people’s naked eyes when they looking at the screen for a long time.

6. Linsn Fine Pitch LED Display Solution Recommendations

Here we give you some examples how to achieve 1080P, 2K, 4K and 8K LED displays. If you want to use LED panels with a different pixel pitch, just ask our staff for the different parameters.!

PictureN43 LED display cabinet, Linsn LED display screenN169 Linsn LED display module, Linsn LED display screenma640 Linsn LED display board
Ratio4:316:94:3, 16:9 & Flexible
MaterialAluminum Die castingAluminum Die castingMagnesium Alloy
Size (mm)400(W)*300(H)*80(D)600(W)*337.5(H)*63(D)640(W)*480(H)*63(D)
Weight (kg/pc)5.855.45.5
Waterproof RateIP43 front/RearIP43 front/RearIP43 front/Rear
Service methodFront/RearFront/RearFront/Rear
Pixel pitch availableP1.25, P1.56, P1.667, P1.923P1.25, P1.56, P1.875P1.0, P1.25, P1.37, P1.53, P1.66, P1.83, P1.86
Rank for 1080p (1920*1080)8pcs(W) *6pcs (H) P1.667 Other pixel pitch has to be scaled4pcs (W) *4pcs (H) P1.25 5pcs (W) *5pcs (H) P1.56 6pcs (W) *6pcs (H) P1.875Has to be scaled
Rank for 2K (2560*1440)12pcs (W) *6pcs (H) P1.25 Other pixel pitch has to be scaled8pcs (W) *8pcs (H) P1.875 Other pixel pitch has to be scaled4pcs(W) *3pcs (H) P1 Other pixel pitch has to be scaled
Rank for 4K (3840*2160)12pcs (W) * 9pcs (H) P1.25 16pcs (W) *12pcs (H) P1.667 Other pixel pitch has to be scaled8pcs (W) *8pcs (H) P1.25 10pcs (W)*10pcs (H) P1.56 12pcs (W)*12pcs (H) P1.875Has to be scaled
Rank for 8K (7680*4320)32pcs (W) *24pcs (H) P1.667 Other pixel pitch has to be scaled16(W) *16pcs (H) P1.25 20pcs (W)*20pcs (H) P1.56 24pcs (W)*24pcs (H) P1.875B12pcs(W) *9pcs (H) P1 20pcs(W) *15pcs (H) P1.66

7. Fine-Pitch LED Display in Security Market

In 2023, the birth of ChatGPT caused a storm in the field of artificial intelligence, and the security industry deeply integrated with artificial intelligence was also brought to the forefront. with artificial intelligence recreated the high ground and the Internet of Things technology continued to climb, the security market is also facing new challenges.

After years of development, the security market has grown into a trillion-dollar market, and intelligent security has become the main theme. Its application scenarios involve public security, parks, buildings, finance, transportation, culture and education, health and other scenarios. 

The diversification of terminal display scenarios makes LED display widely used in its field. In the process of its popularization, various display technologies “compete for each other” in the field of security, but in the end only the fine-pitch display won the “favor”. Why is it? This has to start from the display demand of the security market.

What kind of display screen does the security market need?

The most common LED display in the security market is used in the fields of security monitoring and command and dispatch. The application of security monitoring in all walks of life has become more and more frequent and indispensable, and the video monitoring system is an important part of the security system. 

As a terminal for video information output, video monitoring terminal displaying equipment completely display all the monitored pictures clearly on the screen, and can also switch between large and small pictures flexibly, conveying accurate, real, intuitive, effective and rich content. As an important part of the security chain, the terminal display has a long-standing requirement for clarity.

The modern command and dispatch center is the hub of centralized data. The screen of the command center is considered to be the top application of the industry pyramid. The ability to display details on the screen directly affects the success or failure of the work of the command and dispatch center.

From this point of view, the security market’s demand for terminal display equipment focuses on high-definition.

From the past history, the display terminal of the security industry has experienced the CRT era, and then to the visual impact brought by LCD to the industry, and then the emergence of DLP and LED splicing technology, the market is constantly accepting new technologies and constantly eliminating outdated product. 

