Flexible Soft LED Display Module

Linsn High Quality Indoor Flexible LED Screen Panel
LED Chips

We choose high quality LED chips such as Nationstar, Kinglight for flexible LED display modules to ensure high refresh rate with best color uniformity.

SMD 3 in 1 LED

Adopting high reliable SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, SMD2121 to ensure flexible LED screen modules with high refresh rate 1920Hz or 3840Hz.

High Flexibility

The flexible LED module can be replaced or taken out from the front side easily. It can form special-shape LED display as you like to make the screen more fashionable and attractive.

Frontal Service

Flexible LED display panel adopts highly magnetic magnets, which makes front service is available for the flexible LED display. Installation and operation is very easy and convenient.

p4 flexible led display cover
flexible led indoor and outdoor module

Super flexible Soft LED display module with high-quality driving IC and LEDs with high refresh rate and great color uniformity. 

We offer various pixels for flexible LED panel ranges from P1.875mm, P2mm, P3mm, P4mm to P5mm. 

The panel sizes can be 240*120mm, 320mm*160mm and 256*128mm.




Flexible Soft LED Display Module Specification:

Pixel PitchLED TypeDensity(dot/㎡)Module PixelModule Size(mm)Driving ModeBrightness(Nits)
240*120mm Series
320*160mm Series
256*128mm Series


Imagine here is a creative LED display, like a ball LED display, a cylinder LED display, or some other display with special design, and can attract people’s eyes immediately, and bring you more possibilities and profits – all these can be achieved by flexible LED display module!

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important information about it to understand these types of creative module better.


1. What Is Flexible LED Module?

Due to its flexible features, it can be used to create different shapes. And the panels are connected with magnets along their border lines to create a seamless LED display.

The flexible LED module has a soft PCB board and shell mask and thus has high flexibility. Compared with conventional LED display modules, flexible LED display modules can be bent for different-shaped LED screen designs such as ball LED display, curved LED display, ribbon LED display, cylinder LED screen, etc.

We provide LED soft modules with multiple specifications including 240mm*120mm, 256mm*128mm and 320mm*160mm, and the pixel pitches ranging from P0.9mm to P5mm.

To help you better understand what is flexible LED module, let’s take a look of what it can be used to build:

(1) Curved LED Walls: Flexible LED modules can be used to create curved LED video walls. These walls can be installed in concave or convex shapes, providing a seamless and visually striking display. For example, imagine an immersive LED display with a large dynamic curve that can play 3D content, captivating the audience.

(2) Cylindrical LED Displays: Flexible LED modules can be wrapped around cylindrical structures, such as pillars or columns, transforming them into captivating digital displays. This type of display is commonly seen in subway stations or shopping malls where there is limited space, but a need to attract audience attention and expand the display angle. Cylindrical LED displays can show content in 360 degrees and allow for close interaction with the audience.

(3) Wave-shaped LED Screens: Flexible LED modules allow for the creation of wave-shaped LED screens that follow a wavy pattern, such as a Mobius LED display. These screens are ideal for installations that require artistry and aesthetics, like in art exhibitions or themed entertainment venues.

(4) Irregular-shaped LED Signage: With the flexibility of LED modules, irregular or custom-shaped LED signage can be easily achieved. For example, imagine a retail store with a distinctive display that perfectly conforms to the shape of their storefront, creating a visually cohesive branding experience.

2. Types of Soft LED Module

There are many types of soft LED module such as indoor flexible LED module, outdoor flexible LED module, flexible GOB LED module, mesh LED module and so on. Here we will give you what they are, the features of them, products and applications!

2.1 Indoor Flexible LED Module

This type of flexible LED module is designed for indoor use, allowing for easy bending, curving, or shaping to fit the desired installation surface. 

(1) Product: 240*120mm P2.5 indoor flexible LED module

(2) Feature: 

They are typically lightweight with a small pixel pitch, suitable for high-resolution displays in indoor settings where close viewing distances are required.

(3) Application: 

Used in retail stores, shopping malls, indoor events, and exhibitions where high-resolution displays are needed.

