Flexible LED Screen Price: How to Calculate Quickly?

Today I am going to show you how to calculate flexible LED screen price quickly and easily.

For every customer who want to purchase flexible LED display, which is an innovative and eye-catching type of LED display, the flexible LED display price is concerned by all of them.

And in this post, I will show you how to calculate it quickly, and introduce to you what are the determined elements that determine the final cost!

How to Calculate Flexible LED Display Price?

To calculate flexible LED display price, here are some parameters to know before:

1.LED display model

2.Pixle pitch

3.LED display size

4.LED control system including control card and video processor

5.Packing information

After figuring out these parameters, we will get a price depends on them. Here we take a LED display price chart as an example (for reference only):



Price (US$)



Price (US$)


MA1000 (500x1000mm)Outdoor rental dispaly,P3.91,16scan,220V,1920 HZ. Brightness 4500-5000 Nits Nationstar Cooper Wire LED Module outdoor rear maintenance Novastar Receiving card included.






MA500 (500x500mm)Outdoor rental dispaly,P3.91,16scan,220V,1920 HZ. Brightness 4500-5000 Nits Nationstar Cooper Wire LED Module outdoor rear maintenance Novastar Receiving card included.






Flight Case ( 6 panels in 1 for MA1000 8 panels in 1 for MA500)                                                       





Control System

NovaStar MCTRL300





7 Determined Factors of Flexible LED Screen Price

1. Pixel pitch

It defines the distance measured in millimeters, between the pixels on the screen. 

You can easily understand the finer the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the closer the appropriate viewing distance.

Typically, you can choose pixel pitch depends on your wished viewing distance. If you do not know how to do, just contact the sales staff.

2. LED screen size

To know the exact LED display size, you need to know the width and length of LED display.

Here we give you some simple formulas for you to calculate the size by yourselves.

(1) Cabinet Length / Width = Length Pixel Counts * Pitch

(2) The Number of Modules = Total Area / LED Module Length / LED Module Height

(3) The total number of LED modules = Length(the number of modules) × Height(the number of modules)

Here we have a specific article that will guide you to understand how to do the process accurately, just turn to: LED screen size.

3. Indoor or outdoor flexible LED display

(1) Outdoor – outdoor LED screen has the functions of preventing rain, sunlight, dust, lightning, and temperature resistance. 

It is brighter than indoor screens, and is tend to have lower pixel densities for longer viewing distances.

(2) Indoor – Indoor LED displays have higher resolution to meet short viewing distance requirements. 

It doesn’t need to shine as brightly as an outdoor display, and doesn’t need to be as durable as outdoor screen as there is no so many changeable environmental factors as outdoor environment.

4. Fixed or rental flexible LED display screen

Fixed – if you need to install the screen in a fixed place and do not move it frequently, then fixed LED display is suitable for you.

Rental – LED rental displays can be moved after your projects finished – maybe a commercial LED display for event, a benefit concert, etc.

5. Your requirements for visual effect.

For example, how many contrast ratio and refresh rate do you want, and what is the level of brightness do you need?

If you do not know the meaning of these parameters, just consult the sales staff.

6. Installation process

The longer the installation period, and the more the labor needed to install the display will cost higher flexible LED screen price.

7. LED display configurations

This is easy to understand that configurations will impact on the final price directly.

For example, the brand of LED lamp bead. Nationstar LED lamp will be more expansive than Kinglight’s generally.

The other related factors include LED chip, power supply, materials of cabinets, and so on. 

Flexible LED Display Recommendations

Flexible Mesh LED Display

High transparency flexible led screen, ultra flexible, easy to form a flat screen or curved LED screen to match with irregular shaped building facade, both pixel pitch, panel size and panel color can be customized.

Flexible mesh LED display is a new type of LED screen to be used for creative installation. It features high transparency, high flexibility and eye-catching ability.

It can also enable great ventilation and wind-resistance with the high transparency, and also allow large-size LED screen with the fast lock design.

mesh flexible led display price

Flexible LED curtain

The flexible LED curtain can build a creative and unique stage effect customer want.

The integrated design allow the display to be easier for transportation and use, and it has foldable features, which makes it ideal for rental LED display applications such as corporate events, LED trade show displays, sport events, and so on.

360 Degree LED Display

360 degree led display

The high flexibility of Linsn flexible LED display make sure there is no damage when the display is bend.

It can be used to construct complex shapes such as 360 degree LED display and round LED display.

Moreover, it still owns high color uniformity and wide grayscale, and is easy to be installed and managed.


To get your flexible LED display price, you should consider several factors including LED lamp bead, control system and so on.

The best part of this article is it provides an actual example for you to refer to, and just try to do the practice by yourselves you will get more clear idea about how to calculate LED screen price!

And, what any other knowledge about LED display you want to know? Let me know by leaving a message for us!