Until 2016, terminal display devices in the security market ushered in an iterative turning point. Before 2016, the LCD splicing wall almost monopolized the public security market, but in 2016, the price of fine-pitch LED screen products continued to decline, and some products have entered a level comparable to 3.5mm LCD in the price range, and the display effect is basically the same, which meets the demand of the security market; 

Compared with other displays, the fine-pitch LED splicing screen has a series of advantages such as high-definition, high brightness, high color saturation, low power consumption, and long service life, which makes it quickly favored in security monitoring.

high security led display

On the other hand, the demand for large-screen security displays is also changing. With the development of intelligent technology and the increase of intelligent applications, the value of the security system is changing from a simple “viewing screen” to an “information center”. This change has increased the gold content of large-screen security screens, and also enabled some customers to bear the “higher” construction costs of large-screen security screens. The latter is not good news for LCD splicing, which has long relied on price advantages to win.

On the whole, with the acceleration of the national informatization process, the large-scale construction of infrastructure, and the government’s high attention to the field of security monitoring, as a terminal display device for security monitoring, fine-pitch LED splicing screens have also gained unprecedented development opportunities. 

And with the decline of prices and the advancement of technology, fine-pitch display screens gradually occupy the large-screen security market, while LCD displays with slightly inferior display performance in the same price range gradually fade out of the security market.

Security visualization, application requirements promote display technology upgrades

The scale of the security display application market continues to expand. According to the research data of Luotu Technology, the scale of display equipment in China’s overall security market in 2021 will be 21.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31%. Among them, monitoring and visualization large-screen equipment (LCD splicing screen, fine-pitch LED screen) has the largest market size, accounting for 49%. 

It can be seen that the terminal display demand in the security market has been growing at a high level, which has also injected impetus into the display technology upgrade of LED displays. 

Fine-pitch display screens are favored by security terminal displays, and their growing demand has also accelerated the upgrading of LED display technology. Ultra-high-definition technologies such as 4K/8K and COB encapsulation are also gradually being applied to LED display products.

Achieve ultra-high-definition picture quality 4K/8K

Under the background of ultra-high-definition display era, security terminal display is the starting point of ultra-high-definition video technology. With the acceleration of smart city management and the development of the ultra-high-definition era, the security market has higher requirements for high-definition displays in monitoring, command and dispatch. 

For ultra-high-definition fine-pitch LED displays, the smaller the dot pitch, the easier it is to meet the display requirements of 4K and 8K full high-definition resolution for display terminals in the market. Enjoy more comfort. As a result, Mini/Micro LED technology has also entered the security display.

analyzing from the performance of various screen companies at the 2021 Security Expo, LED displays have achieved ultra-high-definition image quality technology, and the application of Mini/Micro LEDs has become more than capable. 

Many companies combine Mini/Micro LED technology layout display products to provide visual smart security solutions, further improve the overall display effect and operability of the security command center, and create smart security, smart City, improve the level of urban management services, and realize scientific, refined and intelligent urban management.

The addition of 3D and 8K visual effects allows LED fine-pitch screens to realize “detail recognition”, which improves the “transmission and display” performance requirements of the security display system, and is conducive to the high-quality development of security display.

From the initial “technical melee” to today’s “fine-pitch home”, the security display market has also experienced many collisions and exploration stages between technology and the market. With the entry of Mini/Micro LED technology, LED displays can also be combined with face recognition technology, video processing technology, sound source positioning, VR, AR and other new technologies to help intelligent and high-definition security display.

8. Conclusions

We have discussed fine pixel pitch LED displays thoroughly from aspects including definition, advantages, differences compared with traditional LED displays, the method of achieving HD screen splicing, using applications, and so forth. Now, you are a small pixel LED display expert!

By choosing a fine pixel pitch LED display, you can get excellent and improved visual effects, stable functions and performances, and also long service life for your investment. If you want to know more or have any questions, do not be hesitated to contact us.