2.2 Outdoor Flexible LED Module

Outdoor flexible LED modules are designed for outdoor applications and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

(1) Product: 320 * 160mm outdoor flexible LED module

p4 flexible led module back and front

(2) Features: 

They are often made with waterproof and dustproof materials and have high brightness to ensure visibility in strong sunlight. 

(3) Applications:

Outdoor flexible LED modules are commonly used in large outdoor displays, building facades, and billboards.

2.3 Flexible Gob LED Module

A Gob LED module, also known as a Glass Optical Board (GOB) LED module, is a type of LED display module that uses individual Gob (small LED light sources) as pixel units instead of traditional LEDs. 

(1) Product: P1.875 flexible GOB LED module

p1.875 gob flexible module

P1.875 GOB LED module and bendable test

(2) Features:

The unique advantage of GOB modules is their better protection, which can effectively prevent damage from accidental impacts and collisions, ensuring good waterproof and dustproof performance. Flexible GOB LED modules still retain excellent flexibility.

a. Bending design: The modules can be easily bent and shaped into different forms, as shown in the video below. They can be folded to adapt to curved or irregular surfaces without affecting their performance.

b .Curvature adaptability: The flexibility of these modules allows them to seamlessly conform to various curved structures without compromising their performance.

c. High protection IP68: The surface of the modules achieves an IP68 waterproof function and effectively prevents damage from collisions, ensuring resistance to water and dust intrusion. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Flexibility & Waterproof Ability Test

d.Consistent illumination: Despite their flexibility, these modules provide uniform illumination without noticeable inconsistencies.

e.Customizable shape and size: Flexible high-protection LED modules can be customized in terms of shape and size to meet specific project requirements, offering versatility in design and implementation. Combined with their high level of protection, they provide more possibilities for different applications.

(3) Application:

Ideal for creating high-resolution displays in art installations, entertainment events, and architectural lighting designs.

2.4 Flexible Mesh LED Display

A Flexible Mesh LED Display is a type of LED screen that features a flexible and lightweight mesh structure, allowing it to be bent, curved, or shaped to fit various installation environments.

(1) Features:

a.Flexibility: The mesh design allows the display to be bent, curved, or even rolled up for creative installations.

b.Lightweight: Extremely lightweight, suitable for applications where weight is a concern.

c.Transparency: The mesh structure provides transparency, allowing light to pass through while displaying patterns.

d.Easy Maintenance: The open structure of the mesh display facilitates easy maintenance and servicing, saving maintenance time and reducing repair costs.

(2) Application:

a.Stage shows and concerts: Flexible grid LED displays can be used as stage backgrounds to showcase a variety of colorful video content and special effects. 

For example, at a music concert, flexible grid LED displays can be installed in curved or rolled shapes and combined with artists’ performances to create stunning visual effects.

b.Commercial advertising and retail: Places like shop windows, mall lobbies, and shopping center walkways can use flexible grid LED displays to play various product advertisements, promotions, or brand promotions. 

For instance, in the window display of a clothing store, flexible grid LED displays can present different styles of fashionable clothing to attract customers’ attention.

c.Events and exhibitions: Flexible grid LED displays can be used at exhibition venues, conference venues, or brand promotion event sites. 

They can showcase exhibitors’ product information, interactive content in display areas, or provide relevant information to participants. 

For example, at a tech exhibition, flexible grid LED displays can be installed on the walls or floors of the exhibition area to present tech elements and various interactive content.

d.Architectural decoration and landscape design: Flexible grid LED displays can be applied to building facades, ceilings, staircases, or interior designs to enhance the visual effect of buildings. 

For example, installing flexible grid LED displays on the exterior walls of a large commercial complex can display dynamic images and videos to attract passersby.

