Flexible Soft LED Display Module

Linsn High Quality Indoor Flexible LED Screen Panel
LED Chips

We choose high quality LED chips such as Nationstar, Kinglight for flexible LED display modules to ensure high refresh rate with best color uniformity.

SMD 3 in 1 LED

Adopting high reliable SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, SMD2121 to ensure flexible LED screen modules with high refresh rate 1920Hz or 3840Hz.

High Flexibility

The flexible LED module can be replaced or taken out from the front side easily. It can form special-shape LED display as you like to make the screen more fashionable and attractive.

Frontal Service

Flexible LED display panel adopts highly magnetic magnets, which makes front service is available for the flexible LED display. Installation and operation is very easy and convenient.

p4 flexible led display cover
flexible led indoor and outdoor module

Super flexible Soft LED display module with high-quality driving IC and LEDs with high refresh rate and great color uniformity. 

We offer various pixels for flexible LED panel ranges from P1.875mm, P2mm, P3mm, P4mm to P5mm. 

The panel sizes can be 240*120mm, 320mm*160mm and 256*128mm.

Flexible Soft LED Display Module Specification:

Pixel PitchLED TypeDensity(dot/㎡)Module PixelModule Size(mm)Driving ModeBrightness(Nits)
240*120mm Series
320*160mm Series
256*128mm Series


Imagine here is a creative LED display, like a ball LED display, a cylinder LED display, or some other display with special design, and can attract people’s eyes immediately, and bring you more possibilities and profits – all these can be achieved by flexible LED display module!

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important information about it to understand these types of creative module better.


1. What Is Flexible LED Module?

Due to its flexible features, it can be used to create different shapes. And the panels are connected with magnets along their border lines to create a seamless LED display.

The flexible LED module has a soft PCB board and shell mask and thus has high flexibility. Compared with conventional LED display modules, flexible LED display modules can be bent for different-shaped LED screen designs such as ball LED display, curved LED display, ribbon LED display, cylinder LED screen, etc.

2. Advantages of Flexible LED Display Module?

(1) Flexible LED display can be assembled to form more types of LED display than traditional flat LED display, which is very suitable for creative LED display projects;

(2) Very suitable for stage background, exhibition hall, indoor conference room, and other places that need special-shapes LED display;

(3) Small pixel pitch available from P1.875mm to P5mm;

(4) High quality with a low maintenance cost, low failure rate;

(5) High-quality components including Epistar LEDs, NationStar LEDs, MBI5124 driving IC, international-famous power supply, and so on;

(6) High refresh rate and stable running are all ensured;

(7) Time-saving and easy operation, allowing for assembling LED display screens directly;

(8) Strict quality control and 72 hours aging test, professional aging workshop enabling stable working of every LED cabinet we deliver to you.

flexible led module

3. Flexible LED Screen Module Price

To calculate flexible LED display price, here are some parameters to know before:

(1) LED module 

(2) Pixel pitch

(3) Components such as power cables, fixing plates, data cable

(4) LED control system

(5) Packing information

Here we show part of a quotation we give one of the customers who brought flexible LED modules from us (for reference only):  

1P1.875mm indoor 240X120mm SMD soft LED Module, Nationstar LED encapsulation, 3840Hz refresh rate, ICN2153pc
2All-in-one LED Controller Novastar H2pc
3Receiving card Novastar MRV412, or other matched modelpc
4Fanless G-energy power supply N300 V5-cpc
5Main Power Cable to Power Distributor,5mpc
6Main Signal Ether RJ45 Cable from PC to Receiving Card, 20mpc
7Fixing plate for power supplypc
8Fixing plate for receiving cardpc
9Power Cable Between Power Supply,50cmpc
10Polywood case for packing. EST.: 7case, 4.5cbm, 950kgspc

To calculate the price, we will give our customers detailed quotations based on their specific requirements! 

For the LED module display itself, some common factors are related to the price:

(1) Pixel pitch

Generally, the narrower the pixel pitch, the higher the price. And small pixel pitch often represents clearer image quality and closer viewing distance.

(2) Components

A LED display module is composed of PCB board, LED lamp bead, IC driver, sheer, cables, rubber ring, and mask.

Different companies have different pricing, for example, the LED lamp bead of Nationstar may be more expensive than that of Kinglight. Of course, the prices are often corresponding to the quality.

You can choose different components based on your specific requirements! 

(3) Indoor or outdoor

Outdoor – outdoor LED display has the functions of preventing rain, sunlight, dust, lightning, and temperature resistance, and it tends to have lower pixel densities and longer viewing distances.

Indoor – indoor LED modules have a higher resolution to meet short viewing distance requirements. And the more friendly indoor environment put fewer challenges to the protection ability of indoor modules.

(4) Configuration

Besides pixel pitch, there are other configurations you can pay attention to – contrast ratio, brightness, grayscale, and so on. They all can influence the visual effect of the screen, you can ask the sales staff to choose the appropriate ones.

4. Flexible LED Display Module Applications

(1) Ball LED Display

The spherical LED display provides the audience with a 360° all-round viewing angle. It is mainly used in museums, company exhibition halls, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertisements, spherical lighting projects, shopping malls and other places.

Due to the steel structure of ball LED display, flexible LED module can be very suitable to construct the screen as the high flexibility. If you only apply conventional LED module, the whole process may be more complicated.

(2) Ceiling LED display

Flexible LED displays are ultra-thin, light and have flexibility. Therefore, it can design highly flexible shapes such as ribbon, and can be bend 180°. 

Moreover, the LED display module with soft cover can achieve the highest color uniformity and grayscale, which can protect LEDs effectively.

(3) Curved LED display

For some curved LED display, the flexible module can give them more convenience to build up seamless, high-quality performance.

Also, the high flexibility can reduce the risks of image distortion around the corners.

(4) Immersive LED screen

Immersive LED displays are an effective way to create an immersive experience and are an essential part of any virtual reality experience.

For example, you can use the highly flexible LED modules to create specially shaped LED displays, for instance, mobiusband LED display.

linsn creative shape led screen

(5) Cylinder LED screen

Flexible LED displays are widely used in cylindrical LED displays which you can usually see in subway stations and shopping malls.

Such display can take advantage of space perfectly, and also has strong capability to attract people’s attention.

5. Conclusions

Flexible LED display module, as you can see, has high flexibility and is very suitable for many creative design, thus has more possibilities than traditional LED display module.

Linsn LED provides high-quality flexible LED module all the time more than 12 years! If you wan to get more information, or a detailed quotation, just contact us now.