3. Advantages of Flexible LED Display Module?

(1) Flexible LED display can be assembled to form more types of LED display than traditional flat LED display, which is very suitable for creative LED display projects;

(2) Very suitable for stage background, exhibition hall, indoor conference room, and other places that need special-shapes LED display;

(3) Small pixel pitch available from P0.9mm to P5mm;

(4) High quality with a low maintenance cost, low failure rate;

(5) High-quality components including Epistar LEDs, NationStar LEDs, MBI5124 driving IC, international-famous power supply, and so on;

(6) High refresh rate and stable running are all ensured;

(7) Time-saving and easy operation, allowing for assembling LED display screens directly;

(8) Strict quality control and 72 hours aging test, professional aging workshop enabling stable working of every LED cabinet we deliver to you.

flexible led module

(9) Unleashing Creativity: Designers can now craft distinctive and attention-grabbing display configurations that were previously challenging or unattainable with inflexible LED modules.

(10) Seamlessly Curved Surface: It can be used to create curved LED displays with seamless surface such as immersive LED screen and 3D LED display to create more immersive visual performances.

(11) Simplified Installation: Flexible LED display module has simple and integrated structure to assemble flexible LED display easily and quickly.

(12) Wide-ranging Applicability: From columns to spheres and various irregular surfaces, these modules offer versatility, broadening the scope of LED display applications in architectural, retail, and entertainment environments.

4. Flexible LED Screen Module Price

To calculate flexible LED display price, here are some parameters to know before:

(1) LED module 

(2) Pixel pitch

(3) Components such as power cables, fixing plates, data cable

(4) LED control system

(5) Packing information

Here we show part of a quotation we give one of the customers who brought flexible LED modules from us (for reference only):  

1P1.875mm indoor 240X120mm SMD soft LED Module, Nationstar LED encapsulation, 3840Hz refresh rate, ICN2153pc
2All-in-one LED Controller Novastar H2pc
3Receiving card Novastar MRV412, or other matched modelpc
4Fanless G-energy power supply N300 V5-cpc
5Main Power Cable to Power Distributor,5mpc
6Main Signal Ether RJ45 Cable from PC to Receiving Card, 20mpc
7Fixing plate for power supplypc
8Fixing plate for receiving cardpc
9Power Cable Between Power Supply,50cmpc
10Polywood case for packing. EST.: 7case, 4.5cbm, 950kgspc

To calculate the price, we will give our customers detailed quotations based on their specific requirements! 

For the LED module display itself, some common factors are related to the price:

(1) Pixel pitch

Generally, the narrower the pixel pitch, the higher the price. And small pixel pitch often represents clearer image quality and closer viewing distance.

(2) Components

A LED display module is composed of PCB board, LED lamp bead, IC driver, sheer, cables, rubber ring, and mask.

Different companies have different pricing, for example, the LED lamp bead of Nationstar may be more expensive than that of Kinglight. Of course, the prices are often corresponding to the quality.

You can choose different components based on your specific requirements! 

(3) Indoor or outdoor

Outdoor – outdoor LED display has the functions of preventing rain, sunlight, dust, lightning, and temperature resistance, and it tends to have lower pixel densities and longer viewing distances.

Indoor – indoor LED modules have a higher resolution to meet short viewing distance requirements. And the more friendly indoor environment put fewer challenges to the protection ability of indoor modules.

(4) Configuration

Besides pixel pitch, there are other configurations you can pay attention to – contrast ratio, brightness, grayscale, and so on. They all can influence the visual effect of the screen, you can ask the sales staff to choose the appropriate ones.

There are some other factors impacting LED display soft module price:

(1) Quality and Brand:

The reputation of manufacturers and the quality of LED modules can significantly affect prices. Some manufacturers may price their products higher based on brand recognition and product positioning.

(2) Customization:

LED display modules with higher flexibility and customization options may have higher prices. This includes customized sizes, aspect ratios, and shapes.

(3) Warranty and Support:

Warranty terms, technical support availability, and after-sales services can also affect the overall cost.

(4) Market Demand:

Fluctuations in market demand and supply chain dynamics can also impact the prices of LED display modules.

5. Flexible LED Display Module Applications

(1) Ball LED Display

The spherical LED display provides the audience with a 360° all-round viewing angle. It is mainly used in museums, company exhibition halls, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertisements, spherical lighting projects, shopping malls and other places.

Due to the steel structure of ball LED display, flexible LED module can be very suitable to construct the screen as the high flexibility. If you only apply conventional LED module, the whole process may be more complicated.

The spherical shape of the LED display allows for seamless content viewing from all angles, providing an immersive experience for audiences. This creative flexibility enables unique and impactful display designs suitable for a wide range of applications and settings.

(2) Ceiling LED display

Flexible LED displays are ultra-thin, light and have flexibility. Therefore, it can design highly flexible shapes such as ribbon, and can be bend 180°. 

Moreover, the LED display module with soft cover can achieve the highest color uniformity and grayscale, which can protect LEDs effectively.

(3) Curved LED display

For some curved LED display, the flexible module can give them more convenience to build up seamless, high-quality performance.

Also, the high flexibility can reduce the risks of image distortion around the corners. To make a high-quality curved LED display by LED flexible module, there are some requirements should be meet: 

a. Choose high-quality flexible LED modules that are designed to bend and conform to curved surfaces.

b. Consider the brightness, color accuracy, refresh rate, and viewing angle of the LED modules to meet the display requirements.

c. Ensure compatibility with the control system and power supply setup.

(4) Immersive LED screen such as Mobius LED display

Immersive LED displays are an effective way to create an immersive experience and are an essential part of any virtual reality experience.

For example, you can use the highly flexible LED modules to create specially shaped LED displays, for instance, mobiusband LED display.

mobius led display
mobius led screen

(5) Cylinder LED screen

Flexible LED displays are widely used in cylindrical LED displays which you can usually see in subway stations and shopping malls. These screens have 

Such display can take advantage of space perfectly, and also has strong capability to attract people’s attention.

a. 360-degree visibility: A cylindrical LED screen provides 360-degree visibility, allowing viewers to see the screen content from all directions without any distortion issues.

b.Space-efficient: A cylindrical LED screen can effectively utilize space, especially compared to flat screens, as it occupies less space while displaying more content.

c. Unique display format: The cylindrical shape offers a unique and eye-catching display format, making it stand out in various environments such as retail spaces, exhibitions, and public areas.

d.Creative content display: A cylindrical LED screen is a type of creative screen that can effectively attract the audience’s attention, making the displayed content stand out.

e.Engaging visual experience: The cylindrical shape provides a more immersive and attractive visual experience compared to traditional flat displays, capturing the audience’s attention and leaving a memorable impact.

(6) Round LED screen

Round LED display is a specially designed LED screen, with a screen that is circular or arc-shaped but overall has a flat structure rather than being three-dimensional. 

This type of display is typically composed of flat LED modules, keeping the surface of the entire display flat, while using flex LED module to display circular or arc-shaped visual effects. They are often used for storefront signs or other creative advertising displays.

Design features: the screen is flat and uniform, presenting a circular or arc-shaped appearance, with strong decorative and visual appeal.

Technical features: LED modules are usually precisely installed on supporting structures to create a complete circular or arc-shaped display effect while maintaining a flat screen surface.

Applications: round LED displays are commonly found in commercial advertising, indoor decoration, stage performances, exhibition venues, and other locations, providing a unique way of display and visual effect.

(7) Drone LED circular screen

The drone LED circular screen typically consists of multiple LED display soft modules, which are installed on the frame of the drone to form a circular or arc-shaped screen. 

By controlling the flight path of the drone and the displayed content of the LED modules, it is possible to achieve aerial displays of different images, text, or animation effects.

Application: Drone LED circular screens enhance events through stunning visuals and serve various purposes, from entertainment to disaster relief, advertising, and artistic presentations in diverse settings.

6. Conclusions

Flexible LED display module, as you can see, has high flexibility and is very suitable for many creative design, thus has more possibilities than traditional LED display module.

Linsn LED provides high-quality flexible LED module all the time more than 12 years! If you wan to get more information, or a detailed quotation, just contact us now.